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Frazled is not the word! 😴

The afternoon began with me getting home from work. I had a bath and Sir made us egg sandwhiches for tea. Later Sir said pet cage! sit on Donald (dildo) for 15mins while I go in the bath. Which I did like a good pet. 
Sir said I can't hear that bell jingling! Meaning the bell on my collar, so I had to move faster! 
Sir came in, he said crawl over to me. He said stand up and touch the cieling. I did, he began to move Donald in and out of me. Then he went to get the wand! I said I can't orgasm standing up!! He just replied with yes you can Daisy. 

We tried but like I said I can't orgasm standing up so he said for me to go on all fours. It actually made me giggle how quickly the orgasm came after that. I asked to cum Sir said something about my hands but I couldn't hold it and I let rip. Saying sorry Sirrrrraaa! through my intense moans. He said it's ok my pet I just said move hands so you don't fall. As the title suggests I had a whopper time of pleasure. I believe …

A Reminder👈🏼

Me " ooooo eeeee Sirrr I can't wait to watch the soaps tonight!" 😆😆😆

Sir " urm... I don't think so your going to your pet cage tonight.." 😌

Oh urm yh I forgot I was a pet.. 



Sub Drop☹️

Sir had gone up to bed early because he was tierd. I was still up and not tierd but it wasn't late in the night. I was feeling down and I thought why am I feeling like this? Then I realised Sir didn't put his pet in the pet cage today. Also the last few days we have been on it like a car bonet with being Sirs submissive pet. Maybe I am sub dropping? I grabbed some chocolates because I didn't want to wake Sir and dived into some good tv shows. I was still feeling down so I decided to pop in my pet cage just for a bit before bed. I started to feel peaceful and uplifted again. 

To be honest I haven't had a sub drop in a while. But Yh sub drops uggggh not fun! 😒😖


True Pet Time😍

These past few days have been fantastic. I've been able to have enough time to truly feel like a pet. This makes me SO happy, and I have been striving for that. 
Spending large amounts of time in my pet cage day after day certainly hits the spot with satisfaction. I love when after a couple of hours I shout down to Sir because I haven't been let out yet and he just replies with "stay there"☺️ Those words fill my belly with all sorts of fluttery glittery butterflies! 

It can be difficult that every waking moment I have free time when I'm not working or doing errands I want to be in my pet cage. It helps no end that Sir wants his pet contained in times like these. 
Also we have just finished having a very vocal play let's say 🙊
Sir taped my wrists to my ankles with my favourite pink tape💓. He proceeded to spank his pet AND use Donald the dildo. The wand also came out. We made anal progress! I was able to take all of Donald in yayyy. Sir was proud of his pet and I…

Feeling Like A Captive 🙃

I'm back in my pet area after a visit from friends and I had a thought. We had a great time with our friends. When they left Sir said to get back to my pet cage and out of all the necessary clothing ie knickers and into a nightshirt which he likes his pet in. The turn around from dressed up girlfriend to submissive pet was so quick that it made me have a thought that I'm a captive 😆. Which is totally epic and clearly what my pet mind craves!
 It almost felt fake like I was acting doing all the usual stuff us humans do like socialising and eating food. Almost like well deffinately so that my natural place is as a pet. Sirs pet ☺️
Would I stop doing those things? No, I need them too. It's very important to me to have partner time with my Sir. But my goodness!! my mind amazes me sometimes.  I think I am only just grasping how much I am a human pet and how much that makes me feel whole. 


Lead Led Blowjob 〰

After we came back from our meal yesterday, Sir told his pet to get the lead and crop. The lead is my favouritist! and should come out more! Like a good pet I brought the lead and crop down and handed them to Sir. We were both horny. So after sitting over his lap for a bit we began to kiss. Sir attached the lead to his pet and positioned me on hands and knees, bum facing the fire 🔥
Sir spanked his pets bottom and cropped it too. Moans of pleasure came from me as he fingered his pet. Sir directed me with the lead to suck him and I did. Sir was entering me and  pounding his pet pretty swiftly to my delight! 

Sir finished up and we both lay half dead in each other's arms💓
The lead still attached Sir walked me to my pet area where I slept that night. After he had hung the lead up on a hook by my cage🌙🌃
Ps don't you just love my pathetic attempt at a lead emoji! 😂


I arrived home from work promptly at 6:30. Sir was making my favourite dinner. I'd say it took about a mili second before Sir started stripping me out of my clothes and filling my bowl with milk! 🙊
I couldn't believe how quickly I was where I'm meant to be. I think Sir missed his pet 😏


Rule Review🤔

Yesterday Sir and I reviewed the rules. We don't have a set time we do this, just whenever we feel it's needed. Sir enforced some of the rules and we discarded others that had fallen away. Sir also added that I will either have a spanking or he will bath his pet on alternating nights. Also upon arriving back from work I am to strip down kneel and drink milk from my pet bowl. I will also be sleeping in my pet area 3 nights a week. 

Later that night Sir paddled his pet, licked his pet out and used the wand. I orgasmed so big I had after shocks! 😏😈
Also Sir said yesterday that I can decourate the paddle! In which I did today, which is now awsome decorated with this kinky face 😈 I also did my first naked kneeling drinking milk out of my pet bowl and I can tell you it was blooming epic!! 😆😆😆

I'm really pleased with the new parts we have added to the rules and I know Sir is too. 


Duct Tape + Sleeping In Pet Area🎀

Sir came up to bed and I was coming into the bedroom from the bathroom. Sir had the new baby pink duct tape 💓💓💓💓out on the bed and a blindfold. Sir said "put your hands together" so he could tape my wrists together. I began sucking Sir, then Sir moved me up on the bed with my head down. Sir entered me and had sex with his pet dominantly. Sir held my wrists, my hair and held his hand over my mouth. Soon quicker than I would have liked Sir finished and we were left breathing heavily in each other's arms💞💞💞
Taking the duct tape off stung like a bitch, but it left stunning marks. Sir rushed to get me water with a pink straw and cream which he soothed my wrists with💗

Last night was the night Sir decided his pet will sleep caged or incarcerated as Sir likes to say. Sir had to be up early for work, I was still not ready to go to sleep so just this time Sir let his pet go on her laptop for a bit but he said he will not let his pet do that again. 
Sir and me gathered my blan…

Pet Day + Submissive Tasks🔒

The day started out with morning cuddles in bed then breakfast. Sir informed his pet to go to the pet area at 1:30. At 2pm I was to insert rose (plug) and the nipple clamps. I was to practise deep throating on Donald (dildo) every other hour I didn't have clamps on for 10 minutes. 
At 10pm I was to sit on Donald and wait for Sir to come home and release his pet. 

My body sadly rejected rose so I texted Sir saying so. My body sometimes does this when I have a lot of bondage on. Sir said try mr snugg (another plug) but my body still rejected it. 
I managed 30mins with the nipple clamps the first hour. As the hours and sitting went on the time lessened but that was to be expected. There was not an time limit on the nipple clamps. Sir said just go as long as I can. 

Donald was hard to suck as I have a very small mouth and he is of course hard. I managed to deep throat, but it did make me have a temporary sore throat. To my pleasure that faded quickly. 
I had snacks in my pet bowl and lunch…