Saturday, 18 March 2017

Belt For Bedtime 🍑

I was a naughty pet and didn't get around to bathing and presenting to Sir. Sir was out so it was up to me. I told Sir and I knew I would be in trouble. Sir was tierd last night so he didn't correct me then. 
In the morning I was feeling guilty. Sir said to find the belt and he had me position my hands on the kitchen counter and stick my bottom out. 5 belt slaps later I was corrected and a good girl again. Sir had me get in the bath and wash myself after not doing it last night. Sir shaved his pet and we had a little play in the bath. 

Once in the living room I knelt by Sirs feet and he rummaged for the lead. He attached the lead and instructed his pet to go for a crawl. 
Afterwards I came back to him. Sir told me to crawl fetch Donald the dildo in my mouth and crawl back. I did just that. 
Sir stuck Donald to the door. "Back up" Sir said. On my hands and knees I backed up getting closer to Donald. Sir moved my feet so my knees where touching the door then he put Donald inside me. He pushed his pet back and forth enabling Donald to move in and out of my petals. I moaned with my head down I was obedient to Sirs tasks. "Let's see how good you are at multi tasking" Sir said. He crouched down close to me and I took him in my mouth. I bobbed back and forth sucking Sir and effing the dildo. "Good girl you like that don't you my pet" I heard Sir say "yes Sir" I replied. 
"Stop! turn around!" Sir commands, he enters his pet and Dominantly owns me 😏. After fucking and sucking then Donald fucking me Sir fingers his pet and uses Donald to reach my orgasm. 
I'm breathing heavy tierd out! "Good girl!" Sir says and through my breaths I say thhhh aaaank oooou". After lots of cuddling and a glass of water Sir says "back to your cage now" I crawl to my place, Sir attaches the chain and with a big kiss and a head stroke he's gone. 



  1. Sounds like you definitely needed a nap after that workout, Daisy. :)

    1. Ah yes post orgasm naps are the best!