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The Return 😊

It's official we are officially Mr and Mrs ☺️❤️☺️

Where does this take the blog? πŸ€”


Ps happy LOL day! πŸ˜†
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Notice ✏️

My blog will resume when I'm married πŸ‘°πŸ»

Thank you for your patience 

See you in a few months 


A Higher Level Of Orgasm

Yesterday Sir tried out the inflatable plug on his pet. I was incredibly nervous! He had me lay down on my back on the sofa. He lubed up the plug and put the tip in with my legs spread. My hay fever kicked in and I had to blow my nose which actually helped because before we knew it the plug was in all the way! 😌
Next Sir let me know he was going to pump it was and it was ok! I managed 6 full pumps before I had to stop. The plug felt nice in my petals, I felt full! 
Sir pressed the wand to me and within seconds I went somewhere I hadn't been before! Extasy I think it's called! He flew me to the moon! 😳

Sir entered me after my earth shaking orgasm which felt wonderful as I had been stretched I could take him deeper without it being too painful. 

The first session with the inflatable plug went excellent and we are friends, it needs a name now! 


Inflatable Plugs 😬

Sir has purchased inflatable plugs and they arrived yesterday. They make me make this face 😬😬😬😬as they are daunting! 
I'm sure we will try them out soon and I will try to relax πŸ˜†

Daisy πŸ‘πŸ»

Filling Session One + Two 🐸

Since my last blog post Sir has filled me two more times. The first he filled my bottom with a plug and inserted a small wand vib into my petals πŸ™Š, trust me I looked funny with the end sticking out πŸ™ˆ. Sir removed both insertions shortly after. 

The second filling session occurred with me laying on my front of the poof. Sir plugged my bottom with our smaller plug Rose and inserted Donald into my petals. Sir then taped me up good and proper keeping them in place. I had to keep them in for an hour and I discovered I can't sit down! But I could kneel, crafty Sir ;) 
"Sit like a frog" Sir said. I sat like an obedient frog and did my hour! 🐸


Feeling Sir πŸ‘

During getting busy yesterday I said mid pounding "I can't feel you but it's nice" as soon as I said that Sir stopped and said "I will put it in the hole you can feel me" he entered me analy. What I meant wasss it was quite nice to not feel pain. Sir is big 😏which means it can hurt sometimes. 

While Sir was analy in me I begged for the wand! Sir declined and he rubbed my clit instead. After he said he was proud I did it without the wand! I was mega proud of myself too ☺️
I found that anal felt marginally better when he was on top of me rather than doggy πŸ‘πŸ»


Being Fullfilled ☺️

Well as you can see from Sirs post the filling session went well! 😊
I tried to relax as much as possible and I was encouraged by Sir all the way. 
Once Donald was in the hard part was getting the other dildo in my petals. It did hurt but only untill it pushed all the way through as it was thicker on the top and thinner down the bottom. Sir had me hold them in as he buzzed my petals letting me orgasm largely. He then proceeded to take them out and take me sexually 😏. 
Honestly I'm SO proud of myself that I successfully was filled with two dildos ☺️πŸ‘πŸ»

Sir said this will happen again!