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Funishment 😆

*Getting ready for work putting my make up on* 

Sir says "I'm going to watch Shrek" 
Shrek is one of my favs but Sir never wants to watch it as he thinks ogres are silly 🙄

Daisy "I thought ogres were silly " 

Sir ....

Daisy *named other tv characters that could be considered silly and shock horror included Iron Man in the list*

*Sir hears "what did you just say?" *comes bounding over! Proceeds to flip me over and funishment spank me!


*Sir stops we both look in the mirror and see what a spectacular mess my eye is!*
* Sir goes to get the make up remover and clean my eye*
Notes: I wasn't late for work and do not ever insult Iron Man 

Daisy 😂

Recent posts

Level 👍🏻

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Sir and I are fine, well infact. D/s is active but at a comfortable level. Sir described that he has plateaued and not in a bad way. We have reached a level that is comfortable and casual for us and the need to blog or log bits wasn't there. 
I still love my small cage and I have mastered getting in and out now. Long confinement times are not apart of our dynamic now as the cage is not suitable. Instead I go in for short bursts frequently. The cage is open to me 10-3pm and I love that. I will just go in and chill and others around two times a week I do my cage tasks. 
We are still sorting out when we can do D/s activities together as our work schedules are opposite to each other. Sir seems to have a half day on a Friday so that seems a good time to do so. 
Since I don't orgasm through penetrated sex I have been using the wand with Sirs permission. Infact he loves it and so do I. Sex has been on another level since! I've gone about 5x ab…

Tasks Perfomed 👍🏻

The tasks have been going well, so far I haven't been disciplined and I have managed to vary them woo hoo! 😆
3 weeks in,  I have preformed these tasks during my cage time:  - Chained to cage  - Clamped nipples 5 mins  - Clamped petals 5 mins  - Donald in petals 2 mins 
- Fingered ass 2 mins  - Crawling with lead in mouth  - Muzzled  - Presented twice  - Sucked Donald 30 times  All done while plugged as I have to be while in the cage.  Also I am able to go in my small cage comfortably for half an hour now. I am slowly upping the time each day. I hope to reach an hour within a month 👍🏻. 

Task List 📌

Sir has instructed me to complete two tasks on none working days. I can pick the tasks but repetiveness or choosing the same task over and over will be met with punishment.
Here is our current list that we will surely add to, enjoy!

* Donald - ass, petals, oral, deep throat training (5mins+)
* Plugs - Ass (20 mins +)
* Fingering - Ass, Petals (10mins)
* Presenting - Ass or petals (2mins+)
* Captain - Ass, on hands and knees (15-20mins+)
* Cannon - to be trained in...
* Muzzle - Mouth, ring gag, dildo gag training (1 hour +)
* Clamps - nipples, petals, (5mins +)
* Lead - attach to cage, crawl around in mouth
* Documentation - Written log, time, what tasks, thoughts

= All tasks are to be built upon!

Just a closing note, I am completely out of practise with using the toys due to the break. I used to be able to be plugged for 5+ hours and now I can't even do an hour 🙄. That's why the timings are very low at the min as the length of time will increase over time.


New Rules 📝

Here are my new rules, enjoy!


1. Two out of three cage tasks are to be completed, unless instructed otherwise
2. Any food eaten in the cage is to be in your pet bowl
3. The cage is open 10am - 3pm when Sir is out, when Sir is here at his instruction
4. When having cage time text Sir upon entering and exiting the cage or log in your diary
5. Pets - out everyday if it's not raining 🐹
6. Hoover, dishes, washing done when necessary
7. You are allowed the iPad for little shows only + tv (background noise) while confined
8. When in the cage you are to be plugged, minus a task using your ass
9. Wear appropriate clothing (nightshirts) when Sir gets home + presentable hair
10. Shave every 3 days + ask permission to use the wand > default yes unless you receive a no!


Taken In The Cage 😉

The new crate cage is up! it's smaller than my other one, I would say it's half the size actually. It is big enough for me, it's located in the living room but it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. We are SO happy to see our vision come to life, that we have intergrated our pet dynamic in to our daily life and surroundings 😊. 
As I was checking out my new area Sir just had to take me there and then it was so HOT! That moment made me think of the times I will be presenting to Sir while he just walks by in the house, the moments I'm confined watching my Sir through the bars, the moments I come out of the cage crawl around and crawl into the cage again. I'm SO excited! 
Sir and I wrote out the rules tonight, I will post them soon. 

I hope your all well 

We Are Back 🔐

Happy to report Sir and I are getting back to business so to speak 😈. 
We had a big talk and reviewed our whole dynamic which was very beneficial to do. 
We are due to write out the rules and tasks tonight. When we have done so I can post them here. So happy to get our dynamic up and running again. I'm so excited to feel like an owned pet again even though through the break I never stopped being his. 
We have plans for the future that we are going to work towards and that will hopefully mean I will post more!