Monday, 22 May 2017

Cage Kip 💤

Sir announced yesterday that his pet will be sleeping in the new cage tonight. I wasn't panicked and I felt ready to do so 😊. 

At 10pm Sir said it was time to go in the cage and to settle down. I could go on my iPad before lights out. It felt VERY strange being in my new cage at that time. I got all my blankets prepared and snuggled down on my iPad for a few hours. 

A few hours later Sir said I was to go for my last bathroom break before I'm locked up for the night. I was also peckish so I had bread and butter with milk. 
Back in the cage and ready for bed I cuddled Sir tightly and kissed him hard. He asked if I was ok and I nodded. Sir shut the door and got into bed to sleep. 

It took me a little while to settle to sleep, I did keep tossing and turning. But eventually I did fall asleep and slept reasonably well. I was a bit cold at one point but that didn't last long. 
I was relieved when morning came and I said to Sir I DID IT! 😆☀️


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Bondage Queen 👑

I certainly felt like a bondage queen in all my gear waiting for Sir 😆. 
Waiting on the mat I heard Sirs key in the lock. Positioning myself with my head down and bum my up I wiggled my bottom when Sir entered the room showing off my pink jewelled plug.

Sir came up behind me and wrapped his arms around his pet ☺️
Pushing my head down Sir positioned me in the head down bum up position again. He spanked his pets bottom and placed the crop in my mouth! 
After fingering my petals Sir held the lead and I crawled over to the sofa where we cuddled. 
"You didn't use the crop" I enquired. "No Daisy where did it go?" I answered in my mouth Sir and Sir replied "pets have things in their mouth" yes Sir haha 

What I really like about what happened yesterday is its not all about sex. I can be in bondage and present to Sir and I will feel just as fulfilled doing that as I would from having sex. I really love that about D/s I think it's beautiful ☺️.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Dominant Direction 😮

Eating my dinner out of my pet bowl without the use of cutlery in my cage was highly entertaining. I kept giggling and having to wipe my chin. I did enjoy it though! 😆

My bottom is to be plugged while caged today. Sir has directed his pet once again to eat a dinner of chicken later in my pet bowl with no cutterly and no hands either! 😐
There is now a mat on the living room floor. It's the mat that was in my old crate cage. Sir desires for his pet to be naked only in my body harness, lead on my collar, wrist/ankle cuffs on, ass plugged and my hair in a plait waiting on the mat on all fours with the crop when he arrives home from work. Sir has told his pet it is not for a discipline though which has calmed me. 


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Cage Life 🍜

Sir has instructed his pet to stay in the cage all day. I must make my dinner and eat it in the cage in my pet bowl!

That is new, new, new!
He is stepping it up.. *whistles* 


Sunday, 14 May 2017

How Does It Feel? 💭

I have been using my new cage for about a week now and how does it feel? 
Few words can describe it but out of this world is pretty accurate! 😆
Sir slips up sometimes and says "go to your pen Daisy" then he giggles at me like he is saying it on purpose and reminding himself that the open pen Sirs pet used to go in is gone and now Sirs pet is contained completely. It gives him a buzz ☺️. 

The new cage feels serious, it feels real and it feels proper. The difference is with my new cage is now I can't just leave the space when I want to. I used to be able to leave my pen on a casual basis. When my pets were being too loud I could leave the room, when I was uncomfy, when I went to get food, when I used the bathroom, when I missed Sir and wanted to kiss him. I would only leave if I had already been in for a few hours though , I would always stay put if Sir set a time period. 
When we were in the house together Sir would send me to my pen he would say "I will come and get you" and he did but there would be times where my tummy would rumble and I would get hungry. It would be nearing 7.30pm and I would think he's fallen asleep so I would leave and to go find him. It didn't impress Sir. But he knew his pet was not locked up, he knew his pet was technically free. That's why this new cage is so different. 

The new cage stops me from leaving it. The new cage creates a barrier in my mind that I will not cross. I don't feel like I can. The new cage keeps me contained where Sir wants me. The new cage creates a brand new head space for me one of I don't have a choice. I have thoughts of I'm hungry we need to do tea and it's getting late where has Sir got to? But they fade away, they don't matter and I pass them in my mind to Sir. It's his responsibility now not mine. 

Time passes and of course Sir comes to realease me. I have not released myself not once!  
I look at the time and notice how long Sir wanted his pet caged for. I think why do I even look at the clock? time doesn't matter because I know where I will be. 


Monday, 8 May 2017

Cage Reveal 😍

Thank you everyone for the 5 comments ☺️
As promised here is a picture of my new cage!
Please comment and let me know what you think, enjoy!

It is surreal to me to be honest, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
I am beyond grateful and appreciative to Sir that he has built me a cage that is big enough and comfortable for me for long term use 😱
I am so excited to use the cage and see what naughty things we get up to hehe 😆
I  still cant believe my new cage is here, finished and ready for Sirs pet to go in it!

Thank you

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Please Show Us The Cage 😈

A few people have asked me to post a picture of my new cage. 
I am happy to do so but I put forward to you If I get 5 comments on this post I will post a picture of my new cage! 😉☺️