Friday, 20 April 2018


I didn't realise how long it had been since I posted. I'm sorry I haven't, people ask if everything ok and it is! It's not that I haven't got things to post about. But I find its the same thing. I follow the same D/s pet routine weekly with me being caged, wearing certain items and using certain items. Sir and I have sexy time a few times a week and I'm caged a few days when he is off. But I am sure you don't want to know everytime Sir enters me or slaps me on the bottom 🙊. I don't want to sound like a broken record repeating the same thing over and over you see. I prefer to post when something different happens. If I'm quiet for a bit do not worry! 

Thank you my friends 

Saturday, 7 April 2018

My Kinky Submissive Life 🙌🏻

Sir has been having wear my new harness in the day. It still takes me a few goes to get it on right. But it being elastic makes it so much easier. I'm always plugged and muzzled in the cage. I have been loving colouring and listening to pod casts recently. 
We had some sexy connecting moments. Sir wanded me as he kissed me which turned me on a lot more! Sir and I had a cheeky pounding today before midday 😏. Moments like that certainly make me smile when I think back to it ☺️. 

I hope everyone had a good Easter! 🐣


Thursday, 29 March 2018

Your The One 💏

Just in the nick of time Vic asked a question for question month in March. He asked, 
"when you first started becoming acquainted, was there any particular thing about him/her or that he/she said or did that made you think this could be the one?" 

First off thank you Vic my friend for your question, what a lovely question! ☺️

Sirs Answer:
I know exactly what and where it was. It was when I was sitting in the kitchen talking with you and your mum about you moving up here. I looked over to you and saw your eyes were big and bright.  I thought she will be mine! and it clicked. 

Daisies Answer: 
When we first began talking we were both with other people. I was with another Dominant and Sir was with another submissive. Nothing happened between us untill our relationships ended. When Sirs relationship ended he mentioned he wanted to find his own little girl. His past submissive wasn't a little. That just clicked with me, I'm a little me me me! 
That's when I kind of pounced and knew I wanted him to be mine 🙊. 
When we first started out we never intended to be involved romantically. But during our long distant Dominant/ submissive relationship feelings developed and we started going out with each other fully ☺️. 

Thank you Vic, it was lovely looking back! 😊


Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A Different Punishment 🖊

Today was different, the reason was because I was naughty. 
I woke to Sirs text and I knew I was in trouble. I had slept in 😩. Sir mentioned that the punishment would be different this time. I was glad about that as I have been wanting Sir to use other disciplines for me.

 I went to the cage like normal muzzle and plugged. Around lunch time Sir said I was to have a turkey sandwhich, eat it in the crate cage and remain there for the rest of the day. I wasn't allowed anything else with me. 
I was a naughty girl, I felt sad and on edge😔. I wanted the time to pass quickly and Sir to give me cuddles. 

During the afternoon Sir set my last part of my punishment, which was lines. I had to write "I will be punished for waking late! on an A4 lined paper. 
I haven't completed lines in forever. Even though I was down because I was naughty it felt refreshing to have another correctional method.  
Once I had finished my lines Sir let me out of the cage. I was to wait in the living room as he would be back in an hour. I got myself a hot chocolate and put my favourite show on as I needed to give myself aftercare. But I know Sir is back very shortly and he will give me all the cuddles. 

The day was different because I was a naughty girl. I'm so happy to be a good girl again! Thank you Sir 😘.


Friday, 23 March 2018

The New Harness 😊

The new harness arrived yesterday! ☺️
Finally we have one that is perfect and we are both so happy with it ☺️.
Before Sir sent me to the cage yesterday Sir spanked my bottom making it all beautiful pink 🍑
I completed my tasks which were writing ones, I came out for lunch and then I tried on the harness! 
I felt really good in it. It's elastic material so it's really comfortable. My bottom was still plugged when Sir had me remain in my new harness with no bottoms on 🙊. 
Sir went off to work, I was to keep the harness on for as long as I could and keep my plug in.I managed about 5 hours then removed the harness for a break. But I put it back on for bed time as Sir expressed his desire to greet me in bed wearing the harness.
 I'm happy I managed to do that. 

Today I have to do my deep throat practise and insert Donald videoing it for Sir. 


Thursday, 22 March 2018

Two Year Anniversary Overview 🎈

Today is my two year anniversary for my blog, yaaaay!! 😆🎈🎈🎈😆
For my 2 year anniversary Sir would like me to do an overview of my favourite things in D/s and what I would like for the future. 
The first year passed at a gradual pace but the second year has flown. Mainly the year has been about growth, development, trying new things  but also finding out what works and what doesn't. 

My favourite things in D/s is definitely the kink side and I love tasks too ☺️. Sir has been setting me more and more tasks. I truly love them and they really help keeping me in a submissive headspace. I love the cage of course but do I really need to say that 😆. I love pleasing my Sir and making his life good. I've certainly learnt more and more over the past two years on how much I actually need rules and structure in my life! 
To be honest I love everything about D/s I find it so connecting and romantic. Yes it's not always easy and certain tasks can make me feel embarassed but I know I need it and I want to please my Sir. thats what makes me not worry over it. 

What I would like for the future is to just be consistent keeping our dynamic in the front of our minds. I am extremely content with how things are at the moment and my wish for the future is that continues everyday. 
I want to play with the cannon more and be strapped up to it either by physical bonds or mental bonds by being tasked to. 

A while ago Sir came to me saying he needed to add 3 parts to our dynamic. It was a need not just a want so I had to take time to make my decision.
In the end I consented to anal, Sir cumming on my face and playing with a girl and guy. We worked on anal and managed to complete that one and Sir cumming on my face 😊. 
The next one is playing with a girl. It will not be in a plus one situation. Sir is not getting another submissive! Sir just needs the act itself. It will take time as we are looking for the right person who meets our requirements. But it's something for the future! 

At first I was terrified I can't lie. But as time has gone on I am cool about it. I am looking forward to pleasing my Sir. Seeing his smile after and hearing good girl is what I'm really looking forward to. I know Sir will do it properly so I am happy with the situation aswell. 

Long stays and the pet food will not be part of our future, as they do not work for us. But the cannon, shackles and body harness will. I don't really know what else I want to try right now but it's quite nice to just be. I am just very content 😊. 
I just want to take the time to thank everyone who follows my journey. Your engagement  encourages me to keep blogging and I truly appreciate you! 
I also want to thank my Sir who is truly an amazing man and the best dominant. I feel lucky everyday your my owner and I love you so deeply ❤️. 

So here is to my two year anniversary! 
Three years here we go! woop woop 


You Are A Very Good Girl Today ☺️

Sir set a task yesterday for me to complete in the cage. I was to *clears throat* fuck Donald for 20 minutes. It took Abit of time finding somewhere Donald would actually stick to. Finally it stuck to the wood drawers and I lubed me and it up. Sir said I wouldn't cum from pounding him but I got pretty close. I had to switch to inserting it on my back as my feet were being an issue. 20 minutes felt like a long time but I was happy I completed my task. Sir praised me calling me a very good girl!