Friday, 22 December 2017

Pet Dream πŸ‘½

During all the festivities and chaos with the run up to Christmas being confined is not top of the priority list. I adore the run up to Christmas. I have been watching Christmas films in the pod and wearing my bobble hat just because it's Christmas time! πŸ™Š. 

Last night I had a pet dream. It's always hard to explain dreams as they never really add up do they πŸ˜†, but I will try! 
Weirdly enough Sir was not in this dream and it seemed my owner was a lady that looked like Scary Spice from the Spice Girls πŸ˜‚. It was obvious in the dream I was a different species. But I was still human, my owner was different to me. I was treated differently. The owner in my dream was matter of fact, strict, treated me like an animal and managed me.  I had a room that was very minimal but I also had a humungus wooden crate. Like a crate they use to transport the animals on Madagascar. Now this bit is the cool part! when I was in the wooden crate there was a glass window. The ground was moving and everything was in miniature. I was in some sort of spaceship flying above the sky? πŸ˜†. 
I had a mobile phone in which my owner would only text me to tell me off. Apparently I took a candy cane lmao πŸ™ˆ. So I was shut in the wooden crate with I believe my iPad for a long time, flying above the sky in a spaceship. W O W. 

One thing I haven't really discussed here on my blog is my relationship with the Lord. How being in faith for me is very much connected to my submissive pet life. I do not believe that all women are submissive or should be. I do not believe women are lower than men. But for me I have faith and now and then he ^ up above likes to remind me where I should be. I believe this dream as bizarre as it was is a sign for me. Even though it was totally wierd the dream still had meaning for me.  All those feelings came flooding back to me. What I believe he is saying is I am not in my natural environment at the moment, I am not where I am meant to be due to celebrating his birthday. Please don't think I'm crazy I just feel comfortable enough to share this. 


Thursday, 14 December 2017

Spend Few Hours πŸŽ„

Yesterday I settled back into using the pod day to day. After chilling in the morning with lots of cuddles we headed out to Tesco. 
Once we arrived back Sir said "your to spend few hours in there". There > meaning the pod. I happily went in to chill in my crate cage. I kept my hat on because why not hehe. 
A few hours later Sir released me for an early tea and we watched elf! 

Later that night before bed Sir gave some attention to my petals by licking them. I proceeded to suck Sir after, then Sir entered me doggy style πŸ™Š. 

This morning I woke to a text from Sir. It read "Good morning Daisy! have breakfast, feed the boys and have a good clean up! At 1:30 harness on and be in the pod muzzled and plugged". I will have to figure out all the buckles myself hehe. 


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Buckles And More Buckles!

Exciting news! My new body harness arrived when we got back from an outing. Our nieghbour passed us the parcel that said it was from Russia. 
We went in and eagerly opened the box. We said it should have an instruction manual as we couldn't figure which way it went. Eventually we did figure it out and I tried it on. It has so many buckles! "I love buckles 😏" Sir said over and over. I kept it on for an hour or so getting used to it. Sirs happy so I'm happy ☺️. 
I will try get a picture! 


Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Cheek! πŸ‘

I just have to document this because it was so funny! πŸ˜‚.
Basically over the 3 years Sir and I have been together, Sir has always smacked my bottom playfully while I'm doing something then say "cheek!". I always thought Sir was pretending I had been cheeky so he could smack my bottom. Only yesterday I was washing up Sir did his normal smacking my bottom saying the word "cheek". It was only when he said "and another cheek" I giggled and got it! He wasn't pretending I was being cheeky, all this time he had been saying cheek because they are cheeks πŸ‘. I burst out laughing, I couldn't believe 3 half years later I finally got his joke! πŸ˜†πŸ™ˆ. 


Friday, 8 December 2017

Long Stays Are No More? πŸŽ…πŸΌ

Due to a couple of reasons Sir and I have decided to scrap the long stays. But that doesn't mean we are stopping anything! We will still use the pod, the cannon, the crate cage, the pet food ect everything. We plan to go back to using the pod daily. We will of course keep an eye on how I cope with juggling things but now my pet area is a room I think it will be easier and better for me now. We will see.. 

Sir restrained me to the bench today. He used the f machine (the cannon) on me. It's taking some getting used to! Sir used the wand and I was trapped in a forced orgasm! 
Sir removed the cannon and buzzed me till I was a pleasured mess ☺️. 


Ps There is no relevance with the Santa emojii, it's the run up to Christmas so why not! 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Wand + Money πŸ’·

Sir tried out the new wand on me yesterday. Blooming heck I can tell you it's powerful. Sir always tells me to relax as I tense up and end up with cramp πŸ™ˆ. I managed to relax but the pleasure wave kept coming aha πŸ˜‰. It was so overwhelming I yelled "I don't know what to do!" πŸ˜‚. I have missed that feeling! Then Sir entered me after finishing off what he started the time before ☺️. 

I just want to talk about something that erks me SO much, which is money! 
Sir and I both work, I work part time which works for us. I am a saver which creates a whole heap of problems. It pains me to take money out of bank account 😩. But of course if Sir needs me to transfer some money I do of course. I am able to do that easier now but the money thing has been stressing me for a while. Along with that I am submissive I don't like to be responsible, it stresses me greatly. I would much rather all our in goings go into Sirs bank account. I would rather Sir be in charge of it. Please take it away it stresses me out!! 😩. 
So that's what we are going to do and hopefully it will be better. I will feel like a weight has been lifted. The good thing about being a saver I don't buy lots of things so I'm pretty low matinence that way ☺️. 

I just had to get that off my chest. 


Sunday, 3 December 2017

Bye Bye Cage πŸ™‹πŸ½

The cage has been dismantled. I said to Sir during the process "gosh it's done just like that!" It's surprising that something so precious to me could be gone so easily 😳. But I am ok because I have my pod and we have moved on to better things now 😊. 
In other news the new wand has arrived! yay for orgasms! πŸ˜†


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Submissive Positions πŸ˜‡

Here is the poster as requested, that shows the positions Sir wants me to learn.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Washing + Trying Out Toys 😈

I just want to start by going back to midnight last night which is technically today πŸ™Š. 
I called to Sir, he said he was washing up and wouldnt be long. 
A few minutes later Sir came to me holding a towel. I was expecting him to be holding a plate or glass as he was washing up. But no he was holding the captain! πŸ˜‚. 
"Urm what are you doing Sir?" 
"I'm washing all the toys Daisy"
Perfectly normal it was just so funny! 

Sir moved our kink toys from the bedroom into the pod, trying out everyone on me. The smack of the paddle and swish of the flogger. 

Back to this morning! 
Sir woke me at 10am by turning on the light 😀 making me grumpy. 
Sir served me my breakfast and told me to use the bathroom. Sir was on gaurd, he ordered me to put my pigtails back in and put make up on. This time I brushed them and remembered to wash my face πŸ˜†. 

Sir watched his naked pet tuck into her breakfast. Sir likes calls it gloop πŸ™Š. 
After breakfast Sir crated me up again. I was allowed hour internet time only. That is when I blogged too because you know priorities ☺️. 
Urm I'm unsure how long I was in the crate cage for but it wasn't mega long. 
Sir got me out, "over my knee" Sir gave me a beautiful spanking which I really enjoyed. I love the activity during the long stays. They help me stay engaged. Sir ordered me to colour for one hour which I did. 

A little later Sir took me to use the bathroom. I did put knee pads on to protect my knees as crawling took its toll. It makes crawling so much more blissful ☺️. 
Through out the day Sir and I have lots of cuddles and kisses. I always need my cuddles and kisses for that matter 😊. 
Sir let me have the Internet back at 3:30pm then he fed me my dinner at 4:30. I have been ok with my pet food. It is like a thick milkshake so my body thinks it's a little wierd. We decided to serve something I can chew too so my body doesn't freak out. That food is bugles but I haven't been ill. Just when I went back to solid food I could tell my tummy wasn't sure. 
Sir then had to leave for work after more cuddles he chained me to the bed by my collar making me feel extra secure. 


Thursday, 30 November 2017

Property 😳

Yesterday morning I woke to a strict, Dominant text from Sir. It read as follows: 

"Good morning! You will have pet food for breakfast and lunch today. Sort the animals out and be in your pod by 11 your long stay starts then. No tv do your positions every 2 hours! 
Starting at 12! Order the wand, wear mr snugg! You are allowed to leave to get lunch/toilet/parcel delivery only! No internet after 12:30. Use your colouring books and crawl only unless getting the door" 

Lets just talk through this πŸ˜†
To begin I had no idea the long stay was to start yesterday so that was a nice surprise! "Be in your pod by 11", considering it was 10 that did not give me a lot of time to get everything done. But I did it 😊. Also no tv! 😳 Ok! 
"Do your positions every 2 hours", this was the first time Sir said to actually practise them so I enjoyed that!
Finally "no internet after 12:30!" This order did make me a little nervous. But I was actually kept quite busy with practising my positions and toilet breaks. 

I was contained in my pod in time at 11am. I tucked into my pet food. Then I enjoyed my iPad time as I knew I didn't have it for long. Luckily the parcel arrived quickly and I ordered a new wand fine 😊. 
Oh I bet your wondering a little bit what the parcel was πŸ˜‰. Could it be the F machine? Well I can tell you it was the F machine!! ☺️ I think I forgot to say that Sir decided to purchase one instead of use the one he made. 

I told Sir that the machine had arrived! Sir expressed his excitement but said I had earned a discipline 😟. I didn't understand and I had to wait for his reply πŸ™„. Sir text this: 
"You haven't asked when to start your positions and for how long you stay in each one!" 
I said sorry to Sir and assumed as I went in at 11am I would do the positions at 1. What I didn't realise I missed the 11am one which I was disciplined for later. 

The time ticked around to start practising my positions. There are 11 positions Sir wanted me to learn and he wanted me to stay in each position for 2 minutes. As I was going through the positions I thought this is going to take ages! Also I already knew rest, humble, kneel and inspect. They were very easy. I text Sir that I didn't feel I needed to practise those particular ones. I was put back in my place straight away with this: 
"Well it's a good job your the owned pet. You will keep practising them every 2 hours today!" 
That told me! πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ

I kept practising ALL the positions every 2 hours. I crawled to my toilet breaks and I coloured pretty pictures. 
Considering I was nervous about not being allowed internet for such a long time it actually went ok! 
When Sir got back from work he greeted his nude pet. I was allowed different food for dinner but I had to eat it by Sirs feet. Which of course I loved! 

Sir put me back in the pod. After our dinner had gone down Sir let me out for a toilet break. When I crawled back he had the F machine out! I was nervous! but excited of course. Sir tried it out with no restraints this time. It was good! It will deffinately work for us. 
After I was allowed some snacks then Sir locked me in for the night 😴. 


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

My Little Captive πŸ›€πŸ»

Today I was in the crate cage nude, muzzled and plugged being a good pet girl. I'm sorry if I am being repetitive. But it is apart of my daily life and I can't think of any other words that I could use that would work πŸ˜•. 

Sir likes to text me while I'm confined, calling me his little captive and chatting about what he plans to do with me (his pet). Today's subject of choice was washing. Sir washes me in the tub with nice warm water, you know pamper stylee 😌. Today Sir spoke about hosing me down! 😳😟. Noooooo thank you Sir!!! you will literally have to catch me! 
But then he proceeded to remind me that I would already be restrained by my chains ie no escape, while I was at that moment in the cage! Exactly like Sir said - "his little captive". 


Ps, I said if he hosed me down with cold water I would call submissive line 😜. 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Jingle Bells πŸ””

Now your probably thinking jingle bells it's November it must be a Christmassy post? Well that's why I love being kinky because no I am actually going to talk about piercings πŸ˜†. 
Sir and I talked yesterday about getting my nipples pierced. I have known that Sir desires this of his pet for a while. Sir wants to attach bells to my pierced nipples that can be attached in the privacy of our own home. I have to be brave because I have a fear of needles πŸ˜–. But I really want them pierced too! ☺️. 

In other news while I was nude in the humble position, Sir ordered me into the wand broke! πŸ™„. Fair enough though wand we had you 3 years but to break during an orgasm! leaving me unfinished thanks a bunch! πŸ˜‚. 
 RIP wand thank you for all the pleasure you gave us. 
Another one will be coming aha soon! 


Saturday, 25 November 2017

How Did You Become Human Pet + Master?

On one of my blog posts someone enquired about exactly how we became Master and human pet. 

Here is the full question: 
" How did you end up in this place? I can't imagine Sir came home from work one day and said he wants to keep you caged. Nor can I imagine you walked (or more likely crawled) up and asked to be kept as a human pet. So how did you go from a presumably straight couple to human pet and Master?" 

First off thank you anon for your question. I am always happy to answer any questions my readers have 😊. I am presuming the word "straight" means none kinky? If so I will start by saying before we met and started a relationship together we were Dominant and submissive before. I had two dominants, one bad and one good before my Sir. Equally Sir had trained many girls before me and had two submissive relationships before me. We weren't "straight" from the start we were kinky and needed the power exchange dynamic from the get go! We were never vanilla ☺️. 

I have always adored cages. With my previous Doms it was always my favourite place to go. But we never used it long term. I was 20 years old when I discovered I was submissive and I started my first D/s relationship. Being a novice submissive just starting out I didn't have a clue what I liked, what I didn't. I just went along with everything because that's what I thought a D/s relationship involved. I didn't really know I could choose the parts I liked and leave out the parts I didn't like. 
Through the years my experience grew and I just learnt what I loved. Which was the cage, crawling, the lead, very pet things.  Also I found out there were types of submissives. For example service, pet submissive, slave ect. I just figured out who I was and only with time could I do that. 

Sir is a very experienced Dominant, because he is so experienced he knew what type of submissive I was from the beginning. When we bought our first cage which was the crate cage we still have today. As Sirs submissive I handed over the reins of the cage over to my Sir. He had full control of the cage which was great! 
While using the cage because I am submissive and I can ask for things I realised when was the right time to go in the cage which worked. From then I started to fantasize 😈...

I had fantasies about being caged while Sir was at work. When I spoke to him about it I found out he had the same idea! After that it was put into place. 
It just went from there really. I realised I was a pet submissive and I realised Sir loved it. Starting off small with one cage then expanding out to the pen and my human sized cage enabled us to develop slowly. Also we found out what we needed with in the power exchange, for example Sir wanted me caged for longer periods but I needed more space.   In addition moving house opened up a lot more possibilities for us that we could do. I believe moving house played a big part in me going from submissive to human pet. This is because we had more space, we had privacy and a new area for me which was perfectly suitable. 

To this day I follow Sir obediently, loving the adventure we are on and wondering where it will go next. The pod was his idea, the pet food, the machines and mainly everything I blog about. We work together but Sir has the final decision. Time has enabled us to know what role we both are, fully/wholey and we will keep expanding/growing to match it. 

I do hope that answered your question! 
Feel free to ask more 😊. 


After Care πŸ’

I needed after care... Once I exited my pod I felt fuzzy, the same feeling I recieved after doing a long stay in the cage. I felt like I had woken from a large nap. 
Sir cuddled me and cuddled me some more. I consumed a sugary drink and had a relaxing bath ☺️. 
I felt better, knowing I had work later was a struggle to be honest. But I knew this was the first time and it will become easier! 

After I came home from work I had the house to myself as Sir was working too. I did feel wierd but I couldn't really explain it. I needed Sirs control but luckily Sir text at the right time. "Go straight to the pod, get undressed and practise your positions. Once you've done that crawl around the pod 5 laps". I did exactly what Sir said, I felt whole again 😊. 

You're probably wondering what happened with pizza gate πŸ˜†. He did discipline me by smacking my legs. Ok pizza isn't the same as bread after all πŸ‘‹πŸΌ. 


Friday, 24 November 2017

Pizza's The Same As A Slice Of Bread πŸ•

The second day of my long stay commenced when Sir arrived back from work early in the morning. He stroked my head and served my pet food for me to eat later. 
I woke at 10am, the time I am meant to be up. I had to fix my hair and put make up on as ordered. 
I tucked into my breakfast, starting slowly then lapping it up. I had some iPad time while Sir was still sleeping. Before midday Sir came in and I was so happy to see him! ☺️. Sir greeted me then had me crawl to the bathroom. 

Once I was back in my pod after crawling back. Sir attached the muzzle and put me in the crate cage with just my blanket. This was the first time Sir had caged me without any entertainment. I felt nervous and excited but I wasn't allowed to talk. 
In the end I really enjoyed it and my petals proved that. Sir had me caged for 2 half hours. At that point he got me in the bath. He let me sit normally, then he had me on all fours as he scrubbed me clean ☺️. Sir also had me in the standing kneel position with my hands behind  my head. While I was in the tub Sir informed me that next time I needed to take my pigtails out then do them again and I needed to apply more foundation. Next he dried me using positions and a warm towel! ☺️. 

Sir put my collar back on my neck. He let me have full run of my enclosure again 😊.  At this moment I thought all my worries didn't come into fuition. I worried having my hair in pigtails would cause a head ache, it didn't. I worried that being nude would make me need a wee, it didn't. I worried that my legs would get restless being curled up and cramped but it didn't. Finally I worried so much about sleeping in my pet area when my Sir is on nights. But I did it! πŸ˜†. 

Sir left me be for a few hours. I was rather hungry needing my dinner. I decided to sit by the door and wait. I was so happy when Sir walked in with my food. He was holding pancakes! Sir said it was my treat for being a very good pet 😊. 
Before Sir left for work he said if I wanted crisps later I had to do my positions. Yes Sir I said and I was left alone to my own devices. I was still hungry so I had to ask permission. "Can I have a slice of bread please Sir?". Sir said I was allowed. I crawled over to the kitchen. The door to my pod is unlocked at the moment but in the future it will probably be locked. It's just while we configure everything. So I go over to kitchen grab the bread then open the fridge for the Mayo. But what do I see! ...... PIZZA! I thought Sir had given me permission to have some food so a small slice of pizza won't matter πŸ€”. When I was back in my area I text Sir "pizza is the same as bread right? πŸ˜†". Sir replied back saying "no Daisy it's completely different". My heart sank! I was thinking arghhh I'm bad again but through talking Sir said it was ok 😊. 
I felt like a very spoilt pet when Sir used a towel that was fresh out of the dryer. Also when he fed me pancakes for my dinner!
For the rest of the night I bedded down for the night. I knew I was coming out the next day so I needed to monitor the transition carefully! 


Thursday, 23 November 2017

It Was All Going So Well πŸ˜”

Argh I feel so stupid! It was all going so well, then I had to mess it up πŸ˜”.
Sir left the house, stupidly I just didn't think and I walked - yes WALKED to the bathroom! I knew as soon as I had done it I was a bad girl ☹️. I had to text Sir. 
Sir messaged "Yes Daisy that is deffinately bad. You will sit exposed for 15 minutes". 
Exposed is a position where I kneel then spread my legs with my hands behind my head. 
Of course I said yes Sir. I hated it because I felt so stupid I could have cried. 

All is forgiven now, Sir says I'm a good girl again. But things have stepped up now and I should have known better! 


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Pets Don't Wear Clothes πŸ‘—

So I'm in, I'm in my new area! Sir wants to name it the pod which is fine by me. 
I was put in at 11:30 in the morning today. Sir prepped his pet by having me kneel on the floor while he sat on the sofa. He put my hair in cute pigtails. After I was instructed to put make up on then I was to wait in my enclosure. Sir came in, slowly he undressed me. Once my clothes were off and I was nude standing before him. Sir took my clothes out "pets don't wear clothes" Sir said. Sir had me kneel on the bench. He attached the long chain, spanked my bottom and inserted the plug rose. Coming down off the bench Sir commanded me to enter the crate cage. He muzzled my mouth and left me to settle in to my new area 😊. 

At 1:30 in the afternoon Sir let me out to use the bathroom. I was forbidden from walking! 
I had to remain crawling. Once I was finished I knelt waiting for him by the kitchen. Sir put me back in the pod while he went to get my lunch. I was instructed to wait while he placed my bowl down. Sir then gave me the sign I could lap up my lunch. 
Once I'd finished having my lunch Sir and I had a big cuddle and a kiss ☺️. Sir put me back in the crate cage and put the muzzle back on but left the chain off. I took a nap after that. 

I woke to Sir holding my bowl in his hand. He gave me some crisps as a snack/treat 😊. 
Sir came in and sat with me. He then let me out once again for me to use the bathroom. When 5pm approached Sir served me my dinner. After that Sir my owner let me have full run of my enclosure. I loved crawling around! 
As I write this I am sitting on my sleeping area. Today went fantastic and I feel marvellous! 
I am lucky today as I am free to stand up but I know Sir is due to chain me in a way that prevents me from standing up so I must crawl. I am looking forward to the addition of the F machine and the treadmill. Both are coming soon and will become part of my daily life. 
My headspace is amazing and this feels like a dream honestly! I am such a lucky girl! ☺️. 


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Thank You! + Spanking Picture πŸ‘

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who popped by and left a comment on LOL day. I very much appreciate it and it was a very fun day!
Here as promised is a picture of my freshly spanked bottom from Sir!


Monday, 20 November 2017

It's All Coming Together ✅

The room is ready and I am so pleased to tell you all that! 😊. 
For my new readers who don't know I am a 24-7 human pet girl and the room is going to be my new lockable enclosure. Sir has purchased a new body harness for me to wear as the other one iritated my petals. He loves lots of buckles. Also we are buying the treadmill next week and everything else is in place. The cage is ready and my pet food works really well. 

I am so mega excited, I can't even express it! 
Sir and I know it's different now, we can do so much more! that just fills me with joy! ☺️. 
The long stay will commence on Wednesday and I cannot wait! 


Friday, 17 November 2017

(Love Our Lurkers) X2

Oh my gosh is it that time of year again! 😱- how wonderful! ☺️
A year has passed already and it's time to celebrate our lurkers once again 😊. 

For the people who don't know it's LOL Day Love Our Lurkers day which runs till November 19th. On this day bloggers try and encourage their readers to comment so we can meet you. You can comment anonomously I don't mind I just would love to meet you and know who is following my journey! 

Last year for every comment I recieved I had to do an hour in my pen. This year Sir is changing it up. For every 25 comments I get you will get a published picture of my spanked bottom πŸ‘. If I get 50 comments you get a published picture of my spanked bottom and a picture of my plugged bottom with the Jewel plug πŸ’–. 

I am super friendly, so please comment and let me know who is out there! 
Oh and please check everyone else who is doing LOL day and send them all the love. 

It really made my day last year! 
Thank you so much


Ps, Sorry I do not have my laptop so I am un able to post the logo pic. I hope that's ok. 

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Bound πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

The best blow jobs are when bound with kinky tape and Sir uses the crop for encouragement on my bottom! 😏. 


Friday, 10 November 2017

⚠️Under Construction⚠️

Sorry for not posting any blog posts. It doesn't mean nothing is happening here but I don't just post when Sir and I have had sex or when he has given me a spanking. I need a little bit more than than for it to be interesting. 
However we are in process of completing what we need to, to get my new area ready! 
All is going to plan and the room will be ready by next Monday *squeals* ☺️. 
The pumping machine is fixed now too. We just have a few more bits to do this week, then it is all systems go! 😊

Thank you for your patience.  


Saturday, 4 November 2017

24-7 D/s πŸ€“

The great aspect of a 24-7 D/s relationship, all be it a little different is that kinky activities become a part of your daily life. Take yesterday for example Sir and I were watching tv together when he instructed me to kneel at his feet. Sir spanked my bottom which led to him fingering it too. Sir then fucked and I will use that word for a reason πŸ˜†over the foot stool! 
Sir came, I said thank you Sir as I always do and Sir praised me for being a good girl. After cuddles we went off to the bathroom for the post sex clean up πŸ˜‚. 
We were both clean and we had kissed and cuddled a lot so Sir went off to make his lunch for work and I went to recover on the sofa. I chuckled to myself thinking how funny it is that Sir can pound me roughly one min then make his lunch the next! It's part of our daily life how fantastic! but it left me feeling rather used...

Good job I like being used eh πŸ˜‰ 

Daisy 😚

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Plans For A Temporary Pod ✍🏻

Sir is an in patient sausage, he can't wait till we have our next house to build the pod. He told me about his plan to turn one of our spare rooms which is mainly for storage into a temporary pod. I must say I did have the same idea. But I would never have brought it forward to him because my big cage that Sir built for me means the world and so much to me! 
I felt excited at his plans. But I couldn't budge the guilt knowing my cage would be taken down. Sir said its made of wood and was always temporary and I know that, but I still felt guilty πŸ˜”. I asked Sir If he would smack my bottom in pretend telling off way πŸ˜†. He happily obliged of course and I felt better 😊. 

There are a few things we need to do first to ready the room before it will be a perfect pet area for me. 
A new enclousure of course opens up new possibilities. Along with that plan other ideas will become a permenant fixture in my pet life. We have tried out the food product we could use as pet food for me. I can happily say it tasted nice and it was super filling. Sir will feed it to me twice a day now on long stays! 😊. Talking of long stays Sir has also decided I am to be nude during this time, I am to have my hair in pigtails which Sir will put in and have a full face of make up. 

The temporary pod will be a small room with nothing but carpet, window, crate cage for sleeping, food/water bowls, colouring/iPad and D/s equipment. Sir will secure a lock to the door so I can have piece of mind! 
I am mega excited about being able to crawl around but still be confined. I'm excited about being shut away at night and being let out in the morning! 😊
Sir has been working on the pumping machine so that will be added in due course. We are on the hunt for a treadmill too! 


Saturday, 28 October 2017

An Excellent Girl ☺️πŸ’

I was making the tea when Sir arrived home from work. I was wearing a full face of make up, my hair in pigtails, one of Sirs favourite outfits and the muzzle. Sir beamed at his well presented pet. We had dinner together and the evening followed. 

I had come back from using the bathroom. Sir was stroking his manlihood which is a sure sign he wants to play. I sat over him and kissed him. I kissed down and sucked him like he always desires. Sir then moved me to the floor on my hands and knees. He entered me then instructed me to get down lower so he could get in deeper. I went right down so my chest was touching the carpet. I love this position ☺️. 

I don't know where this came from but I just had an urge to ask Sir to put his manlihood somewhere else, not my mouth πŸ˜‰. He said pardon? as he couldn't quite believe what I had asked him. So I said it again. 
Sir entered me analy and it felt OK! Sir came quickly as he was SO turned on! 
Sir was so shocked that I had asked him but SO elated. I was too!! I feel SO proud and happy that I pleased him SO much! 😊. 
Sir called me his excellent girl and said he would bring flowers home from work for me because I deserved it ☺️πŸ’.


Friday, 27 October 2017

Pet Food For A Pet Girl 🍴

After researching more we have found what looks to be a very good suiter to be my pet food. It is healthy and it contains everything the body needs to stay fit and well. We have ordered it and will give it a go! 
Sir will feed this product to me twice a day so it has to be easy to prepare, filling and hopefully taste OK πŸ˜†. 

I don't know why I put a knife and fork emoji as I clearly won't be needing cutlery! πŸ™Š. 


Thursday, 26 October 2017

Smacked Legs For... πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Smacked legs for me this morning for watching pet girl without permission. Sorry my Sir! πŸ˜”


Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Human Pet Plans πŸ‘£

I just want to share with you the plans we have for the future. 

- The Pod! 
Sir wants to have a small room for me that can be visable from the kitchen or living room. The room will have a bar front. There will be a seperate cage in the pod that in Sirs words "only a naked pet goes" my entertainment would be located outside of the cage area within the pod. Sir would control what part I would be in and when. 
The pod will be made when we move to our next house! 

- The Treadmill 
Sir wants to get a treadmill for me! I will be secured to the treadmill by Sir with chains and I will be exercised for as long as Sir desires! 

- The Pumping Machine 
Otherwise known as a fucking machine πŸ™Š. We have one already but Sir needs to alter it. Sir wants to use the pumping machine the same way he will use the treadmill. By taking me out of my cage and placing me on it and in different areas. I will have to remain there untill Sir moves me. Well I will have no way of leaving the station actually as I will be secured to both pieces of equipment. My head will be kept in place by using a metal bar. 

There are talks of creating a routine for the long stays. I will follow the same routine everytime. This will include being fed at the same time but also being moved to be exercised or stimulated at the same time. 

- Lady Time 
During my period I will be locked in a smaller cage. I will probably have plugs inserted into me. I am Sirs property and he decides where I go when, what I do for how long and if I need different care. Different circumstances mean different things. Weekends may mean a different routine, depending on my mood or if we have visitors I will be placed in different areas and my time of the month will mean a smaller cage for me. Sir doesn't want me staining the carpet ;). 

Other plans we have could be fixing a chain to the floor and I would crawl in a circle . We are also looking into another pet food option. 
Lots of EXCITING and more intense things are in planning so I do hope you stay with me ☺️. 


Friday, 20 October 2017

Tartan Dress + Unicorn Slippers πŸ¦„

Upon Sirs arrival home from work he wanted me to have my hair in bunches, be wearing knee highs and my tartan dress he loves. Admittedly the dress didn't fit much anymore. But I made it work by making it into a skirt and adding a vest 😊. 

I greeted Sir, we went straight into the living room where it's warmer. I was wearing my unicorn slippers looking sexy as can be! πŸ˜†. "On your elbows and knees, face that way" Sir demanded. He warmed my bottom with his hand getting harder and harder. It was so blissful though. I was able to slip away and adored it. Once the spanking was over my bottom throbed. Sir said I could remove the dress now but stay naked. Yes I kept the unicorn slippers on πŸ™Š. 

After tea Sir and I connected with each other with him on top of me. But first he said "remove the unicorn slippers!" That was good sex and the slippers went straight on after! ☺️


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Back In My Cage ☺️

I am back in my cage now ☺️
Sir has bathed, shaved me and I am shut in for the evening and night. 
My enclosure with bars deffinately feels more like home now. I feel more used to being confined in the evening too which can only be a good thing. 

Daisy the pet is happy and content 😊


Friday, 13 October 2017

Are You Still Obedient? πŸ˜‘

So there I was having my evening while Sir is working his night shift. Admittedly I was being a bit cheeky but no harm there I thought. One hour later I receive a text from Sir saying "well you can go in now for 2 hours no entertainment. Considering its 9pm I didn't quite fancy that. Also I didn't understand why he was containing me πŸ€”. After some texts back from me I moved to go in my cage to colour. Sir then asked if I was in the cage which I replied that I was. Sir then text this! 
"Good girl you can come out now I was only joking too! You're still a good obedient pet xxxxxxxxx
πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘I had been had! 😳
*sulks for 5 minutes"...

Sir had been teaching me to do now ask later. He always thought I was very obedient even if I wasn't sure I had been bad or not!

Thank you Sir πŸ™„πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜


Cute Things Sir says ☺️ X7

Sorry for missing a month but here is the 7th edition of cute things Sir says that make me smile 😊 Enjoy! 

1. "Well you can never have enough crawling and spankings can you" 

2. "Have you eaten?" 
Cute and caring of him 😊.

3. "I may ramp it up to 3 nights if everything is ok" 
Sir said this when we were talking about how the long stays were going 😘.

4. "I did rub your head with a smile on my face! That's where you are meant to be" 
Sir text this when he left for work in the morning and I was sleeping in the cage ☺️. 

5. "Yes Daisy you need to be in your cage" 

6. "That's nice my 3 little pets" 
I love when Sir involves me when talking about our other pets. I believe I was chilling with my four legged friends at that moment. 

7. "I want you in your cage today like a good little pet" 

8. "You are the love of my life too" 

9. "That's amazing Daisy I'm very proud" 

10. Last but not least! 
"I've ordered Chinese for tea!" 
Isn't that just one of the best things to hear! πŸ˜†

I hope you enjoyed them 


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Thoughtfulness ❤️

Sir has been sweetly thoughtful this week ☺️. During sex yesterday he softly made love to me and made sure he wasn't hurting me. Sometimes when we have sex it can hurt me. I thought it was so sweet of him! 😘. Also today he said I could have a crawl around and a spanking because I had been a good girl. He was mega tierd but still did it. 

Thank you Sir, your a sweet man and I really appreciate and love your gentle side just as much as your bit a rough ;). 


Monday, 9 October 2017

Desperate! πŸ˜‘

Oh my goshhhh guys I've struggled SO hard to remember when things happened in the duration of time of my long stay! 😀 
I know what happened as you know my pet life is very routined. I know what Sir did, I even know at what time where I was. But in hindsight I don't know how I filled that huge duration of time so smoothly. I'm honestly at a loss! I consider that could be because I was SO content.  I was in my intense headspace and being the pet I am destined to be that maybe I was just happy just being πŸ€”. Trust me this is as much a learning curve for me as it is for you learning about my life πŸ˜†. 

My time being kept in my enclosure upon reflection feels like the sensation that you get when you have woken from a nap. Content and dozey I suppose. I was IN LOVE with being put away by my Sir and living in the same area I slept in. The more time went on I loved it even more! 😍
Yes it did feel wierd to me for a good amount of time. Untill about 5pm actually of the first day! The reason behind that is it was new me. There have always been times in the day that I have never been held. Generally never in the morning or the evening and never when Sir was out of the house if it was those times of the day. As I was penned up during those times of the day I knew it would take me time to get used to it. What I didn't know was it only took me two days πŸ˜†. Honestly I do make myself laugh πŸ˜‚. 
Sir and I were both surprised at how easy it was to do the long stay especially in the evenings. Once Sir had let me out to feed and bath me on the first day that was not out of the ordinary to what we would do normally. I knew I would only be out for a short time. Enough to get lots of affection, have some food and get clean. I wasn't dreading being put back but I didn't know what I would do as I hadn't been in that situation before. 
When the time came for Sir to put me inside I was feeling tierd already. This was good as I knew it would be bed time soon. Luckily I got a craving to use my tablet before it was time to get some shut eye 😏. 

I loved when Sir freed me to use the bathroom. I know it's not glamorous but it's certainly needed! 
It was time to bed down now as Sir was going to sleep so I had to aswell. I wasn't worried about sleeping in my compound like a domesticated pet as I had done so before. I was a little cautious and always monitoring my emotions.
I wasn't worried about sleeping with out Sir. We made sure my affection bar was at tip top before my freedom was taken once more. The sound of my Dominant Owner and Sir snoring was SO comforting to me. I adored listening to his snores 😴.
 I was excited to wake up to the view of the bars all around me. I was excited to wake up in my area but knowing I have to stay put kept in the same area and live in it. That REALLY did excite me! ☺️. 

Morning came and I had a solid sleep till 9:30am. Lying under latches was blissful and I was happy to not move for a bit. 
One of my favourite parts is when Sir feeds me. My owner was at work so I had to feed myself. That didn't bother me, it actually gave me a buzzy feeling of I'm human I can do this! ☺️. 
Sir text instructing me that I could use the Internet for 4 hours and no more! I was also to have a QUICK, emphasis on quick bath. I was to wash not play and soak. 
I was elated to have my tablet and I know how important it is to give enrichment to pets. I know my Sir is very moral. He would never have me in the cage for days with nothing to do. Nore would I do that. My owner does like for me to have time with no entertainment but they are only periods. 

I used all my internet allowance in one go then it was time for lunch. After lunch I bathed, coloured and just filled the time in some how. 
I was SO excited to see my Sir when he got home. I couldn't wait to see him. When I text him he was finishing work in half an hour. We knew this was real. I was truly waiting for my owner to come home. 

Once Sir was home I knew I would have some FREEDOM. I was looking forward to that immensely ☺️. I loved cuddling with him, I loved having tea with him, I loved watching a show with him. I very much loved when we had a quickie over the sofa πŸ™Š. But I do get hazy around here. 

At the same time of 9pm, same time same thing. But that's ok I was restricted within my barred cube again. At this time I was very used to it. Even being placed back didn't feel strange. 
After an hour or so Sir came in I had my last bathroom break then I was shut in for the night. 
I knew that in the morning Sir would be with me. I looked forward to that. 

The morning came, I was awoken by Sir nudging my shoulder softly. It was so lovely to see him. He presented me with breakfast. I was honestly so content, happy and buzzing. 
When I was having a bathroom break he said I could come out now. I actually felt a tinge of dissapointment. Sir then retracted and said he would contain me till the afternoon. 

Welllll this is when it gets pretty halarious! all I will say is we got to try out the lock πŸ˜‚. 
So Sir comes rushing in sees his caged little human and says "people are here" then he locks the door. Which was all good for about an hour... untill I needed a wee and the spare key was in the kitchen! πŸ˜‚. 
I tried calling but he wouldn't answer, I couldn't shout as he probably said I was out πŸ™ˆ. 
I had to hold it and hold it. I was getting blooming desperate thinking I'm going to have to go in my bottle then get the spanking of my life after I've told Sir I've had an accident. It was halarious. 
Time stood still... the duration of time felt so long. But FINALLY I heard Sir key in the lock. He knew straight away that I needed a wee and we both burst out laughing. Next time IIIIII will lock the door! 
After I relieved myself 😏 that was the end of my long stay! 

I believe all together it was 42 hours. Urm and oh yea I still hadnt reached my limit! πŸ™Š πŸ™„
I know it's mad! I was desperate to use the bathroom, but not desperate to get out. Meaning after using the bathroom I could have been put inside again πŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ


Friday, 6 October 2017

Long Stays Begin! ⏰

I am 13 hours into my long stay 😁. I was in the cage when Sir got back from work but I'm not counting that as Sir had me out for 2 and half hours untill 9pm. Sir came home to me to see me muzzled, plugged and naked wearing my harness as instructed. We had cuddles on the bed then Sir said "come on let's cuddle on the sofa". Whilst we were cuddling and catching up on our day Sir said "pet go and get the crop". I protested a little saying I've not been naughty! Hmpft. Sir reassured me it wasn't an discipline. 

I brought the crop over to Sir. He had me kneel over the sofa with my knees on the floor. He cropped my bottom which was fun! He used the soft side 😏.
My bottom was red and the plug sparkled in the light. Sir wanted to have me so I positioned myself on sofa. My knees now on the sofa pillow. Sir properly fucked me! He kept my muzzle on and my bell was jingiling loudly! It was SO good! ☺️. 
We were both puffed out but we went to make tea. We had egg chips and beans. I didn't have to eat mine from a bowl. After Sir wanted me to bath, we watched one of our shows and Sir put me back in the cage at 9pm. He kept threatening I would go back when I got too cheeky hehe. 

The night was fine and Sir and I actually went to sleep at the same time. Sir had to leave early in the morning for work which was strange. But I slept till 9:30am. 
The morning has been wierd as I'm used to Sir being here. But I'm ok it is just new but I can feel it will be my new normal! 


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Thoughts While Driving Home πŸš—

On a rare occurrence Sir and I were both working in the day. As I was driving home at the same time as Sir some thoughts went through my head. I thought this is funny I would normally be in the cage now waiting for my Sir to drive home. But I was the one driving home that day. I thought about myself that would be in the cage. I thought about how Sir would feel when he drives home to see his human pet and I could feel his excitement! I felt how important it is for me to be caged while Sir is at work. It was an interesting moment and one I wanted to share with you 😊. 

I'm happy to announce the door now has a lock on it! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»! 
The lock can be locked from the inside and outside. I'm so happy with it and it puts my mind at rest. 

Sir and I are also working on me being able to sleep in the cage when Sir works nights. One idea is to use the crate cage. I have figured out that it's Sir being away from me that makes me feel unsafe and unsettled. I need to condition myself that the cage is my safe place when Sir is not present. Sir is going to have me in the crate cage in the living room while he chills and watches tv. He will be further away from me but I will still feel safe. We will see, hopefully it will work and I will be able to sleep in the cage when Sir is out of the house! 


Ps, Oh the long stays begin tonight! πŸ™Š

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Going Home 😈

Sir and I are going through a transition. We don't, well I don't deal well with transitions πŸ˜†. We are transitioning in routine with my pet life. Currently I go in the cage 1:30-6:30pm when Sir works in the day. For a few hours when we can when we are both off and we have been doing a few long stays too. I find it hard juggling daily life with my pet life which is quite understandable I think as they are polar opposite. We are transitioning my routine to doing long stays only and then having time out of it. Sir and I were planning to do another long stay this time 3 days and 2 nights first then begin the new routine. It's been a struggle to find the time period that fits in with both our work to do it. I feel unsettled when I'm in limbo, I don't like it. I need to feel settled in my D/s. 
We agreed to not wait to do the 3 days/2nights and to just begin the long stays now. Sir wanted me to sleep in the cage last night while he was working nights. I knew when he said that was going to be hard! As you know I struggle to do that when I'm home alone all night πŸ˜–. Well as I thought I couldn't do it but Sir wasn't mad at me, the lovely man he is! ☺️
I will try again and I will do it! my life will consist of long stays now so I need to do be able to do it! 

Ps,  Before Sir went to work today he gave me a tasty ass spanking 😏. 
My bottom was red and I loved it! 😍

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Interrupted Cage Time πŸ—

The only issue with being a human pet is its not socially accepted. There I am in my cage having a peaceful and blissful time then we get a visitor. Sir said to just stay there, he would keep the door shut and would open it so I know they had gone. I go safely and un interrupted to the toilet and went back to my blissful contained space. Then I hear a shout, a persons voice that wasn't Sirs, two voices infact and my heart drops. I creep quietly out to block the door with something. 

After our visitors left I was mysteriously unwell so couldn't make an appearance πŸ˜‰, Sir came in and we both said we need a lock! 

Our life and dynamic continues whether we get visitors or not. We won't let interruptions stop our dynamic. Having a lock on the door I can rest easy knowing no one can just barge in and I can continue to be the pet I am! 


Saturday, 23 September 2017

New Collar Picture! πŸ’

As requested here is a picture of my new collar!
Blooming big bell isn't it lmao πŸ˜‚


Thursday, 21 September 2017

New Collar πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸ’“

I've had my beautiful collar for over a year. It's started to become tatty and was making my neck yellow πŸ™Š. The diamontes had been coming off too. It was deffinately time for a new one 😊. 
Sir took me to the PET SHOP today which was oh my gosh mega exciting! I had to compose myself and pretend of course the collar wasn't for me. We looked at blue ones, dark pink ones then we saw it. There hanging was a baby pink collar with little daisies on it with diamontes. I just about eeeeeeeked on the spot and new that was the one! πŸ˜†. Sir adored the collar too so we picked it.

I have always worn a bell on my collar for as long as I can remember. Sir loves it jingling and I do too ☺️. Sir was on a hunt for a new bell but not the same size as my one now. Oh no he wanted one the size of a small ball! Sir picked out the pink one and as he was walking to the till he was jingling so much. I thought he was making it jingle but he wasn't. Sir said I better get used to the noise! 

Once home I knelt down. Before going out Sir took my old collar off of me and I kissed it to say goodbye. I knelt and Sir collared me with my new collar. I love it, it's beautiful, delicate and really suits me ☺️. The bell is BIG I will try get a picture of it for you. It will take time to get used to it jingling all the time. 
This is my third collar from my Sir. They are all so special to Sir and I. They all mean so much! 


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Taking My Pet Back πŸ’

I'm fuzzy I feel like I have been pounced on. I'm so foggy I had to ask Sir to name this post ^ 
Being away from our home always turns my Sir into a lion reclaiming his territory. That territory being me his pet 😁. Settling back home after being away I went back to my cage. I was having a lovely chill time when Sir came in and just lay on the bed. I asked if he was tierd, Ill, bored did he miss me? Sir never just lies on the bed when I'm caged πŸ˜†. Sir left me to chill some more then he returned and let me out. I gave him a big huggle and he lay me on the bed on my back then said wait there. Sir fetched the wand and rose. He inserted rose and buzzed the wand on my petals. As soon as he put one finger in I was begging to cum. Sir gave me permission and I remember shouting " I love cumming!" making Sir laugh! 

After my whopper O I lay there pooped out. Sir entered me and it was delicious. Once Sir released we were so puffed out! I had to nap after being pounced on! 😏.

In other news I have my next long stay coming up and we are going to try 3 days and two nights! Eeeeeek! πŸ˜†


Monday, 18 September 2017

Tasks At Night πŸŒƒ

The moment Sir arrived at work he was already thinking how he could control me. He always lets me know he is at work safe. But along with letting me know he was safe he set me a task the other night. 

"I want you to sleep in rose tonight ok?" 

"Yes Sir" 

" Actually thinking about it your ropes and knickers but nothing else" 

" Yes Sir" 

When Sir thinks I always get butterflies. What's he planning? What's coming? I always think but I always trust him. 

I was unsettled that night not because of Sirs tasks, but because there was a storm going on. Rose didn't make it all the night but I said as soon as Sir was in the bed. The ropes lasted and my pj bottoms stayed off ☺️.

I enjoyed the ropes making an appearance again. I thought back to how far we have come since I wore the ropes at night with the radio on before bed a while ago πŸ™Š. 


Monday, 11 September 2017

Making It Up To Me 😏

One night Sir went to bed before I did. When I came to bed I cuddled up to Sir and went to stroke his face which I do. He pushed me away TWICE! then rolled over! πŸ˜’πŸ˜€. I rolled over too and fell asleep 😌. 

The next morning I text Sir saying you pushed me away ☹️. Sir said he was sleeping and he can't control what he does. Come the evening Sir was home from work. After both our baths Sir led me to rest on the poof on all fours. Sir gave my bottom a tastey spanking with my eyes closed I went off to dreamy land ☺️. Sir fingered inside me for a little while then he fetched the wand. Earlier I said that the wand doesn't work ever since the head came off πŸ™Š. Sir wanted to prove me wrong. In position Sir applied the lube and the wand buzzed away on low. Yes I came close. I started orgasming quietly then I exploded in to a loud wailing one when it was turned up. The next thing I heard was "good girl!" From Sir ☺️. 
I missed having a proper orgasm as I couldn't reach it myself with the wand anymore😀. 
Sir said "so the wand is broke eh πŸ˜‰" I replied "yes Sir the wand is broke hehe thank you for making it up to me πŸ˜†" Your welcome my pet" replied Sir ☺️. 


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Fighting My Headspace 😀

The day after doing my long stay I did find the next day quite hard actually. I was to have a day off and I wanted to have that too. But my headspace was like "no get back to your cage!" I was fighting my headspace it just wanted to go back! 
Rather  interesting for me to experience! I used to get that craving when we first started out when I would only go in for an hour. I would crave being in my safe place the next day. 

Today I went back to my cage at Sirs direction. Just in time too as I felt myself just coming out of the headspace! 
Monitoring my feelings and emotions is always fun for me to do and important too as I'm always learning about myself while being Sirs pet! 


Friday, 8 September 2017

How Did The Long Stay Go? ⛓

Sir certainly didn't hang around. After our friend had visited us Sir informed me that I will be doing a long stay the next day. 
The day began with my getting some breakfast and Sir allowed me to watch my morning television. Once finished I went out to find Sir and he said he would put me in. Entering the cage Sir attached the chain to my collar, instructed his pet to be muzzled and banned Internet use until he said. Then he locked the cage and left the room with a kiss at midday. 

I settled down and monitored how quickly my headspace came back to me. Sir said he would do everything for his pet. He would feed his pet and let his pet out to use the bathroom. I was surprised when Sir came in holding my pink pet bowl. I could see "Daisy" written on it as he carried it towards me. Time went quickly and it was already lunch time. I had lunch a little earlier than I would normally but it was lunch time all the same. Sir had served his pet a delightful lunch of a crumpet, sausage roll, some crisps and two cookies. I felt very loved πŸ˜†. I ate my lunch with my chain clanking away. I thought I could get used to this. Honestly it was one of my favourite parts when Sir fed me! 

Time went on and I took a nap. My head space was very present. I didn't know how long my long stay would be. I knew it would overnight but I didn't know if it was the next day too. I was doing fine, I certainly hasn't reached my limit. 
At 5pm Sir allowed his pet some internet time. I did have to keep moving around the cage. I found it amusing all positions I went in. 

At 6pm Sir came in once again with his pets tea. Smiling again as it was noodles. I happily ate my noodles and thought ah now this will be the challenge as I would normally come out now. 
I was still content, happy and fine. I just managed to pass the time some way but being caged in the evening felt very wierd. 
At 8pm Sir released me for bath time. I was happy to get into a hot bubbly bath and to have a loo break πŸ™Š 😊. Sir let his pet play then I had to remain on all 4s while Sir bathed his pet. The sponge was very scratchy which made the experience a little unpleasant. 
Once clean Sir got his pet out of the tub and had me kneel while he dried me. The position changed to standing with my legs apart and hands behind my head. Sir put my collar back on my neck and left his pet nude. 

Moving into the living room I was expecting to be put back in my cage. But Sir cuddled his pet. Sir directed his pet to suck him. He has never been so hard! Sir entered his pet in doggy style pushing in hard and deep. Sir had his pet rock back and forth on him then he continued to go hard and deep. Sir released and held his pet long enough till I recovered. I had my milk and a snack. I was probably out for about an hour. I liked how Sir gave me after care, he didn't just use me and put me back. 

Back in my cage I occupied myself untill Sir let me out to use the bathroom at 11pm. This was again the most bizarre time and it felt new. But I was still OK. 
Sir instructed his pet it's bedtime now and to be quiet now. We had a hug on the bed and it was hard to leave him! 

I thought I would struggle to sleep as I was instructed to go to bed so early and I wasn't tierd. I listened to Sir snoring and that was comforting to me. I did doze off into sleep. I had two blankets to keep me warm and I slept though till 8:30am. I was SO happy to see Sir peering down at me at 10am the next morning! 😁 "Out now my pet for breakfast" Sir let me have my cereal on the sofa. I still had no idea if I was out now or I was going back in. 
Sir put me back in which answered my question πŸ˜†. I asked if it was over night and Sir said no. 

Being put back in my cage that time it deffinately felt like I lived in the cage! Sir plugged my ass with rose, muzzled me and attached the chain again. Sir didn't say no internet so I took advantage of that πŸ™Š. 
Like the day before Sir gave me my lunch in my pet bowl. Was this my routine everyday? Same food, same time and same bowl. 
I was let out to use the bathroom then too. 

At 4pm Sir came in to sit with me. It was nice just chatting actually. I didn't feel conscious it was just natural. 
Sir had me out for a cuddle then informed me I could come out now. The funny thing is the next moment I was driving to the shops getting something I had wanted to for a few days πŸ˜†. 
I monitored the transition and I felt hazey. I felt extremely tierd even though I thought I had a good nights sleep. I napped when I got back and felt better. The transition was super quick and I'm not sure if that was a good or bad thing! πŸ€”. 

Sir said he will set alarms to feed me and let me out to use the bathroom. All together I did 28 hours and I hadn't reached my limit. I feel proud for sleeping in the cage but I know I can do longer. But I did what Sir wanted ☺️. 

Today I feel good, it feels beyond bizzare to not be in the cage now. But knowing I don't know when the next long stay will be helps. Sir says I have some obedience training coming up! 
I'm certainly intrigued to see where my limit is! How long can I actually go for? 


Ps Sir named this blog post ☺️