Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Second Night 🌙

The second night was just as connecting and beautiful as the first. Sir did everything the same except he had his pet finger her own ass 😳. This is because some nights in the week Sir will be working away. He was making sure his pet knew her bedtime routine and how to do it properly while he wasn't present. 

Apart from going in the cage my life is not routined, it is a new experience for me. Experiencing the exact same routine again felt comforting in a way. Also my god there is something about the ass fingering that won't leave my mind! It feels very invading. It's done in a way that is not in a oral play way. The only activity that it reminds me of is a dog visiting the vets and they ahum do medical checks there 🙊. Ha sorry but that is the only thing it reminds me of! He is owning every part of me, nothing is hidden from him. It makes me feel vulnerable, it certainly makes me feel like a pet having an examination which I believe is why he does it and it makes me feel very submissive because it is done when I'm in a very open position. 

I was warmed by the bath, docile from the fingering and owned by the harness I sat by Sirs feet. I felt soooooo content. My breathing slowed and deepened. Sirs breath deepened too and I said "this really calms us!" ☺️



  1. You sound so peaceful and happy, Daisy. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I really am Cat thank you it's wonderful ☺️(Big hugs)