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Spanking and Wanding πŸ’¦

Yesterday was a good day both me and Sir were feeling good. Once Sir was back from work we settled on the sofa. I lay next to him and he fondled and slapped my petals which was tasty! Sir said upstairs I said why and he just put his hand out in a spanking sign ✋. I said any other girl would run away to that hand sign but I love spankings soo much so I was happy to obey πŸ˜‰
"Knees here and chest down" Sir said, I obeyed. Then he said get the wand daisy! I positioned myself head down bum up, wand inbetween my legs as Sir spanked me. I closed my eyes feeling the pleasure run through me. When I was close I asked to cum Sir said no! I asked again and he said no again! gahhhh *dying* Sir asked me what am I? I was like I don't knooooow! thinking to myself just let me cum god dammit! He wanted to hear dirty little girl and finally he said quietly! which means no noise which was a big one but I wasn't totally quiet as Sir said after πŸ˜‚
I was allowed to cum again out loud and I s…

Aching Legs πŸ’ƒ

Sir tried out a new position with his pet during sex last night. I must say it might be my new favourite. I was to kneel with my chest down on the bed and my knees spread. He entered me that way and it was delicious πŸ˜†


Toys in the cage πŸ”—

Sir has been putting bondage toys on his pet in the cage recently. He always expects me to wear handcuffs but they are soo uncomfy and ha well restricting. Recently he has clamped down on wearing handcuffs in the cage to my woo hoo delight not. If I don't wear the handcuffs I wear rope cuffs which are soft, you just slide on and off and there is a large length of rope inbetween which makes it easier to move. But Sir doesn't want his pet moving freely with ease, he wants his pet restrained and as he calls it in pet jail in a D/s manner. 
So yesterday when he text to go to that cage in HANDCUFFS. I asked couldn't I wear the ropes instead? Sir said no, so I probed a little but he didn't budge! In the end I said yes Sir I will try. With that he replied with and succeed! From that response I knew the pressure was on! 
I had 3 hours in the cage to to do. But thankfully I did it and I was super happy with myself! Sir was obviously proud and I was his good girl. 
At night we were…

Proud Pet ☺️

I'm proud of my submission. Submission being the desire to please one person my Sir. I don't know when society lost the definition of the term submission and changed it into oh so you like to be treated like crap? NO! When did this happen because it drives me mad. Yes there are submissives who enjoy being degraded and humiliated but that does not define the word submissive. 

I am proud of my submission, I am proud to be Sirs pet. Yes I like to be man handled and controlled. But within MY limits and with respect and trust. 

I just want to remind you all that submissive means pleasing not that being treated like crap is what we like. AND pleasing to one person not your whole world. 

Rant over 


Being a pet πŸ”’

For me the funest part of being a pet a human one is that when I'm playing around having fun. It could be with games, craft, TV, colouring or with my guinea pigs. Sir will interrupt the fun and put his pet in the cage. I have things to occupy me in the cage but I mostly am waiting for my owner like pets do. 
I don't know how long I will be caged for it could be an hour while Sir pops to the shops or the whole day. But I am to wait for my owner to let his pet out of the cage! I am of course allowed out for loo, snack and drink. 
The fun of it is Sir not being deterred with my pet is having fun I will leave her be. No it doesn't matter if I'm having fun or doing something if he wants his pet in the cage I will be and he knows his pet will be there waiting for him hours later or later in the day depending on when he let's his pet out. The fun is waiting for Sir not knowing when i will be allowed out and feeling totally controlled. The fun is giving urges to do activitie…

Milk and Crisps πŸ™Š

So there I was I had just got out of the bath. I got myself a cool glass of milk and a packet of crisps to snack on. He comes over to me with a bulging hard on. I was just about to put my second crisp in my mouth when I decide he needs attention and I put it back in the packet. Good girl! Sir says! I get on my knees and suck my Sir very enjoyably! Sir moves me over to that sofa where he licks me which was like heavennn. Sir enters me, im so turned on and wet Sir slides in SO easily! Sir starts slow and then man handles me and shoves my face down on the sofa and pounded me which was oh so dreamy. 
Sir held his pet and handed back the crisps and glass of milk πŸ˜†


Little DayπŸ‘‘πŸŒˆπŸŽ¨πŸ”πŸΌπŸ­

Let me tell you about little day. Little day is a day for me to be little. My Sir is not my daddy, I don't use nappies (diapers) or dummies (paci). I don't have anything against people that do it's just not me. I don't have a little age exactly, my Sir says I range from 3-13 πŸ˜†. My little is my personality. I love cartoons, milkshakes, certain toys, Frozen, Sofia the first, Ever After High, ice creams, Disney and milk. There is a lot more I like but there is too much to list hehe. 

On little day me and Sir are not sexual. No sexual contact happens at all only kissing and of course spankings. 
My Sir was at work so I chilled out and watched little TV. I coloured some pictures for Sir and showed him when he came back. Sir made me pizza and bathed me. We played around with the foam πŸ˜†
Sir dried me, dressed me and got me a glass of milk. In my pjs all snuggly I watched Littlest Pet Shop. Sir read to me and put me to bed. On little day I go to bed earlier. 

I had a wonderful da…

Adjustments πŸ“

Me and Sir have been adjusting to Sirs new work routine. It's a tricky one because it differs week to week for 3 weeks. He works morning, nights and afternoons. It's tricky to adjust to it but I'm sure over the weeks we will. Me and Sir have experienced all the work patterns now so we can discuss what we need to enforce in D/s. 

I will keep you updated 

Daisy πŸ”±

Sexy Times 😈

Ooh how I love sexy times! ooooohhh how I love when my Sir plays with his pet! 
Sex on the stairs was a first for me but my goodness was it blooming good, SO hot! It's quite fuzzy in my mind but I know we started downstairs and ended up upstairs. The wand was used and we were both a sweaty mess after mmm 

Sir used his pet last night as well after saying he wasn't horny. I began sucking him which is quickly becoming my favourite. We did a 69 styled position I was sucking him and he was licking me mmm. He entered me telling me where to keep my hands, I sucked him again and he came on my chest mmm