Friday, 27 January 2017

Sex + Porn Clips 😚

Sex this morning was like YESSSS I needed that! πŸ˜†
After waking up feeling half dead Sir soon got me into the mood. Once we had cleaned up and cuddled we deliberated whether to go back to bed. We decided we best not and headed downstairs. 

Sir had given his pet permission to watch porn the day before. I was able to find two good clips. Sir asked me to show him the clips which I did. The erection after showed me he loved them πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‰. 

Day 6 without the cage and I'm struggling like fudge! I had zilch energy today and I have to keep having a glass of coke to liven myself up. I have no idea if what I feel are linked to the cage being away. 
Sir is still doing really well at knowing what I need and just looking out for me. I get iritated really easily right now. Things that wouldn't bother me before like someone chopping logs really do now! Sir said to go upstairs watch cartoons with head phones on which I did. 
When I hug him he knows I'm sad and even says your sad aren't you, you miss your cage don't you. I reply yes Sir I'm really struggling. 
Sir thought enough was enough and he found a way to set my old cage up so I could feel myself again. 

I am SO grateful for Sir doing this for me. It's like heaven being back in my cage πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— even if it is for a short time. 
I'm not surprised with how I have been feeling. I know myself that's how I get and I of course avoid it because it's not nice. I know what I need and I am super lucky my owner is more than happy to control it. 

I must say though this week greatly improved by the addition of Sir buying me a humongous unicorn stuffy. I just look at her and smile! πŸ¦„

Sir I love you so freaking much! πŸ’•πŸ’œ


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

In Trouble πŸ˜”

Day 4 without the cage and it is certainly affecting me. I feel un level, teary and just not myself. Sir is being very good looking out for me asking if I'm ok. Sir says he knows something is up. Which of course there is. 

With all these negative emotions I was feeling it's not surprising I landed myself in trouble. Sir said I shouted at him and I honestly didn't realise I did. I did raise my voice a little bit but it doesn't matter now I was in the wrong and I was corrected for it by waiting for Sir by kneeling and getting smacked legs ☹️. 

Later when Sir was at work and I was reflecting on what happened earlier I said sorry again. Sir sent me some cute texts that really cheered me up which made me feel better. 

I just keep looking forward and counting down the days! πŸ˜€πŸ˜–


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Spanking + Body Harness 😈

I made a comment that my bottom felt cold. Was I angling for a spanking? Hehehe yes! Sir said what do you say and I said please warm my bottom Sir. 
Sir happily obliged and gave me a beautiful hot spanking ☺️.

Later Sir said to his pet "you need to look at body harnesses" 😳 Urm yes Sir I replied and asked which style he liked. Sir wants a leather body harness with straps around breasts and plenty around the waist. We have found two Sir likes for his pet. 


Monday, 23 January 2017

Under Construction 🚧⛔️

In preparation for my new pet area my old cage and pen had to be taken down. This makes me a little anxious not going to lie πŸ˜–. But Sir is well aware of the impact it has on his pet and he has been really good with directing me to prevent me from getting lost 😊. 

I just keep thinking of my new pet area! I am also using the time to prepare myself for things to step up as I know they will. 


Friday, 20 January 2017

Contained Area 🌐

Sir is going to build a new cage for his pet! πŸ˜† My current pet area has a penned area with a cage inside. Technically if I wanted to I can just stand up, put my leg over the fence of the pen and get out. But I don't do that, there are rules in place that Sir enforces so that I can't just leave the pet area willy nilly. 
 I don't think my Sir likes that it is an open area and he wants his pet to feel more contained. My new pet area will be a completely contained area, big enough so that I can actually stand up and lay down. It will of course have a door so I can use the toilet too. 

The prospect of a new pet area is very exciting to me! 
Being completely contained is a serious part to me. It shows me that Sir is stepping up his ownership of his pet.  I know from when I'm contained in my cage i  feel so owned and wonderful. I am quite tall so I can never really stretch out properly in my cage without opening the door. When I imagine being in a cage that I'm completely contained in and I can stretch out and move around freely in actually makes me petals ache! 
It makes me feel smaller in proportion and vulnerable I suppose but in a good way. I don't feel any negative feelings. I don't think I could feel anymore like an owned pet in captivity do you? πŸ™Š


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Responsibility πŸ‘”πŸ‘—

We all have responsibility in life, our responsibilities may differ from each other but they are all equally as important. 
It's my responsibility as Sirs submissive pet to make sure he is happy. An example of this is the time before he goes to bed after being up early and working all day. I soothe him by making him a hot cup of tea just how he likes it, quite strong with one sugar. I sit with him while he sips his drink and talk about nice things. If he is wound up I remain silent but not off letting him calm down. He has a smoke and heads into that steaming hot shower. I hear the call "make me another cup of tea Daisy" I make another tea for him just how he likes it, quite strong with one sugar and set it down on the kitchen top ready for him to have when he is out of the shower. 

He sips his second tea of the night on his chair by the door. Sir is due to go up soon as he is up early the next day. He makes the move to show me he wants me to suck him. I suck him just how he likes it, deep and slow, swirl the tip and lick his balls. He releases all his stress on to me in a juicy mess. He smiles and says your a good girl enthusiastically as he wipes the mess away. A glug of coke from the bottle in the fridge and with one huge kiss he bids his pet goodnight. 

I smile knowing I have made him happy. He is fed, clean, calm, soothed, relieved and fulfilled. 
I think to myself he did the same for me earlier when I had a nap. Released from my cage he baths me, sponging my body with suds and washing them away with warm comforting water. He cleans my intimate areas with care and being delicate, he washes my hair and let's me play for a little bit. He wraps me up in a big warm towel, having me put my hands behind my head so he can dry me properly. He has my kneel and lift my hair as he wraps my pink collar around my neck. 
He has me crawl back to my pet area where he inserts a plug.
All settled under the blanket with my cuddly toy under my arm Sir kisses me and leaves me to nap. I smile knowing he has made me happy. Fed, clean, calm, soothed and fulfilled. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

That's Pretty Impressive 😁

Sooo the task with Donald was a bit of a flop yesterday. I was able to edge 3 times but I had to keep the wand on low only which made it take a while. Before that too I had to use another vib which did nothing and I struggled with Donald at that moment. I think I felt bored of Donald. 

Today I was up ready to start the day at 10am and I had breakfast. After my breakfast I did my exercises like I do every morning. My legs were already aching from a new exercise position I did yesterday. Shortly after  Sir warmed my bottom with a tasty spanking ☺️
I went to relax on the sofa when Sir came over. "come on then get upstairs and let's get the wand on you! Sir said. I moaned saying I don't want the wand, I've had it all week. I flopped on the floor and Sir grabbed my hands and slid me along the floor! Smacked my bottom and got me moving up those stairs! πŸ™„

Sir put the wand on my clit and it took a long ass time for the orgasm to build. I finally was able to orgasm. Sir held me as I recovered. It's his favourite thing making his pet cum. I said "that's pretty impressive you've done all that in not even 2 hours!" Sir just grinned at me as he does. I said "do you plan it or does it just happen?" He said I knew from the moment my pet woke up" 😊
We went down and we relaxed on the sofa and watched Lego Jurassic World on Netflix πŸ˜†
 Sir told me what will happen today... 
Cage till 8pm and I'm to just use nipple clamps and mr snugg (plug) like usual for an hour. No Donald today πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

If I Had A Submissive Pet πŸ€”

I completed the writing Sir wanted me to do. If I had a submissive pet how would I care and control them. It was a challenge writing from the Dominant point of view. 
As soon as Sir had come back from work he had his cuppa and straight away asked to see my writing. He was smiling to himself in that kinky, I'm mega turned on way. I said don't get an erection Sir πŸ˜‰
Sir enjoyed my writing, I said have you learnt anything from it? He said no I knew you were like that which made me giggle. I won't share it here as I find it mega embarrassing as I'm submissive to the core. I hope you understand. 

The Donald task went really well!! with using the wand that is πŸ™Š
I tried to use Donald without the wand but I hated the feeling! I was allowed to use the wand if needed. I was able to orgasm mega big with Donald sliding in and out of me πŸ˜†πŸ‘πŸ»
The only worry is now is Sir is a lot bigger than Donald. I am able to use Donald inside me in my bud as we call it and that is a massive step forward 😊. 

I was late getting into the cage yesterday so Sir corrected that today on my bottom. 
Today Sir wants his pet to use Donald again but I am not allowed to cum untill I have edged 3 times 😩! 
I must stay in my pet cage till 8pm and wear nipple clamps for an hour. 
My clit is going to be on fire πŸ”₯
But a controlled pet is a happy pet ☺️. 


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Day to Day Life πŸ’

A bit about yesterday, well I am pleased to say I did well, better than I thought I would with the Donald task. I was able to insert him in deep as he could go and I was able to move him in and out quite fast for a little bit. Sir let his pet use the wand to help. I am elated with the anal progress πŸ˜† but I doubt I can do it without the wand. But that's ok Sir doesn't mind. I have been surprised that the feeling is actually OK. 

Yesterday was rounded off quite perfectly. After bathing and shaving Sir had sex with his pet  which was just a fitting way to end a good day 😊.
I started sucking Sir in bed and Sir tried a new position. I was on top but I was facing away from him. Content we both fell asleep cuddled together. 

Back to today Sir wants his pet to be caged for 6 hours, use nipple clamps for an hour, and use Donald again instead of the plug. I am to try inserting Donald without the wand and see how that goes! 
In addition Sir wants his pet to do a writing for him. Sir wants his pet to write about if I had a submissive pet, how would I care and control them. Which will be mega hard being the submissive one but pretty fun! πŸ€”
I really enjoy when Sir gives me tasks to complete. It keeps me in that submissive mind frame and I think Sir knows that πŸ˜‰


Monday, 9 January 2017

Confinement Tasks πŸ”

Today Sir wants his pet confined for 6 hours, instead of inserting the plug like usual I am to practise inserting Donald for half an hour with breaks and do the best I can. I do not need to wear the nipple clamps today but at 8pm I need to bathe and shave. 

In other kinky talk Sir had 3 blow jobs this week from his pet 😊
I was on so we couldn't have sex but I was proud I managed to keep him topped up or emptied you could say πŸ˜‰
Sir also has spanked me and started to spank or slap my boobs which is a new one for me! 


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Pet Purpose πŸ€”

Today I had a realisation. Now and then through my submissive pet journey they occur. When they occur they are very eye opening to me! 
My realisation was that when I am in my pet area all my fears and worries I felt before just fade away. I had a few thoughts on my mind and I was going to sort through my thought processes. But I couldn't, my worrying thoughts had dissapeared. My worries weren't anything major but they were very much present in my head before I went in the cage. Sir puts me in the cage and my worrying thoughts vanish. Why is this? I asked myself. I realised that when I am in the cage I am fullfilling my purpose of who I am. A submissive pet. It might not be a your average purpose but it is my purpose all the same. When I am full filling my purpose nothing else in the world matters and I just concentrate on my purpose at that moment in time. 
This is a massive realisation for me and a wonderful one too 😊☺️


Thursday, 5 January 2017

I Haven't Been Spanked Since Last Year πŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ‘

" I haven't been spanked since last year" I said as we enjoyed our meal out... Later I was having time out with Sir just pottering around the house. Sir grabbed my arm and the stupid wood floor! My fight back was futile as my fuzzy socks just slided on it ending me over Sirs lap. 
The spanking was a stinging one! I normally can shut my eyes and be content during a spanking but this one actually had me putting my feet up and my arms back to cover my red bottom which Sir quickly corrected by restraining me πŸ™„
Sir didn't spank me for long. Hard and fast was what Sir was going for I think. I certainly felt the sting for a little while afterwards! 😏


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Morning Delight ☕️

Sir had a quickie with his pet after breakfast. Sir came on his pets face and quite frankly all down me! 😴
Sir had to pop his pet in the tub after that to clean me. I love it when baths me. Feeling fresh as a daisy Sir dressed me, put my collar back on and put me in the pet area for the rest of the day. 
Now that's what I call pet care ☺️


Monday, 2 January 2017

Cute Things Sir Says #2 😚

Happy New Year lovelys! I hope 2017 is wonderful for you! 🍾🍰🍧

Here is another edition of cute things Sir says that make me smile 😊

(When I'm missing the cage)
" That's obvious your a pet!" 

" I know you hate the cage Daisy that's why I send you there"

" Good girl, because your a submissive pet and don't want the belt you mean?" 

" I want to take you around the house and garden in what I tell you. Just knickers your collar and chains in the summer" 

(When I make up words) 
" Yes Daisy they are your words and that makes you very special to me" 

" You will have a pet room!"

" I'm thinking of making a bed with a cage under it" 

" Its your natural place as my little pet" 

" Would you like to stay in a little longer?" 

" You are not to use any entertainment!" 

" Your incarcerated by your Sir ☺️"

" You will be wearing the plug all day soon!"

" An extra hour because your a good pet and I love you" 

" You will be ok it's what pets love!"

" Your my pet you will never be free" 

" You concentrate on your hair and I will concentrate on everything else" 

" You are the kinkiest pet ever!" 

I hope you like them, they certainly make me beam! ☺️

Daisy 😈