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Silent Comands 👇

Sir showed me a clip the other day, the girl made the wrong sandwhich for her Dom. Without words using just hand signals he commanded her to take his belt off and she was disciplined. My Sir clearly loved that as soon I was face down bum up between Sirs legs like the girl on the clip was. Sir slapped me playfully with the belt  and I loved it. I better watch Sir carefully so I can do as I'm told without hearing his words as he wants to enforce silent commands. 

Sir showed me another clip, this girl was chained to a pole and "living" in a small room. Sir says gleefully "she lives there!" seeing my Sir so delighted it stuck in my mind. I texted him later when he was out about it. His reply showed me I will most likely be chained to my cage soon and Sir will be visiting me for bjs not that I'm complaining ☺️


My Rules 🔐

My rules are always evolving, some stay if they work and others get discarded if they don't 

1. Daisy your to be out of bed at 10am! 

2. You are to wash face, brush teeth and fix hair in morning 

3. Complete your exercises in the morning 

4. Daisy you are to shave twice a week 

5. Your to bath yourself, if you have been a good girl I will bath/shave you

6. Do as you are told when you are told to Daisy!  if there are issues with it you can discuss it after with me 

7. Clothing - you are to wear your wrist /ankle cuffs in the house 
Unless stated otherwise wear knee highs/dress/top 

8. Refresh your hair before I return, look pleasing 

9. My pet will be caged when I work in the day - 4 days a week 

10. Orgasms are denied and only rewarded for good behaviour! 

11. My pet is to wear the rope cuffs at night and in the cage if not in wrist cuffs already 

12. My pet is to use the specified plate and cup: no other plates/glasses 

Those are my rules currently, there are as we speak a few more in some are…

My New Collar!!💖💖💖

Kneeling by Sir he gifted me a package, taking a look inside I was met with the most stunningly perfect collar I had ever seen!
Sir had my collar specially made and I was so overwhelmed with its beauty!

Kneeling infront of Sir, I lift my hair and Sir collars me with my beautiful new collar. Thank you my darling Sir my new collar is beyond perfect, I cant believe how perfect it is.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
I hope you are all well


Reclaimed 👋

I arrived back home to my Sir and was just chilling watching corrie. Sir mentioned sex which set me spiralling into a horny craving pet. Please Sir can I have the wand? I beg. Yes Daisy Sir replies, elated I run upstairs. The wand resting on my clit I asked are you going to be evil or nice? Knowing he was heading for the shower, he could have easily said I was to have the wand buzzing but not orgasm until he was out of the shower. But 😊😊😊😊my Sir was so generous to me and let me orgasm 5 times! I thanked him and thanked him! I said he was generous to his pet, he said well it's been a few days 😄
Sir then suddenly slaps my leg it stings and leaves a red hand print. That's for orgasming before I said you could! 

Sir heads in the shower, feeling fuzzy I doze. Sir wakes me with a playful swat on my bottom. My bottom half is naked and he begins to play with my petals. Moving me over to the sofa he enters me, mmm it was so good! He pounds me and says "I'm reclaiming my pet…

It's only been a day or so 📱

Away from Sir visiting my mummy I text Sir 

Daisy: Please say something dominant to me I'm dying!

Sir: LOL it's only been a day or so 
Go put your hair in a plait and brush it properly for 10 mins 

Daisy: Yes Sir 

Sir: Good girl 

Daisy: Did you like that? 

Sir: That's not brushing your hair for 10 mins is it! 

Lmaoo 😂😂😂😂❤️

Away from home 🏡

Just a quick post to say im away from home and Sir for a long weekend. Im visiting my mum and my friends here which is lovely. I went to Thorpe Park today! it was rainy but so fun!
 I miss you my Sir 😔😘

Last of the questions!❓

26) What are the qualities you seek in a dominant partner and why?
Are some qualities deal-breakers as in “must” haves or “must not” have? Monogamous!  Not a sadist!  Understanding 
27) Do you have submissive desires or fantasies that you have yet to be able to explore?
Do some of your desires confuse or frighten you? Do they excite you? Hmm not really ummm I really want sex in the shower but submissive ones I don't have any that come to mind yet I'm pretty content 😊
28) Has your submission ever let you down?
Nope I've never regretted my submission, it's never let me down and I've never been criticised for it 
29) Is pain or humiliation (spankings for example) a part of your submission? What is your relationship to it? Do you embrace it as a part of your submission, tolerate it as necessary or have some other type of relationship with it?  Wowah since when are spankings humiliating? Yes I am spanked but I do not find it humiliating. Apart from spankings which is apparentl…

New collar! 😬

We had some great kinky fuckery yesterday 😈
Sir said "come here Daisy" pointing to the sofa, head down bum up! Sir showed me this pump thing because with new things I always have to be introduced to it otherwise I get anxious. Sir attached it to my petals and I sucked him. It was wierd I tried my best to suck but kept staring at the pump. It hurt a bit, more like a pinch. Sir took it off and moved me over the sofa and fingered me, licked me then entered me. He pounded me good and hard, such sweet goodness! midway he said get the wand quick!! me like arghhh run up and get the wand. He presses it against my clit and I ask to cum! I orgasm an explosive orgasm making me all shaky. Sir held me cuddling me saying good girl!! I'm floaty and immensely happy. Sir said "see new things aren't bad are they" no Sir I reply. "3 new things too!" I'm fuzzy and take a while to think, 3? I say I say the pump, the position which was balancing on my feet on the s…

30 days of submission: Questions 23-25

23) Is there anything about submission (yours or what you see in others) that you question, dislike or repels you?
Was there a time you questioned or were resistant to your own submissive feelings? Lets start with the absaloute no nos for me!  - Water sports  - Scat play  - Medical play  - Whipping  - Nappies, dummies - Needle play  - Knife play  - Being degraded/humiliated 
I get confussed with labels some times within dynamics. But I can see every dynamic is different. If it works for you then great. I just focuss on my power exchange but there is deffinately times I think wow that's too far. 
24) What are the emotions that most directly let you access submission?
What feelings do they inspire? Really unsure about what this question is asking.. I'm always in a submissive mindset or always try to be. When I'm too busy with work related things I loose my mind set which has happened in the past. We try to avoid that, I feel in the mind set when my head is clear. 

25) Are there items, obje…

Discipline 👋

Before Sir left for work yesterday he said cuffs and chains on in bed! 
Skipping to night time when I moved upstairs to the bedroom. I realised I left the chains downstairs! I had just turned all the lights out and it was night time. Basically I was too scared to go down to get them. 

Morning comes I sleep in my cuffs on my wrists and ankles but not with chains. Sir strides in to the bedroom going hello daisy! you happy? you a good girl? ummm before I even say no he says no your not! get here! I bend over the bed and Sir corrects me with hard spanks to my bottom. I said sorry Sir and explained. Also when I'm home alone at night I don't like to be restrained. If there is danger or anything I can't run. I'm sure it's my little that makes me feel that way. Sir said I know daisy but I wanted the chains on. I will have to be brave and triple doubly check the doors are locked!


My reward for cleaning 😆

Friday I was going about my day while Sir was at work. I get a text from Sir saying "If you get the house spotless I will reward you with D/s play and sex ☺️ xxxxxxxx" 
Hmmm can't say no to that now can I! I'm 23 and my relationship with domestic chores were terrible, I would say we weren't even on speaking terms aha. Now though 2 years later I would say we are on honey moon 😆

I finish watching my programme and get cleaning. I clean up for nearly an hour. I want to make him proud more than I want sex but c'mon sex is sex. What a motivation! 
Sir arrived back he commented he was proud and I was a very good girl which made my tummy all floaty. 
He let me out of the cage late because he was late back. So we headed for a quick tasty dinner at McDonald's. After a fatty dinner we headed home and just chilled out. 

In bed I got my reward Sir made love to me with added hand on neck gripping. It was beautiful. Making love to us is different from sex. Making love is ab…

30 days of submission: Questions 20-22

20) Has your submission increased or decreased over time?
Have you ever had to renegotiate your submission due to a change in your feelings or circumstance? My submission has increased over time. My submission has been challenged like it should be. I was challenged recently with my Sir about two months ago. He was unhappy and grumpy. When he figured what was making him feel that way he told me and it was pretty big! He said he needed more control, that's fine I could do that. He said he needed control in 4 areas  - Anal  - Cumming on my face  - Playing in car  - Me playing with male and females 
Those were my hard limits! he said we wouldn't be able to continue without because he had tried to live without and couldn't.  I took a lot of time to make my decision. Talking to him through negotiations and I made my decision to concent to them. We came to an agreement that we were both happy with. I was at peace with it and I wasn't worried.  Since then Sir has cum on my face I don&#…

Day out with Sir

We headed out to A large shopping centre yesterday. The sun was shining, both me and Sir were in a good mood. 
We browsed the shops, we looked at a new bag for me, a watch and candles for Sir. Sir bought me a new colouring book and pens :) 

We had a lovely lunch at my favourite restaurant Cafe Rouge. Sir enjoyed his meal and when we were stuffed we headed home.
I took a bath when we got in, Sir sat with me for a bit then headed downstairs. In the evening we just chilled. Sir wanted me to watch The Adams Family. It wasn't my thing but being the good girl I am I watched it ;) 
Sir said to collect the lead, rope cuffs and hand cuffs and bring them downstairs. I jumped to it! Sir said to get the handcuff key so he could hear the clicking sound of the cuffs bless him. He restrained me and we watched the TV together :) 

A odd moment happened the other day. Sir playfully smacks my legs quite a lot. I thought he was just doing it because he enjoys it but turns out there is a reason behind it. …

30 days of submission: Questions 17 - 19

17) What does trust mean to you in the context of submission? Trust is paramount. Trust enables me to further my submission to Sir because I trust he has my best interests at heart and he will not damage me.  You don't really have a relationship if you don't have trust. When Sir asks something of me like do my exercises in the morning Sir trusts they will be done or he trusts I will confess to him I haven't done them. 
18) How does communication factor into your submission and how do you communicate your desires and needs?
Very often the stereotype of submission is that the submissive person loses the ability to have an opinion. While that clearly isn’t true except in the absolute rarest of occasions, Haha, I used to be terrible at communicating my needs to my Sir. I had to get over the anxious thought asking is dominanting. Once I got over that thought I was ok. I know that asking my Sir for something is not topping from the bottom. It is still his decision and he can only evo…

"You've been very good today" 🌈

Hello pumpkins, 

I hope your all well, I'm dandy but my lady bits I call my petals are so sore! 
Yesterday Sir took me upstairs and attacked me (in a nice way) fingering me, making me all juicy and I was allowed to cum thank you Sir. We had a sudden stop because my eye was stinging like hell. Sir ran out to get a flannel to get whatever is in my eye out. 

Downstairs I'm all fuzzy and my petals were on fire haha. I say I need a cold sponge! I sit with a cold sponge between my legs for a good 30 mins. That felt soothing, Sir kept smiling at me. 

We had to compose ourselves as we were due to see a family friend. 
On the way back I was craving fatty food so we got McDonald's and we took it back home to watch plebs. Sir had me take off my leggings in the car. So he could see my bare legs. 

Night approached, I headed to the bathroom. I walked into the bed room and I could see the wand, handcuffs and blind fold set out. Sir put the handcuffs on me and the blindfold. He had me kneel dow…


Reactions hmm... I have a funny moment to share with you about that today. 
I was in the cage where Sir put me, he let me out and we played around on the bed. After a few spanks I lay in a 69 position and lay on Sirs leg by his manly bits. Sir has my bottom by his face and kisses it. I suck Sir, doing some deep throating. Sir proceeds to cum on my face. Second time it's happened now and I loathe it! Sir was so good and praised me so much. I hid my face under the towel he used to wipe up the mess. Sir says you don't like that do you? no Sir I reply I feel degraded. Sir then says oh well I can't cum on your chest then (my favourite) no Sir I say you can. No no daisy it's no different it's just a body part. He was trying to comfort me. 
I go to cuddle Sir and kiss him and he like freaks out going yuckkk pulling away from me! I was like Sir reactions!! If I'm not allowed to react your not either! He really didn't want to touch my face where HE just came! he was t…

30 days of submission: Questions 13-16

13) Is sexual availability, being available to your partner any time he or she wants, part of your submission?
Why or why not? Are there limits to this?

Yes I've handed over control to Sir for him to decide when we have sex and how often. I know Sir loves to control sex but my Sir is very moral and even though he has control of when we have sex and how often it doesn't mean he takes advantage of me. We have sex frequently but Sir doesn't over use me at all. We always have a day or two in between having sex so I never feel pressured to have sex I always want to :) 

14) Does religion have any bearing on your decision to submit? 
If not, are you familiar with religious based submission and do you view it as similar to other types of submission or dissimilar?

We are Christians but we do not involve our faith in our power exchange. We just have confidence that our Lord is in favour of Dominance and submission. 

15) Has your submission evolved over time? 
If so, how has it evolved for …

30 days of submission: Questions 10-13

10) Does any element of BDSM occur as a part of your submissive relationships?
How do you feel about BDSM? Is it core to your submission, peripheral or non-existent (other than the submission part)? All of my long term relationships have been D/s with elements of Bdsm. I can't be in a relationship with someone who isn't Dominant. Submission is deeply routed in me, it makes me dreadfully unhappy without. 
11) Do you include service as a part of your expectations of your submission?
How do you define service? What does it mean to you? If not, what is it about the concept of service that is not for you? Urm... I am not really a service submissive. I love to please my Sir but I am not into cleaning the house top to bottom and making home cooked meals or being used as a foot stool. It just doesn't suit my personality. I don't know if it's due to me being a little, but Sir does most of the cooking. I clean of course but not to high standards. I do make Sirs sandwhiches for wo…