Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Pet Room 😍

I used to have one single cage, then that was expanded to make a cage and a pen. Now I have a pet room and I blooming love it! 😍
My pet room is exactly what the name states. It's my room, where I am to stay when Sir is at work or puts his pet there. We keep all of our equipment there and our other pets live in that room too. 
Currently Sir is still gathering materials for my big cage which will be in my pet room. In the mean time Sir attached a long chain around my neck with a padlock yesterday enabling his pet to stretch my legs. I love crawling around the room in my chain and resting my back on the radiator ☺️. Sir attached the nipple clamps and I was back to being incarcerated for long periods. 
I'm so grateful to my Sir that he did this for me. While he is building my new cage I was using my original cage. It's big! but not as big as a pen ha so I did need more space if Sir desires for me to be incarcerated for long periods of time. I am so grateful he thought of his pets well being and used the chain to enable his pet to stretch her legs πŸ˜†πŸ˜˜. 


Monday, 27 February 2017

Cute Things Sir Says ☺️ X3

Here is another edition of cute things Sir says that make me smile! 😊

Daisy: I am super sad and you will never guess why..! 😩
Sir: You miss your pen

Daisy: *utter shock!* 😱😱😱
2. "Have a nice afternoon in the cage"

3. When Sir arrives at work he always texts this: 
"I'm here now my little pet" 

4. "Do you like being my house pet?"

5. When I'm told no: 
"No Daisy you can not!"

6. "You belong in your pen area" 

7. "Yes Daisy naked is best!" 

8. "Are you comfortable my pet?" 

❤️❤️          ❤️❤️           ❤️❤️

I hope you enjoyed the third edition ☺️


Pet Probing πŸ˜‘

Sir and I had just finished watching Bad Neighbours 2 when I said "shall I have my bath now ?"πŸ›€πŸ»  Sir replied with "if you want a bath Daisy then have a bath" I replied that reply was about as dominant as a duck! πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„. 
I went for my bath and while I was bathing Sir came in with my body harness. I said to Sir why did he say that and he was like said what 😌 acting oblivious you know 😏. Sir said he said it to see what his pet would do, what did you think I would do? I asked him "the same thing your doing now asking why did I do that and feeling uncomfortable"
So Sir tested me naughty sausage but I would rather him test his pet than have an off day! πŸ‘πŸ».

Once I was presenting to Sir his finger was replaced with his penis. We had delicious sex with his pet in the presenting position. I must say its my favourite yet ☺️.  Daisy 

Friday, 24 February 2017

Getting Back On My Feet πŸ‘£

After a little bout of illness I was able to get back on my feet yesterday. I had to take my body harness off with Sirs instruction as I was feeling sick. He instructed his pet to put my body harness back on. 

I was a caged pet till 7pm
Once I was free which Sir hates his pet saying by the way as he says I will never be free πŸ˜† 
I ate my tea and was able to eat more normally. After some television time I popped myself in the bath. I washed and groomed myself making sure I was a clean and tidy pet for Sir ☺️

Once I was finished in the bath I put my body harness on and collar and went to present to Sir in the living room.
This picture is a good representation of how it is. I walk in Sir is normally sitting on the sofa fully clothed and I walk in naked with my body harness on. I walk to him and position myself down like this presenting myself to him. Sir will check I am properly groomed and he will begin to give his pets bottom a spank and he begins the fingering 😳. 
Sir will then guide his pet to know he is done normally by tapping me on the bottom. I will then kneel and cuddle with him ☺️. 

Shortly after we were ready for bed. We began cuddling then Sir began to make love to his pet. Making love turned into more dominant sex but soon we were out of breath cuddling once again in each others arms.

I hope you like the pictures, I just wanted to represent activities a little more and they are so sexy!


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Submissive Only Pet πŸ€”

A few life situations recently have made me realise something. We have our routines and rules that are followed. But when things are off in life for example when Sir isn't being himself or I'm unwell ect do those rules and routine still uplift me? Some do, but I have realised some do not. When Sir is in a mood for me to be naked with only a harness and collar on crawling around just makes me feel self conscious. When Sir is his normal happy self being naked with only a body harness and collar on crawling around is the most wonderful feeling in the world. 

One night I had to do my evening routine on my own. That's not an issue as I have to some days as Sir works. But Sir was not himself that night, he was agitated and naggy I would say. He made a comment to complete the evening routine but his mood made me feel off. Our routine is very pet focussed and intimate. I did the evening routine but it made me think πŸ€”. 
I am meant to wear my body harness and be naked under my robe. I am meant to stay on the floor and crawl and I am meant to do my hair all cute in bunches with ribbon. But the next day I kept my body harness on but I put a night shirt on over it. I sat up on the sofa and talked to Sir. He came around and I found out what was bothering Sir. It wasn't anything major or to do with me but I hate when I know something is up but he won't say what! 

Sir went back to his normal great and silly self. We played "Daisy and Sir went to the zoo and saw a penguin...ect" 
A little later Sir instructed his pet to crawl and get the blindfold which made me smile. I realised once he got everything off his chest he naturally went back to being my owner. I know life rubbish happens and you can't prevent it. That's what made me realise I am a submissive only pet. We will only do those D/s activities when we are both happy and well. I believe that is better because I only want to feel happy, wonderful and buzzing feelings from my pet life. 
Sir said to me when life gets in the way he has to take a step back. When life gets in the way for me I need it more than ever. But when life gets in the way and it causes atmosphere I want to drop it out! 
The nightly routine will still stay in place and that will be completed every night but when life gets in the way we will revert to being casual and when I'm being active in my pet life I will know life is good ☺️😊. 


Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Second Night πŸŒ™

The second night was just as connecting and beautiful as the first. Sir did everything the same except he had his pet finger her own ass 😳. This is because some nights in the week Sir will be working away. He was making sure his pet knew her bedtime routine and how to do it properly while he wasn't present. 

Apart from going in the cage my life is not routined, it is a new experience for me. Experiencing the exact same routine again felt comforting in a way. Also my god there is something about the ass fingering that won't leave my mind! It feels very invading. It's done in a way that is not in a oral play way. The only activity that it reminds me of is a dog visiting the vets and they ahum do medical checks there πŸ™Š. Ha sorry but that is the only thing it reminds me of! He is owning every part of me, nothing is hidden from him. It makes me feel vulnerable, it certainly makes me feel like a pet having an examination which I believe is why he does it and it makes me feel very submissive because it is done when I'm in a very open position. 

I was warmed by the bath, docile from the fingering and owned by the harness I sat by Sirs feet. I felt soooooo content. My breathing slowed and deepened. Sirs breath deepened too and I said "this really calms us!" ☺️


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Pets Bedtime Routine 😴

Sir showed me my new pet focussed bedtime routine tonight. 
We had eaten tea and were chilling in front of the tv. Sir announced at 8pm it was bath time he clicked the lead to my collar and led me to the bathroom. Sir attached the lead to the door knob and he told his pet to kneel while the water filled the tub. The lead was tied shortly to the door knob which made the chain pull at my neck reminding me I'm his owned pet. Sir came back and turned the taps off. He undone my collar and instructed me to get into the bath. 

Sir cleaned his pet top to toe. He had me on my hands and knees so he could wash my back. After Sir instructed his pet to shave my petals, shave my legs dry myself, moisturise and to not dress but remain naked. I completed all that and went to find Sir who was sitting on the sofa. " I want you to come present yourself to me infront of me in the head down bum up position!" Sure I knew what Sir meant I positioned my naked body infront of Sir with my head down and bum up. With my bottom closest to him. "Hands to the side of your head" Sir said so I moved them for Sir.  I was feeling unsure why Sir wanted me in this position and what he would do next, but I remained in position and waited to find out. 

Still in the head down bum up position Sir began to fondell my petals. Stretching them and getting very close to them like he was inspecting them? I remained quiet letting Sir show me what he wanted. "Daisy..." Sir said I replied yes Sir? Sir went on to say "you will present to me like this every night" I replied yes Sir and Sir said good girl! "Why do I have to present to you like this?" I asked. Sir said "I am checking my pet is properly groomed, now if you have any questions you need to say them now as you will be muzzled tomorrow" I didn't have any other questions. 
Sir continued to feel his pets feminine parts. Then Sir began to finger his pets ass which made me feel vulnerable and docile. Why was he doing this? I thought to myself. There is no sign of a butplug so why is he fingering my ass? πŸ˜† All these questions that would be answered later on. 

Sir gave me the command that he was done and I could turn around. I hugged him then saw his raging hard on. He initially said don't worry about that but after lots of kissing we ended up having sex on the sofa πŸ™Š. 
Once Sir had recovered and we were cuddling again with me sitting by his feet and Sir sitting on the sofa. I like to raise my arms above my head around his neck to be close to him. "Do you like your new bedtime routine?" Sir asked me. "Yes Sir, why did you finger my ass though?" All Sir said back was "I like it". He went on to say that sex on the sofa won't be occurring every night but the rest of it will πŸ˜†. 

I was impressed with Sirs imagination. The routine certainly made me feel calm, docile and owned!

Ps. His raging hard on and sex occurring clearly shows to me that he loved it ☺️. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Feeling Like A Captive Again 😳

I I had just returned to the house after doing something vanilla. I had just settled down on the sofa when Sir said "get over the poof im going to spank you". I did just that and Sir warmed my bottom and fingered my petals a little. That made him hard of course so I was directed to suck him. "Over the sofa" I hear "yes Sir". Sir pounded his pet good and proper! I was thinking this is SO naughty thinking what I was doing just 15mins ago! 
Sir came and we cuddled but Sir had to get ready for work which made it amusing. 

Later Sir text his pet: 
Sir "you were a very good girl tonight" 
Me "thank you Sir, making me feel like a captive again" 
Sir "I intend to Daisy :)" 

Just those four words sent sexy chills down my spine! 
"I intend to" just keeps ringing in my mind 😚


Sunday, 12 February 2017

Body Harness 😈

Hi pumpkins

This is the body harness Sir has chosen for his pet, boob tape not included πŸ˜‰
What do you think of it? 😊
I cant wait for it to get here and wear it! πŸ˜†

I did speak to Sir about the events in my blog post called (submission isn't always easy). Sir actually said to me he was proud I voiced my opinion and he wasn't angry at all. This surprised me that he was proud of his pet 😊. 

Also my bedtime routine starts tomorrow! so I will post about that soon! ☺️

I hope your all well


Thursday, 9 February 2017

Meme For Lilli πŸ“

Who's the oldest? 
Sir is by ahem more than a few years 😬

Who was interested first? 
Me, once I knew I had feelings for him I chased after him. Just me to a T being clingy by nature as well πŸ˜†

Same high school? 

Most sensitive? 
Me but I am not overly sensitive. 

Worst temper? 
None of us really, we are not the arguing type. We have lost our rag on certain things but not about each other.  

Most social?

Most stubborn 
Is being patient the same as stubborn because my god Sir has the patience of a saint! 😀

Wakes up first? 
Sir he rises early at 7am sometimes before!

Bigger family? 
He has a bigger family than I do. But his family is my family ;) 

Is this asking does he buy me flowers? Yes he does mostly on celebratory occasions like Valentine's Day and anniversaries. But sometimes when we go food shopping he will put flowers in the trolley for me πŸ˜ŠπŸ’. 

Who cooks the most? 
Sir does, I am not a cook πŸ˜‚

Cries most? 
Me but not from upsetting things but from a release during a play normally which Sir adores πŸ™Š

Who said I love you first? 
Me, I had to ask Sir this and he said it was me but I know he said it straight after! ☺️

Better singer? 
HAAA none of us! πŸ˜‚Lmao

Better driver?
I had to ask Sir this too and he said we were equally good at driving 😊 

Hogs the remote? 
Meeee! I always say anything you want to watch Sir? he will say no. So I mostly control the remote. He even passes it to me to get the YouTube on the tv for him πŸ˜‚

Better cook? 
Sir his food is yummy! πŸ˜† 

Clothes and shoes hoarder? 
That's actually Sir, I'm very minimalist in my clothes and shoe collection 😊

That's it, that was fun Lilli! 
Find Lilli here and see her answers: 


Submission Isn't Always Easy 😩

In my last post (Positioned Wanding) I wrote about an intense orgasm session I had with Sir. The same night after watching a new show on Netflix, I was more with it and revived but I had muscular pain from straining for the orgasm. Then what does Sir say? "pet come here and suck Sir!" Exuse my unenthusiasm and eye rolling but πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„! Really!! 
Now I am always up for sucking Sir, infact I enjoy it mostly all the time. But I had just orgasmed so hard, was still tierd and a bit fuzzy. Let's say giving Sir a blow job wasn't at the top of my list. I said no now you might think wow a submissive saying no! yes submissives can say no! I voiced my thoughts to Sir. He encouraged me going "come on" in the nicest friendliest way! 
Where is the hard bit in this if I can just say no? Well the hard bit is I have to please Sir. Not I HAVE to please Sir as in he forces me to. I have to please Sir because I want to please him, I don't want him to feel rejected when all I have to do is suck him for a little bit. 

So I sucked him... he came...on my chest and I felt rocky. I curled into a ball and I said "it's hard sometimes" and then said "not in the way your thinking!" Sir smiled came down to my level and said "what's hard" I explained " it's hard because I have to please you because that's who I am and that makes it hard. Submission isn't always easy" Sir said I know but you did it and your a good girl!" I said "I know Sir I just really didn't want to give you a blow job" Sir continued to praise me and I felt happy I had voiced my thoughts to Sir. I also thought I am going to feel guilty tomorrow.

 Its the next day now and I do not feel guilty. I have no reason to feel guilty. I didn't want to suck Sir but I did because that's who I am I have to please him for myself and I voiced my thoughts to Sir so he knew how his pet was feeling. 

Upon reflection it was a very key moment and it certainly hasn't happened before. I know we are stepping things up now and Sir never over used his pet. I don't believe he is starting to do that. I believe his pet came and he wanted pleasure too. 


Positioned Wanding 😈

I was positioned bum up head down facing my female area to Sir inbetween his knees as he spanked my bottom. " Daisy go get your wand and come straight back into this position". Like a good pet I trotted off and collected the wand, thinking this is going to be a big one it's been 2 weeks! 

I position myself back into the position, head down bum up and Sir placed a cushion down by my head. Sir started the wand up, "hands by your side!" Instructed Sir. "Don't move!", "stay in that position!" Sir commanded. 
As the wand buzzed away on my clit while Sir continued spanking my bottom. The first orgasm wave came ha lol mega quickly and Sir denied me. After about 10 minutes with the wand buzzing low and teasing me, Sir still denied me! I wasn't allowed to cum untill the wand was on high. The moment he clicked the button into place and the wand sped up I was asking permission "oh Sir please can I comeeee! Please please pleeeease!!" "Yes Daisy" I heard him say back and I heard the wet explosion that came out of me πŸ™Šand a enthusiastic GOOD GIRL! from Sir. 
As I caught my breath again and had to pant Sir placed the wand back on my clit which made me jump all over the place! 
After the wand buzzing on low again he said "is it building?" I replied "yes Sir". Once Sir let his pet come it was the most explosive yet! I haven't screamed so loud and I went for aslong as Sir wanted. 

I was a puffed out pet trying to catch my breath. Sir had to help me up as he cuddled me praising me. I sounded like I was drunk I couldn't talk properly which always makes us laugh. 
Sir passed water over to his pet and I glugged it down. He also got a glass of coke to get my sugar levels up and I just lay till I felt a bit more alive. 

For sure a good good time for Sir and his pet ☺️.


Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Owner and pet πŸ‘£

Hi pumpkins! 

Sorry for being absent for a little while! we have been having work done on the house and I haven't had Internet as well 😩. 

Due to the work we were having done on the house it meant I had 2 weeks without my cage and life has been unsettled. I've struggled very much! I've been snappy at Sir, I had a short temper, things that I could deal with before just caused me to erupt even if it's something small like a fart! 
The only way I can describe it is I feel flat inside. I wasn't myself at all, I didn't feel good at all. 

It got to the stage where I practically broke down and begged Sir for what I needed. I couldn't do it anymore! 😫😫😫. Sir said " I presumed you would struggle having nothing for 2 weeks i will sort this out when im home xxxxxxxx" Receiving this text lifted me up incredibly! He also instructed his pet to plug her bottom and rope her wrists ready for his arrival back from work. 

When Sir arrived home he did just that. Amongst the debris in what will be my pet room he found my cage and he set it up for his pet to go into. 
Once I was caged again 
I breathed a huge sigh of relieve and breathed in contentment once again. My eyes welled a little with tears and I felt complete again. I felt this is me, this is where I'm meant to be, this is who I am. I needed it so badly I wouldn't have even cared if anyone saw me! 

I had the Guinea pigs next to me in their cage which made me giggle. I loved that! Sir came over and said "ah all my pets together!" 😘. 
I truly felt like a pet, I felt no different to the little squeakers next to me and I wanted nothing else in the world than to be confined and controlled. 

When Sir let me out to have dinner I felt like the top pet being fed first πŸ™ŠAfter I had finished my food and I fed the Guinea pigs I felt like a human pet tending to the other pets. Both incredible feelings! πŸ˜†

Sir is still in the process of building my new cage. But it's just taking longer than expected as he needs to get specific building materials. 
You all know I'm mega excited about my new cage and I keep looking forward to it being finished and going into it for the first time! As I know it will happen one day 😊. 

Back to the present and Sir has been keeping his pet naked in the house and her bottom plugged in the day all day. He said he may ban wearing clothes in the house! 😳 I have also been crawling around the house more and Sir said now we have the Internet back he will order a body harness for his pet. 

Also Sir wants his pet to have a pet focussed morning routine☀️ and bedtime routine🌜
What this will consist of I don't know. I'm sure bathing will be apart of it and maybe using my bowl. But apart from that I will wait and see! 

I will end pumpkins with some rather MASSIVE news that me and Sir have to share! ☺️
Last night after his pets bottom being plugged all day, a hot bath and a shave Sir was able to have anal sex with his pet! 
I can't tell you how elated I was! I couldn't believe it! I was shocked he went in so easily and it didn't feel horrible either it felt OK! 

Remember the anal sex deal I had with Sir? Afterwards I straight away said SIR I CAN HAVE A DUCK! πŸ˜†Sir laughed and said yes Daisy but we have to wait till we have an suitable area. I said ducks live in the garden or my Melvin could live in the bathroom? Sir said no to both of those but he assured me I will have my duck but we have to wait till we have land for him. I said maybe I could get a stuffy of Melvin in the meantime and Sir said yes Daisy to that πŸ˜†πŸ£.

All I can say from my experience is if you have had an traumatic experience with anal and hated it like I did please don't give up! because with the right person and with it done properly you can do it again if that's what you want! 

I am truly amazed and I do hope you are all well! 

Daisy πŸ¦„