Thursday, 30 March 2017

Question From Cat❓

Cat asked "What four people dead and alive would you invite for a dinner party?" 
I decided to ask Sir what two he would pick and he picked Ewan Mcgreggor and Robinson Crusoe 😊
I would add into the mix Paul Ogrady and Keith Lemon πŸ˜ŠπŸ‹
Now that would be an interesting dinner party, especially if you know of Keith Lemon πŸ˜†πŸ™Š
Thank you Cat! ☺️

That concludes Q and A month. Thank you to everyone who asked us a question, we really enjoyed answering them 😊. 


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A Used Pet! 😴

In the afternoon Sir had his way with his pet 😏. 
He began by having his pet kneel blindfolding and tying my hands behind my back. Sirs bulge was present then he got his manlihood out for his pet to suck. Grabbing my hair he put me over the bed and muzzled me as he continued spanking me. Sir got the wand out, when Sir gave his pet permission to cum I had a massive O right on que! ☺️

Then there was sex, sex and more sex πŸ˜†
Pounding sex,
Sex in different positions 
Sex with screams of pleasure, 
Sex with Sir covering my mouth and sticking his fingers in it! 

Soon after Sir demanded another orgasm from the wand. I was so puffed out I didn't think I could! 😳
More sex issued after, 
sex in different positions 
Sex with screams of pleasure 
Untill Sir came inside his pet πŸ˜†
We collapsed into a sweaty bundle of hugs 😍
Sir bathed his pet, gave me water and coke and didn't leave me once. 
He is such a good Sir! 😘


Monday, 27 March 2017

Reminder ✍🏻

It's the last week of March, so if you have any questions for me or my Sir for Q and A month please get them in now! ☺️


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bloggerversairy!! 🎈

Today March 22nd is my one year bloggerversairy! 
Honestly I can't believe I have only had my blog for one year. It truly feels like I've had it for a couple of years πŸ˜†. 
In one year I have had a total of 32,577 views which is mind boggling! I have grown myself as a person and I have met new friends. 

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has read here ☺️
I also want to thank my wonderful Sir for getting me to start my blog as its been one of the best things I've done! and I want to thank Lilli for being my friend from the start and always being there for me 😊. 

I throughly enjoy writting here! 
here is to another year! 
cheers pumpkins! 🍾

Daisy X 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Waiting πŸ•°

Sir has been trying to get his pet to wake earlier in the morning. I seem to be able to for a while but then I fluctuate and rise at 10am. Sir hasn't corrected me everytime I've slept in. Maybe he waits a certain amount of times and then he intervenes. 
I slept in till just before 10am, I texted Sir good morning like I do everyday he is at work. 
Sir replied with " Good morning Daisy its deffinately not 9am" once I read his text I knew I was in doo doo πŸ™. I replied with " I know Sir I'm sorry I can't seem to wake at 9",Sir said I should try harder. He sent his pet to the pen then shortly I recieved this text. 
" At 1:15 you will be kneeling with the belt held in your mouth in the front room" 
Oh dear! πŸ˜”
I asked if I was waiting for him as I knew it would be about an hours wait. Sir said I was to wait for my disobedience disciplineπŸ˜”. Sir said this would happen everytime I get up late from now on. Oh dear I'm a naughty and I know it. While we were having the stern talk I remembered I forgot to present and finger my ass yesterday. Sir was not best pleased. Sir said it wasn't good, I said I was sorry of course and Sir said after my discipline I will have Donald the dildo in my ass. 😟 NOT GOOD!! 

At 1:15 I moved into position kneeling with the belt in my mouth and waited for Sir to get home. I was nervous but calm, I knew it would be OK and I will be a good pet again. 
Sir arrived home and walked into the room to find his pet kneeling with the belt in my mouth like instructed. Straight away Sir handled me and I put my head down so my bottom was up to feel the belt slaps. 9 belt slaps later the correction was complete 😊. 
Sir chained his pet back in the pen and left me be. I thought back to what Sir said about the other correction still to come and hoped he had forgot πŸ™Š. 

Sir instructed his pet to start the night time routine. Once bathed I came in and cuddled with Sir. I said " I better present to you and finger my ass Sir to be a good girl" Sir said " Aren't you forgetting something pet?" Knowing he meant Donald I pleaded with him to use the wand to help but not cum. Sir said no ☹️. 

I present to Sir and he lubes up my ass. I'm feeling really nervous about it as I know it's a correction but anal activity is involved. 
I begin to slide a finger in and out. When ready I get Donald into position and Sir helps push him in. Sir then takes over and he uses Donald in my ass. I feel him! He is much bigger than my finger and much fuller! " what are you meant to do!" Sir says slapping my bottom. "Present to you Sir and finger my ass Sir" I say. Sir carries on using Donald in my ass and I am struggling. I know I have a safe word and can use it anytime. I say please Sir and how much longer? " I am not stopping till Donald in half way!" Sir says in a firm tone. I'm struggling and I moan please Sir! As in hurry up I need it over now. "Do you want me to just get it over with?" Sir says. "Yes Sir!" I reply and hold my breath to prepare. The ending wasn't that bad but I felt such relief when Sir took Donald out. I felt teary as Sir hugged and kissed me. I said sorry and asked if I was a good girl now.  Sir said "yes Daisy your a good girl!" ☺️
After some more after care I saw Sir was hard. I sucked him and he entered me dominantly and passionately on the floor. I forgot about the anal correction in and instant but I won't forget to do Sirs tasks! 


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Belt For Bedtime πŸ‘

I was a naughty pet and didn't get around to bathing and presenting to Sir. Sir was out so it was up to me. I told Sir and I knew I would be in trouble. Sir was tierd last night so he didn't correct me then. 
In the morning I was feeling guilty. Sir said to find the belt and he had me position my hands on the kitchen counter and stick my bottom out. 5 belt slaps later I was corrected and a good girl again. Sir had me get in the bath and wash myself after not doing it last night. Sir shaved his pet and we had a little play in the bath. 

Once in the living room I knelt by Sirs feet and he rummaged for the lead. He attached the lead and instructed his pet to go for a crawl. 
Afterwards I came back to him. Sir told me to crawl fetch Donald the dildo in my mouth and crawl back. I did just that. 
Sir stuck Donald to the door. "Back up" Sir said. On my hands and knees I backed up getting closer to Donald. Sir moved my feet so my knees where touching the door then he put Donald inside me. He pushed his pet back and forth enabling Donald to move in and out of my petals. I moaned with my head down I was obedient to Sirs tasks. "Let's see how good you are at multi tasking" Sir said. He crouched down close to me and I took him in my mouth. I bobbed back and forth sucking Sir and effing the dildo. "Good girl you like that don't you my pet" I heard Sir say "yes Sir" I replied. 
"Stop! turn around!" Sir commands, he enters his pet and Dominantly owns me 😏. After fucking and sucking then Donald fucking me Sir fingers his pet and uses Donald to reach my orgasm. 
I'm breathing heavy tierd out! "Good girl!" Sir says and through my breaths I say thhhh aaaank oooou". After lots of cuddling and a glass of water Sir says "back to your cage now" I crawl to my place, Sir attaches the chain and with a big kiss and a head stroke he's gone. 


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Enclosed Evening πŸ”

I have to be caged this evening. I'm a little nervous being confined when it's dark but my Sir is working late meaning I have to be caged. It will be good practise for when I have to sleep overnight in my new cage. 


Monday, 13 March 2017

Permitted Pet 😏

Normally when I am craving to connect with my Sir and wanting to be intimate with him I try it on with him. I am normally denied, I can count about 5 times of Sir denying me. He will say "later" no not later now!! I'm horny now! 😀 I don't say that of course but I'm just screaming inside just pound me man! πŸ˜†

Due to lady times sex didn't occur this week which is fine but Sir released twice over my chest 😏. 
9 days ago was when I last released so I was feeling horny. I am not allowed to use the hitachi wand without permission. So I plucked up the courage and asked Sir for permission to use the wand. I recieved the normal answer of "later" *mutters to self* *grumbles* πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„. 

A short while later we were in the kitchen. I saw Sir reach for a flannel out of the washing basket. I didn't think anything of it but then he said "get the wand Daisy" I beamed and quick as anything scooted off to get the wand swiftly πŸ˜†. 
Sir had his pet positioned on my back and my legs had to remain spread and my arms had to remain behind my head. Sir built up the orgasm making me wait but I orgasmed and remained still. Sir said good girl. Then he entered me and we had hot sex on the floor! 😍. 
I grinned and announced  " I wasn't denied!" and smiled like a Cheshire Cat πŸ™€πŸ˜Ί. Sir used the flannel to clean me up 😏. 
I'm so glad it didn't happen later, I'm so glad it happened then! 😊. 


Friday, 10 March 2017

Bathroom Fun πŸ›€πŸ»

While in the bath yesterday Sir came in and washed me with the sponge. "Turn around, head down" I heard him say and I did as Sir said. Sir started to give my bottom a few spanks which always feel so much more delicious when your body is wet 😏. 
Sir began to fondel and finger my petals which felt so tasty in the submissive position I was in. Sir pressed deeper and deeper and I remained still like a good pet. Sir moved to my ass and fingered that area for a little while. Once he was finished playing with his pet he had me kneel on the floor while he dried me. "Hands behind your head" Sir instructed and he dried my top half. Sir had his pet remain naked and we headed into the living room. We cuddled on the sofa with me sitting over Sir. He smacked my boobs about Abit which was fun! and gave my pussy a few slaps! 😊. Sir attached the lead to my collar and positioned me on the sofa where I remained for the rest of the night ☺️. 


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

March Question Month: Other Methods Of Correction

From my previous blog post about correction Vic asked "you mentioned there are other methods you've tried to get Sir to use, what would those be?"

I have attempted to get my Sir to use other methods of correction but I've always failed πŸ˜†. He won't budge he only uses the belt and crop. When we were long distance I used to do lines and he would send me to the corner and I would have to stay put untill he text that I could move πŸ™Š. 
Skip to now when we are living with each other I have asked for lines instead of the belt more times than one. But Sir doesn't budge! I have asked for early bedtime and still it's a no  and I recieve  the belt correction. Sir said he has had me kneel in the corner before but I don't really remember that πŸ˜†. 

Vic also asked "would you wish them in addition to or instead of the belt and crop?" 
The answer is yes! I don't loathe or hate the belt/crop and it is a very effective tool. But feeling his control in other ways like being sent to bed early or having something taken away from me are always going to be areas I am intrigued about. Who knows maybe one day Sir will surprise me with a new correction. But it is not a issue to me, corrections aren't meant to be fun and they do there job which is turning me from a naughty pet to a good girl! 

Thank you Vic so much for the questions 😊.
Please feel free to ask me or my Sir questions and we will happily answer them!


Pet Room Revamp ⛓πŸ’—

The pet room has had a little make over! ☺️
 The pen is back with the added padlocked chain!πŸ”
 I have a snuggly mat to lay on, pillows to rest on and cuddly toys to play with. I love the tugging of the chain that is around my neck keeping me where Sir wants me to be.  I haven't got the key, I am contained here until my owner releases me. 

My little toy collection is out now on display too and I love gazing at it. My pet room is looking and feeling much more homely now🏑. The lead is hanging up on a hook in the wall and the D/s equipment is in a box next to the pen waiting to be used. I am sure I will be content here now untill my new cage is built 😊. 


Monday, 6 March 2017

March Question Month: Correction

The next question or questions are from Vic. Vic asks "at times when your behaviour requires correction what is the most effective method for you that Sir uses? Are there times when more than verbal correction is necessary and if so what will move your behaviour towards the proper direction most effectively?" 

Firstly the most effective correction method my Sir uses is actually the belt. Sir only uses two pieces of equipment for corrections which are the crop and the belt. Sir is not a sadist so the hit is not extremely painful but it's enough to correct me. I have tried to get Sir to use other correction methods but he won't budge he only uses the crop and the belt. It does work for me because the belt is only used for discipline and when it comes out I know I have been a bad girl! ☹️

On to the second question, yes there are times more than verbal correction is needed and again Sir will use the belt. I don't want to sound like a angel but apart from swearing Sir doesn't really verbally correct me. I am a little so Sir is very lax with how I conduct myself. He is not fussed if I roll my eyes, my hair is out of place, I butted in, I spoke before I was spoken to. We do not practise any of those protocols which makes Sir only need to verbally correct me if I swear or he tells me to stop doing something and I don't. For swift correction after he has told me to stop or not swear is smacked legs. Very quick but effective. 

All in all the belt is the most effective for me and I avoid it like the plague πŸ˜‰

Thank you Vic for your questions! 😊


Saturday, 4 March 2017

March Question Month: Where did you get that image?

Thank you anonymous for your question. I had to go back and search where I found the image I use in my about me section but I found it and I'm glad you like the image 😊. 
It can be found on a tumblr account called puppy-girls. If you keep scrolling down you will find the image. You may need to make an account to view it though. 

Thank you! ☺️

Friday, 3 March 2017

March Question Month: Have either of you engaged in hypnosis?

Our first question is from an anonymous reader. Their question is have either of us engaged in hypnosis? 
I have not but my Sir has with a previous submissive. I don't really believe you can be hypnotised πŸ˜• Sir hasn't pressed for me to try it. But if it was important for Sir I would give it a go! 

Thank you for your question ☺️


Thursday, 2 March 2017

Collision and Cake 🍰

What does Sir do when I am horny? puts me in my pet room with a but plug in my ass πŸ™„

Fortunately for me I had some cake left over from last night so I nommed on that while being chained πŸ˜†

This wasn't me

This was me with the added chaining πŸ˜†

Talking of pet room I can certainly see this activity occurring in the near future ;)

Later on in the day Sir and I were involved in an accident. It wasn't major don't worry! Sir was standing by the back door and I went up to him by putting my hands around his waist. Sir jumped and accidently head butted my nose!
Sir looked after me and we checked that my nose wasn't broken and we both laughed. To cheer his pet up he handcuffed me and sent me to rest in the living room :).

Before the evening routine commenced last night I sucked Sir and he entered me very deeply, balls deep I believe ;)  I actually felt like a mare being mounted and he was the stallion from the position I was in!

Sir came inside his pet we cleaned up and I went for my bath. Sir has been hitting the hay ealier in the night due to work recently meaning I complete the evening routine alone. While in the car the other day Sir did check that his pet had been completing her evening routine and doing it properly.
This picture perfectly explains how Sir makes me feel when he fingers his pets ass  during the evening routine: Vulnerable, a pet, owned and inspected. I feel the exact same feelings when I have to do it myself too :)

I hope your all well, do keep sending your questions in as it runs throughout this month :)


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Question and Answer Month ❓

In blog land March is question and answer month! It runs for a whole month and readers can ask bloggers any questions they like. It starts now so if you have a question for me or my Sir we will happily answer them ☺️. 
You can either post them in the comment section or email them to 😊. 

Sir and I are looking forward to answering any questions you might have πŸ˜†