Friday, 20 October 2017

Tartan Dress + Unicorn Slippers 🦄

Upon Sirs arrival home from work he wanted me to have my hair in bunches, be wearing knee highs and my tartan dress he loves. Admittedly the dress didn't fit much anymore. But I made it work by making it into a skirt and adding a vest 😊. 

I greeted Sir, we went straight into the living room where it's warmer. I was wearing my unicorn slippers looking sexy as can be! 😆. "On your elbows and knees, face that way" Sir demanded. He warmed my bottom with his hand getting harder and harder. It was so blissful though. I was able to slip away and adored it. Once the spanking was over my bottom throbed. Sir said I could remove the dress now but stay naked. Yes I kept the unicorn slippers on 🙊. 

After tea Sir and I connected with each other with him on top of me. But first he said "remove the unicorn slippers!" That was good sex and the slippers went straight on after! ☺️


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Back In My Cage ☺️

I am back in my cage now ☺️
Sir has bathed, shaved me and I am shut in for the evening and night. 
My enclosure with bars deffinately feels more like home now. I feel more used to being confined in the evening too which can only be a good thing. 

Daisy the pet is happy and content 😊


Friday, 13 October 2017

Are You Still Obedient? 😑

So there I was having my evening while Sir is working his night shift. Admittedly I was being a bit cheeky but no harm there I thought. One hour later I receive a text from Sir saying "well you can go in now for 2 hours no entertainment. Considering its 9pm I didn't quite fancy that. Also I didn't understand why he was containing me 🤔. After some texts back from me I moved to go in my cage to colour. Sir then asked if I was in the cage which I replied that I was. Sir then text this! 
"Good girl you can come out now I was only joking too! You're still a good obedient pet xxxxxxxxx
😑😑😑😑I had been had! 😳
*sulks for 5 minutes"...

Sir had been teaching me to do now ask later. He always thought I was very obedient even if I wasn't sure I had been bad or not!

Thank you Sir 🙄😚😘


Cute Things Sir says ☺️ X7

Sorry for missing a month but here is the 7th edition of cute things Sir says that make me smile 😊 Enjoy! 

1. "Well you can never have enough crawling and spankings can you" 

2. "Have you eaten?" 
Cute and caring of him 😊.

3. "I may ramp it up to 3 nights if everything is ok" 
Sir said this when we were talking about how the long stays were going 😘.

4. "I did rub your head with a smile on my face! That's where you are meant to be" 
Sir text this when he left for work in the morning and I was sleeping in the cage ☺️. 

5. "Yes Daisy you need to be in your cage" 

6. "That's nice my 3 little pets" 
I love when Sir involves me when talking about our other pets. I believe I was chilling with my four legged friends at that moment. 

7. "I want you in your cage today like a good little pet" 

8. "You are the love of my life too" 

9. "That's amazing Daisy I'm very proud" 

10. Last but not least! 
"I've ordered Chinese for tea!" 
Isn't that just one of the best things to hear! 😆

I hope you enjoyed them 


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Thoughtfulness ❤️

Sir has been sweetly thoughtful this week ☺️. During sex yesterday he softly made love to me and made sure he wasn't hurting me. Sometimes when we have sex it can hurt me. I thought it was so sweet of him! 😘. Also today he said I could have a crawl around and a spanking because I had been a good girl. He was mega tierd but still did it. 

Thank you Sir, your a sweet man and I really appreciate and love your gentle side just as much as your bit a rough ;). 


Monday, 9 October 2017

Desperate! 😑

Oh my goshhhh guys I've struggled SO hard to remember when things happened in the duration of time of my long stay! 😤 
I know what happened as you know my pet life is very routined. I know what Sir did, I even know at what time where I was. But in hindsight I don't know how I filled that huge duration of time so smoothly. I'm honestly at a loss! I consider that could be because I was SO content.  I was in my intense headspace and being the pet I am destined to be that maybe I was just happy just being 🤔. Trust me this is as much a learning curve for me as it is for you learning about my life 😆. 

My time being kept in my enclosure upon reflection feels like the sensation that you get when you have woken from a nap. Content and dozey I suppose. I was IN LOVE with being put away by my Sir and living in the same area I slept in. The more time went on I loved it even more! 😍
Yes it did feel wierd to me for a good amount of time. Untill about 5pm actually of the first day! The reason behind that is it was new me. There have always been times in the day that I have never been held. Generally never in the morning or the evening and never when Sir was out of the house if it was those times of the day. As I was penned up during those times of the day I knew it would take me time to get used to it. What I didn't know was it only took me two days 😆. Honestly I do make myself laugh 😂. 
Sir and I were both surprised at how easy it was to do the long stay especially in the evenings. Once Sir had let me out to feed and bath me on the first day that was not out of the ordinary to what we would do normally. I knew I would only be out for a short time. Enough to get lots of affection, have some food and get clean. I wasn't dreading being put back but I didn't know what I would do as I hadn't been in that situation before. 
When the time came for Sir to put me inside I was feeling tierd already. This was good as I knew it would be bed time soon. Luckily I got a craving to use my tablet before it was time to get some shut eye 😏. 

I loved when Sir freed me to use the bathroom. I know it's not glamorous but it's certainly needed! 
It was time to bed down now as Sir was going to sleep so I had to aswell. I wasn't worried about sleeping in my compound like a domesticated pet as I had done so before. I was a little cautious and always monitoring my emotions.
I wasn't worried about sleeping with out Sir. We made sure my affection bar was at tip top before my freedom was taken once more. The sound of my Dominant Owner and Sir snoring was SO comforting to me. I adored listening to his snores 😴.
 I was excited to wake up to the view of the bars all around me. I was excited to wake up in my area but knowing I have to stay put kept in the same area and live in it. That REALLY did excite me! ☺️. 

Morning came and I had a solid sleep till 9:30am. Lying under latches was blissful and I was happy to not move for a bit. 
One of my favourite parts is when Sir feeds me. My owner was at work so I had to feed myself. That didn't bother me, it actually gave me a buzzy feeling of I'm human I can do this! ☺️. 
Sir text instructing me that I could use the Internet for 4 hours and no more! I was also to have a QUICK, emphasis on quick bath. I was to wash not play and soak. 
I was elated to have my tablet and I know how important it is to give enrichment to pets. I know my Sir is very moral. He would never have me in the cage for days with nothing to do. Nore would I do that. My owner does like for me to have time with no entertainment but they are only periods. 

I used all my internet allowance in one go then it was time for lunch. After lunch I bathed, coloured and just filled the time in some how. 
I was SO excited to see my Sir when he got home. I couldn't wait to see him. When I text him he was finishing work in half an hour. We knew this was real. I was truly waiting for my owner to come home. 

Once Sir was home I knew I would have some FREEDOM. I was looking forward to that immensely ☺️. I loved cuddling with him, I loved having tea with him, I loved watching a show with him. I very much loved when we had a quickie over the sofa 🙊. But I do get hazy around here. 

At the same time of 9pm, same time same thing. But that's ok I was restricted within my barred cube again. At this time I was very used to it. Even being placed back didn't feel strange. 
After an hour or so Sir came in I had my last bathroom break then I was shut in for the night. 
I knew that in the morning Sir would be with me. I looked forward to that. 

The morning came, I was awoken by Sir nudging my shoulder softly. It was so lovely to see him. He presented me with breakfast. I was honestly so content, happy and buzzing. 
When I was having a bathroom break he said I could come out now. I actually felt a tinge of dissapointment. Sir then retracted and said he would contain me till the afternoon. 

Welllll this is when it gets pretty halarious! all I will say is we got to try out the lock 😂. 
So Sir comes rushing in sees his caged little human and says "people are here" then he locks the door. Which was all good for about an hour... untill I needed a wee and the spare key was in the kitchen! 😂. 
I tried calling but he wouldn't answer, I couldn't shout as he probably said I was out 🙈. 
I had to hold it and hold it. I was getting blooming desperate thinking I'm going to have to go in my bottle then get the spanking of my life after I've told Sir I've had an accident. It was halarious. 
Time stood still... the duration of time felt so long. But FINALLY I heard Sir key in the lock. He knew straight away that I needed a wee and we both burst out laughing. Next time IIIIII will lock the door! 
After I relieved myself 😏 that was the end of my long stay! 

I believe all together it was 42 hours. Urm and oh yea I still hadnt reached my limit! 🙊 🙄
I know it's mad! I was desperate to use the bathroom, but not desperate to get out. Meaning after using the bathroom I could have been put inside again 🙊🙉🙈


Friday, 6 October 2017

Long Stays Begin! ⏰

I am 13 hours into my long stay 😁. I was in the cage when Sir got back from work but I'm not counting that as Sir had me out for 2 and half hours untill 9pm. Sir came home to me to see me muzzled, plugged and naked wearing my harness as instructed. We had cuddles on the bed then Sir said "come on let's cuddle on the sofa". Whilst we were cuddling and catching up on our day Sir said "pet go and get the crop". I protested a little saying I've not been naughty! Hmpft. Sir reassured me it wasn't an discipline. 

I brought the crop over to Sir. He had me kneel over the sofa with my knees on the floor. He cropped my bottom which was fun! He used the soft side 😏.
My bottom was red and the plug sparkled in the light. Sir wanted to have me so I positioned myself on sofa. My knees now on the sofa pillow. Sir properly fucked me! He kept my muzzle on and my bell was jingiling loudly! It was SO good! ☺️. 
We were both puffed out but we went to make tea. We had egg chips and beans. I didn't have to eat mine from a bowl. After Sir wanted me to bath, we watched one of our shows and Sir put me back in the cage at 9pm. He kept threatening I would go back when I got too cheeky hehe. 

The night was fine and Sir and I actually went to sleep at the same time. Sir had to leave early in the morning for work which was strange. But I slept till 9:30am. 
The morning has been wierd as I'm used to Sir being here. But I'm ok it is just new but I can feel it will be my new normal!