Saturday, 30 July 2016

Afternoon Delight πŸ”πŸ’¦

The day began with me going food shopping, Sir was out and to my delight he was standing outside the house when I arrived. I showed him what I bought complete with Disney princess gel pens (yes they are mighty important!), emoticon stickers and a colour changing candle for Sir. I was able to resist flamingo fairy lights and Ashlynn Ella + Hunter Ever After High pack 😩
After showing Sir that I bought him a burger pizza I suggested we go to our favourite place for lunch, McDonald's! It's our thing to go and sit in the car, eat cheese burgers and play our games we invented. Along the way I made Sir stop the car and reverse! I was convinced the highland cows that live by us have had a baby! Yes sure enough they had and it was the cutest thing ever! I love animals, that really made my day! πŸ‚

We arrived home and we clipped the Guinea pigs nails. Then Sir had me try on my new house clothes. Which I was giggling my head off because it was like a skimpy lace scarf. It was too small and Sir rejected it so the hunt continues. 
Today was the first day that I went out in rose the plug. It was fine and it made me feel owned 😊
Sir told me to lay on the sofa which I did. He got out lavender (yes I name everything 😏) which is a insertable vibe that is remote controlled. Sir played with his pet, I was surprised at how powerful it was! I had a few orgasms then Sir left lavender inside his pet. Lavender buzzed away powerfully teasing his pet. We sat down to watch the tele but that soon changed into me sucking Sir with my hands behind my back then being man handled on the sofa and Sir inside his pet. 

While we had sex WE MADE ANAL PROGRESS! 😁
Sir was able to put Donald (dildo) in me as he fucked me. Now this is ginormous for me!!! I was SO proud of myself and Sir was elated! He said that went better than I thought it would πŸ˜†
After Sir came we cleaned up, I grabbed some smarties and cuddled with my owner wearing his shirt and we finished off the show we were watching. 

Happy pet πŸ˜†


Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sucking πŸ‘…

Sir worked his pet hard yesterday. I was to suck mr intimidating now newly named Donald for 10 mins every hour while I was in the pen. I sucked and sucked and did the periods of time. The first was ok, it felt quite long but ok. The second sucking I started to feel sick so I tongued the tip till until that passed and the third I started to get sores on my lips! evidence of a good pet I would say πŸ˜‰ After a while my jaw always starts to hurt when I suck Sir. It may be from braces but I do have a very small mouth. Sir is training his pet to suck him until he cums. Sir tells me I'm very good at sucking. But I get tierd and I can't finish him off. I lick his balls until he cums on his pets chest or mouth. 

After I had completed my sucking I text sir to see if he would want a blow job later. Sir replied with probably Daisy yes. Which I got arsey about after doing 40mins altogether of sucking and having a sore jaw and sore lips πŸ˜†
My Sir is so nice though and I am so grateful for that. When I moaned he didn't tell me off and threaten something worse. He just said I love you my little pet ☺️ 
Night time comes around Sir comes in all tierd and I am sure blow job is off the cards. Yay I'm off the hook! Until we are in bed and kissing which made Sir hard... and yes I sucked him best I could. But because I did all that sucking before I wasn't up to my normal standard. I tierd quickly, Sir took over and came over my chest. I didn't really feel like a good girl even though Sir was saying I was. He said I was a good girl because I did what I was told and even though I was tierd I did my best. I honestly have the best Sir in the world! 


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

New Pet Area πŸ”

Sir has made a new living area for his pet. It's in the kitchen, complete with cage, carpet, chain and kinky toys. Sir informed his pet there will be changes. I will know when they happen but Sir said he will enforce them on Monday. 
The chain is long enough to reach the cupboards, kitchen appliances and the loo. My guess is he will chain his pet while he is at work. He has done it in a way I can eat and use the loo so I can be chained for long periods. But for how long? Will I still sleep with Sir? What happens when he goes out without me? all these questions! 

Yesterday I was in the cage back where I belong. Sir said no internet for an hour! this did panic me a bit and made me think with these new changes will he take away the Internet? πŸ˜–
I made it through the hour but it did feel like a month πŸ˜†

Back to today Sir had his pet try out another new toy I call mr intimidating. Basically it's a dildo you can stick to the wall. Sir had his pet fuck herself with it as it was stuck to the wall. It was the oddest most amusing thing I've ever done. Sir new his pet liked it as his pet came all over it 😳Sir then put in rosebud and left me be. 
Again I think to myself with these new changes will mr intimidating be my new entertainment? πŸ€”
Time will tell.. 


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Pets Homecoming 🏑

I'm finally back home with my Sir and its wonderful to be back where I belong. I arrived back a while before Sir was due to come home from work. Sir left his pet instructions to take a nap, bathe and shave which I did. 

Sir arrived back and I leapt into his arms before he had even got through the door. I had missed him so very much. It was the longest I've been away from him. I slothed him (legs wrapped around his body and my arms around his neck) he carried me over to the sofa, we kissed and had a lot to catch up on! 

He gave the command to get my ass upstairs. The session was a intense but romantic one. He began by blindfolding his pet and having my kneel. He spanked my bottom and inserted one of the new toys. A beautiful jewelled but plug called a rosebud. 
Sir proceeeed to rope my wrists then had me kneel while I sucked him. Sir also used another new toy a g spot vivrator which was fun! 
Sir moved on to entering me. Pounding his pet like we both needed. He flipped his pet over and went slow kissing his pet passionately. 
Sir plugged in the wand and buzzed his pet till i was trembling with pleasure. I believe Sir may have entered my ass as I was orgasming! It was so intense I can't really remember. I know we are working on the anal so any progress with it I am elated about. Even if I can't recall it. Good old wand ;) 

Sir finished off and came on his pets chest. He held me close and we were both deep breathing, needing a drink and so in love with each other. 
After a glass of milk we headed to bed. Sir held his pet all night. It's SOOOOOOO good to be home!!! 

I'm now back in my cage where I belong and I couldn't be happier 😊

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Buying New Toys πŸ”—

Sir phoned his pet today to ask me to buy some toys for us. He said he would send the link and I had to order the correct sizes. I LOVE when Sir looks at new sex toys for us to play with. I love that he is finding new toys to use on his pet and play with me. I went ahead and ordered 3 things, a rabbit vib, rosebud plug and mr realist which you stick to a wall and can suck it. I'm still not home yet...not till Monday! But I can see what this pet will be doing when I'm back! 😳


Monday, 18 July 2016

Sirs Planning Things! 😏

I am away at the moment and my Sir is planning lots for his pet when i get home. Lots of new things and new rules which excites me! and makes me nervous of course! 
I will be home Monday and I know Sir will want to reclaim his pet again 😏

It's hard being away! Sir knows what I need and how much control I need. He is very good at cheering his pet up which means I can get through it. I can't wait to be home though! It's when you are away you realise how ingrained submission is. How much you feel undressed without your collar, you need control to feel level. You need to be told what to do to feel yourself. I treasure it and I am so grateful I have my Sir and I am active in my submission. What I do love though are the kinky texts when im away. They really make my day and I can just giggle dirtily to myself and no one knows. 

I hope you are all well 
I will be home soon and will post more 


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Our 2 Year Anniversary! 🍴❤️

Yesterday Sir and I celebrated a very special day. Our anniversary, Sir has owned me for two years! 
We celebrated by exchanging cards. I put a kinky meaningful poem in mine and Sir bought his pet beautiful flowers 😊
We dinned at a swanky bar and had delicious food. We watched a film at the cinema, The Secret Life Of Pets which was very fitting and made us giggle at all the collars, leads, muzzles and cagesπŸ™Š

We had a great D/s talk in the car. Talking about progress and the human pet plan.  We arrived back around 10pm and chilled on the sofa just being with each other. We went up to bed where I sucked Sir to sleep. We slept cuddled up deeply in love. 

What a beautiful day we had 


Friday, 8 July 2016

Anal Progress 😌

We made progress with anal play yesterday. Sir was playing with his pet. I had the wand buzzing away. Sir was able to put two fingers in as I orgasmed which was massive progress for me!  So I'm a happy pet πŸ˜†


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Failing to do a task and needing a wee πŸ™Š

Yesterday while I was in the pen Sir was talking about rose bud plugs. He said look on bondara and that reminded me of something! Before Sir went to work last week he asked me to look at something online. I couldn't remember what but I was sure I did not complete the task. *sigh* time to tell Sir... I messaged him and he said "you better do it now!" with ANAL in capital letters which made me snigger. 

I looked at some anal videos, not really sure what I was meant to be looking at... I mean I know anal, I know what it is and how it's done. Just for me it was done wrong so that has made it traumatic for me. 

A little while later Sir was home and I apologised again for forgetting. I generally don't know how I did. Sir said I was meant to look at "reactions daisy" oh well the first I looked at was a kidnap scenario which was not the best reaction to look at πŸ˜‚

At night time Sir was horny and back late from work. I had just downed a chocolate milkshake which was not a good mix. I had to wait for it to go down before I could please Sir as I did not want to be sick on him. 
Sir pounded his pet and note to self always go to the loo before a shagging! I kind of liked it though because I needed to push him out or push him away when he hit that wee spot! Sir didn't know his pet was needing a wee as I decided not to say as I didn't want to interupt pleasing him. But anyway it was kind of fun when I would push him away because it would make him assert his dominance more. Grab me harder, hold me down and I love that! 

Sir came and I was proud of myself. I was a good girl and I could finally go for a wee πŸ˜†
I told Sir after about needing a wee and he said before we start anything you need to ask to go to the loo. Yes Sir. 


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Stairs Can Be Lethal! πŸ’

- *Go into the kitchen to put the quiche in the oven* 
- Sir says " on your knees hands behind your back" 
- blow job proceeds to sofa where Sir enters me 
- Sex proceeds from sofa to the stairs 
- Stairs banging on my throat 
- Stairs rubbing my forehead 
- Stairs and my head banging together 
- Weeell that was spontaneous 
- YES I do love having sex on the stairs!  ☺️


Friday, 1 July 2016

Sir never ceases to amaze me! 😈

Sir never ceases to amaze me! everytime I think my petals won't hurt as much as the time he pounded me and I had to sit with a cold sponge on my petals πŸ˜‚ he goes and amazes me again! Sir had sex with his pet this morning and he was going deep in. So deep he has actually made my tummy muscles hurt! It's all good though it's soooo kinkily tasty 😏