Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Settling In πŸ‘

Its been a week now and I am settling into my new home. My owner is a kind and generous man and he gives his pet a lot of attention. My owner is conscious to let me out of the pen when he's back from work so I can crawl around stretching my legs. 

My owner feeds me in the morning or fills my bowl up with food for me if he is leaving for work super early. The caged area is comfortable and big enough for my human legs. I have nearly made friends with the big chain! it's not so bad.. I say nearly because we aren't there quite yet but in time maybe we will be. The chain doesn't get me agitated anymore. Maybe it's because I'm more settled now, I know my owner will let me out and I know it's because he doesn't want me escaping or hurting myself  because he obviously cherishes his human pet. 

I have to be caged in while my owner is at work so I don't make a mess or hurt myself. He does give me a lot of entertainment to keep his pet occupied. I have a tablet now where I can watch this one channel and play games. I also colour pictures for my owner and play around on my massive cuddly toy. I also play with the recommended balls and building blocks *tut* honestly! πŸ˜’
My Sir took me outside for a little while yesterday but I've come out in a cold which shows I'm not built to be outside. I doubt my owner will let me outside for long periods now... πŸ˜‘

My owner enjoys getting me out to spank my bottom which is thoroughly enjoyable for me too. My owner still shoves plugs up my bum and I still don't know why but it always happens at night. My owner likes to buzz me with the wand which makes his pet very tierd and I fall asleep so easily. What I do like is when he puts the muzzle on me. I love to suckle on it, it's so soothing and it really calms me. 

Communication is much better between me and my owner. I can understand certain commands like "come here, off, dishes, bedtime, pen, hot and arms up". My speech is improving too. I can say more words than just yes and no I can say "not tierd, thirsty and plug" which my owner finds amusing. 
It was agitating at the start when he didn't understand me but I could understand every word. He didn't know the depth of my intelligence but now I have learnt new words I can communicate with him. Soon I will be able to ask for pancakes and skipping rope! 😊😊😊but I who knows if I would get them?

Evenings are spent resting on owners leg as he watches TV and drinks his tea ☕️
I still have to go with him every time he gets a new cup of tea and I kneel and wait for him. He says I will learn to make tea for him when I've learnt how to handle hot objects correctly. I am allowed on the furniture when invited. My owner has also been teaching me how to wash the dishes too.  It's quite tricky though because I just want to play with the sponge! tehe! but my owner is a very patient man. 
I am not kept naked, my owner dresses me in these long tops called night shirts to keep me warm but no knickers are allowed. I have my jingly collar on at all times.  I'm very grateful for my owner to dress me in clothes other pets aren't so lucky. 
I love when my owner baths me it is really my favourite thing ever! He seems to enjoy it too! we play around a lot. He seems to let me be a bit more free when it's bath time.☺️

The hardest part for me is bedtime. I'm locked away at 10pm with my cuddly giraffe, butplug in and I'm to go to sleep. I seem to miss my owner at night time. This is when he has been buzzing me with the wand to send me to sleep. He knows his pet doesn't settle well at night and I have heard him say he might let me watch a DVD at night to help. Oooo I really hope he let's me! 
I'm still settling in but the good thing I am settling in and my new home is a good one! 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Pets First Day 🐾

Waking up the bars of the cage surround me. Still cuddling my stuffy in the position I was sleeping in I look around. I take time just taking everything in, not wanting to move yet. I see a guinea pig munching on a carrot. I laugh hoping my owner is not expecting me to eat the carrot. I continue to watch the guinea pig. I'm guessing he has put in with me for company. Staring at the guinea pig now she thinks to herself we are both his pets! 

I begin to move and feel the big chain on me. Ugggh not again she thinks to herself. Why is that there! After a while I move out of the cage and into the pen. I socialise with the guinea pig enjoying her company. 
I see my owner has set out food for me. I slowly tuck in and sip the water too. I feel calmer now. It's very scary being in a new place, not knowing how he will treat me or how my life will be here. 

I see there is a screen. It's playing little TV but the sound is off. The radio is playing too which confusses me. I can't get to the radio to turn it off. I head over and see a sign saying IPAD TURN UP with an arrow. Hmm I follow the instructions and sure enough my new owner teaches me how to turn the volume up on the iPad. 
I settle for a bit playing around on the iPad watching YouTube kids and playing games. I feel better and happier. I know my new owner is at work. I wonder when will he be back. Do I live in this penned area permenantly or will he let me out? 

Time passes and I am feeling even more settled. I've napped a little and eaten some more. I hear a noise which sounds like a door opening. Sure enough I see my new owner peering around the door with a beaming smile. His smile is so warming I automatically smile back and want to snuggle! 
My new owner un chains me and opens the door. I crawl out and kneel. He checks the bowls and  turns the iPad off. "Come on daisy" my new owner says as he grabs a bit of my hair to lead me.
 Downstairs I try my luck with sofa which results on me being grabbed off of it and my new owner saying NO sharply pointing at me. He sits down with his tea and a bowl with my tea in it. As he tucks in I look at mine "eat up pet" my new owner says. I'm not that hungry to be honest but I take a few mouthfuls. 

While my new owner washes up I just want to bed down. The floor is hard and uncomfy so I head up on the sofa again. He clearly does not want me on the furniture because I am marched back to my cage. This makes me sad. I cuddle my giraffe and wait for my new owner to return for me.  

A little while later my new owner returns for me and I am back downstairs chilling with him. Laying and resting on his knee while he sits on the sofa. Everytime he wants a cup of tea I have to walk with him to the kitchen. My new owner likes tea a lot so that happens frequently. 
It's dark now and bedtime is dawning on us. My new owner yawns and leads me up stairs. I already know where I could be going and yes I'm correct he takes me back to my pen. He says "bum up daisy" and obediently I do. I feel something press into me. Not knowing what it is I start to fidget and make a noise. "Shhh my little pet" my new owner says "this will calm you" CALM ME! how would you like something shoved up your but? 

My new owner tries to settle me with a story but when you have a plug up your ass that's easier said than done. It takes two stories to get me to settle. With my new owner saying bed time over and over. I feel a wave of security rush over to me and I put my hands out for a hug. My new owner happily obliges and that makes me happy. 
Shutting the door I cuddle my giraffe. The plug still deep inside me I shut my eyes. Maybe I could be happy here she thinks to herself...


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Role play 🚘 My New LifeπŸ”’

Imagine a world where owning a human as a pet is legal.  Imagine if all Littles where discovered to be great pets due to understanding commands and loving to play with toys. What if they were trained to be human pets for owners. 
Well me and Sir went to that pretend world for our role play. Sir was coming to collect his new human pet and I of course was his new pet arriving at my new home! 

Driving to the "collection" point I was so nervous. Un necessarily so! 
We stop and I get out Sir says to walk into the wooded area and wait, I do and I try to get into your a pet head space. Sir pulls up and says "hello daisy that's your new name" holding the collar he puts it on and handcuffs me. Leading his new pet over to the car she is obedient. Sir still talking to his pet opens the boot! his new pet gets into the boot without a hesitation. Almost like she is used to being transported that way. His new pet lays down and Sir attaches a chain to her collar and clips it to a ring. I don't mind this as it keeps me from rolling around as the car journey can be bumpy! 

Arriving back at the house. Sir opens the boot and his new pet gets out and heads into the house.  His new pet cautiously checks out her new home with encouragement from her new owner. His new pet is mischievous and pushes the boundaries biting, poking at his face and slapping which of course was met with a correction. 
I have to test my boundaries but he seems fun as an owner. He is not ultra serious like some at the training centre. 

After checking out downstairs Sir takes his new pet upstairs to show his pet her new home. Cautiously and carefully his pet looks around. She sees a big metal structure which scares her but her owner comforts her telling her it's her new home. A big cage sits dominantly on the left of the room. A black fenced pen with door surrounds the cage. A blanket, pillow and a toy is located in the cage. 
I know I should be used to cages and runs by now being a human pet and living in them everyday. But I'm not! they are intimidating! I don't understand why we have to be confined? it's not like we are going to start a fire or anything.. wait! I recall pet Maisey doing that at the training centre! Good one Maisey thanks a bunch! thanks to you now all adults think we can't be trusted and we have to live in cages Hmpft.
I'm grateful for the pen though that allows me to stretch my legs and be able to do something other than sitting waiting. 

Encouraging his pet in Sir gets his new pet in the pen and in the cage. His new pet is feeling anxious and lays firmly down not interacting. The big long chain that is attached to her collar rattles so loudly and brushes her skin. She wonders what it's for. 
Sir gets the flamingo cuddly toy and encourages her to play. This works his pet eases up and they play for a while. 
He leaves her for a minute and returns with two bowls. One with water and one with broken up cookies. He encourages her to eat and soon enough she does. She giggles as her hair dips in the water getting it wet. Sir notices how his pet smartly moves her hair out the way. Maybe she is cleverer than he first thought...

Opening the door to the pen Sir removes the heavy long chain. Giving it evil eyes Sir says "it's for your safety my pet" ooooh I think to myself I clearly can't be trusted or is that just the way here? pets must be chained up? I guess I will find out she thinks to herself. 
After more playing some fetch and tickling Sir takes his pet down stairs where she gradually eases up and is happy to rest on his leg and have her head stroked. 

Sir looks up at the clock it's nearly 10pm. "I guess I need to put you to bed because I'm going to sleep" wait are you asking me? she thinks to herself.  "No no no! she says in her strongest voice not letting this oppurtunity by pass her. Oh yea but pets don't have a say on when it's bed time do they. You don't know I'd rather play with my toys on the floor, or drink milk or watch a show. Oh no you don't know the height of my intelligence you think I'm just a pet who should be treated as such according to the  Human Pet Mannual. You know I can understand certain words and say them too that's what makes me a great pet but you don't know I have an active brain. "Colouring books, building blocks, cuddly toys and balls" are the required toys for a human pet. Sure I love those but can I get him to understand I'm cleverer than that. I've been taught how to use a toilet for goodness sake I'm sure I can learn other things. They tried to train it out of me at the training centre. Yes I'm more satisfied and focussed on those required toys but what does a human pet have to do to get a TV? But still the Manual says all human pets need are colouring books, building blocks, balls and cuddly toys for entertainment...

Upstairs Sir settles his new pet into the cage. Adding blankets and cuddly toys to make her feel safe and to make her smile. She's still nervous but less so. He seems like a nice owner, one that will treat her well. That's all she can ask for. 
Shutting a locking the door Sir bids his new pet goodnight. Clutching tightly to her giraffe she feels peacefull, relieved and glad that heavy chain is off. As she closes her eyes she wonders what the first in her new home will bring..


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Kinky Action and Punishment! 😳

Hello all I am back home now after spending a week with my mum. I always seem to get myself into trouble when I go away. But this time it was BIIIIIG trouble... I left a massive mess in the bedroom which was really unacceptable. I am not the tidiest person but even for me it was bad and I felt very remorseful. Sir showed me the mess and soon I was bent over and being cropped which did hurt. But I learnt my lesson. I cleaned the mess like a naughty child! Sir cuddled and comforted me and I was forgiven. 

I'm glad it's all over now and I am a good girl again. 
Sir took me to the bedroom, he had me kneel and put the tight muzzle on and the blind fold on me. He had me in the bottom up head down position and strapped my arms to my legs and tied my elbows tightly which made delicious marks. Sir got the wand out and pressed it against my clit denying me pleasure to cum. The wand buzzed away and it was getting more and intense. I needed to cum! mumbling through your muzzle for permission Sir let his pet cum and it was another explosive one! Sir had me suck him then he entered me while I HAD to rub my clit. I went beyond the tierd mark and I was a frazzled mess after but boy was it imense!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
Sir let his pet have a soak which stung my petals like a beep. I thought you weren't horny Sir I said. I wasn't Sir replied I had to reclaim my pet. 😈

Later on I was very excited when I crawled ;) in to the bedroom and saw what looked like a pen! and the cage had moved. Sir let me have a little look at it but I'm still not allowed in it but I keep touching it wondering..... 

I hope your well 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

It's up to Sir 😚

I asked something to Sir it's up to him now. But I'm excited! 
He has had me crawling around the house today. Even when he is out I'm to crawl around the house. We are due to get knee pads tomorrow! so this kinky pet is happy ☺️

I hope your all well 

Monday, 6 June 2016

House Fun 🏑

One of my favourite parts of my life with Sir is when Sir is off work and we can just play around the house. While doing the normal day to day stuff like meals, watching TV and chores there is man handling, spanks, pets, gropes, fingering, wanding, kissing, cuddling and slothing. Oh that's when I hug Sir and wrap my arms and legs around him. Occasionally there is the odd ravaging on the sofa with many orgasms. Myyyyy goodness did Sir surprise me today! I was just settling down on the sofa with my iPad. Sir comes over and starts fondling me. "On the sofa!!" Sir said quickly, he entered me and pounded his pet hard. Many orgasms later with hair pulling, smacks to my bottom Sir releases and I am left thinking did that just happen? Oh yessss oooohhhhh yes! it did 😊
I was a frazzled pet after, Sir bought me a glass of coke and gave me after care. 

Sir also gave me a hard spanking earlier. I can feel him when I move on my bottom. Sir says I'm having a hard spanking everyday this week but not for bad behaviour but because we love it!! πŸ˜†


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Pet Care ☀️

An amusing interaction occurred between me and Sir today: 

Me *having cuddle with my guinea pig, walks over * "annnnd how do you know if a pet is hot Sir?" Sir replies with "By checking it's ears daisy" *gets his finger and touches my ear* 
*falls about laughing* I love you Sir! 



Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Anal Sex Deal 😎

Yesterday me and Sir had a delightful day together. We had some errands to run so we went into town. We also went to this beautiful cafe for lunch and sat out in the sun. 
Arriving back home after hair cuts done and other bits Sir had some people to call. 
We were both stuffed from our big lunch, I just had some cereal and Sir wasn't hungry so I didn't need to go out and get dinner. 

His new work shifts have made D/s unsettled. It is still present very much and we still play but the routine we had has gone. Sir addressed to his pet that I need to still follow the rules. I said I have Sir apart from sleeping in 2 times. I said I still wash my face, sort hair, brush teeth and do leg exercises in the morning. I think due to the shifts changing Sir thought I wasn't following those rules but I have been. This made Sir happy. 

After Sir had pounded his pet on the stairs which was oh soo delicious. We went up to bed together. We played a little game of eye spy. His was you have a fake one but you really want a real one and it begins with D. I was like urmmmm then I guessed DUCK! 
I flooffing love ducks and I so want a white one called Melvin. I started talking about can I get a duck, no was the answer back. Then he said if you have anal sex properly you can have a duck! DEAL!! I shouted loudly. 
Now anal sex is a tough one for me but we are working through it. But Melvin my dear I'm coming to get you! 🐀


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Sleeping In πŸ’€

I'm meant to wake up at 10am. For two days I was late getting up, yesterday I didn't wake till 12. Don't know how that happened! 
When Sir was back he got his pet out the cage and decided it was time to right the wrongs. "Bend over" Sir said, I was all hesitant but I did it. 3 hard slaps I felt, one for every hour I was late. Sir hugged me after. 
I'm happy to say I am still half asleep but woke on time today. No slapped legs for me 😚