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Pet Progression πŸ˜†

I am exceptionally happy right now! πŸ˜†
Sir and I collected the materials for the cage today and as I type this he is working on it 
 I can't even! I am just beyond excited! 
It is starting to feel real now! 😍

Sir said it won't take long to build so not long now! ☺️

Sir has said when my new cage is ready my old cage will be used for when I am a naughty pet 😳.

I can't wait to see where my head space goes being completely contained. Of course it's a massive step but I am more than ready! 

Happy Pet Daisy πŸ˜†

House Clothes πŸ‘—

"Right" Sir said as we sat in the lounge. "Go get your harness and your plug rose" 
I popped off to collect both items knelt infront of Sir and presented both items to him. Sir helped me out of my pyjamas. I closed the blinds because I knew I would be naked. When the harness was on he inserted the plug. 
We cuddled and did house bits. I did some cleaning voluntarily being naked and free. 

"Go get your purple nighty Daisy" I found my purple nighty and put it on and went over to Sir. "Very nice" Sir says smiling cuddling and feeling his pets body. "These are your new house clothes, if someone comes to the door you are presentable" I giggled and said yes Sir. 

I keep dreaming of my new cage. Sir says it will be built this month. I just keep dreaming of it untill I am in it for real 😊. 


Pet Plans 🀐

Me: " What are you doing tomorrow Sir? I have no plans" 
Sir: " Good because you will be in there!πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ" 
"There" meaning my cage, I love our interactions ☺️


Cage Calculations πŸ€”

The moment when Sir is looking at the house seeing where he wants the new cage to go. He looks at my old cage and pen area and goes "it's not very good is it πŸ˜’☹️" Im like 😳no Sir urm yes Sir what is the right answer here? πŸ˜†

We are getting closer and closer to actually building the cage now! Ohhhh my gooodddd! 
Sir knows where he wants the new cage to be and the design of it. I am beyond excited! 


Pulsating Pet 😈

Once the evening show we were watching came to an end Sir unbuttoned his trousers and presented his hard on. Earlier he said that he wanted to try out our new vibrator. The hitachi had officially died after over 2 years of life. 
I jumped up quickly to retrieve the new vib I call the pocket rocket. It's pink, lights up and is smaller than the wand. 

I was feeling like a devious pet😈 I positioned the vib on Sirs tip ignoring his no Daisy! Sir began moaning so quickly and while he was I licked to the tip to the base and up and down again. Soon Sir was saying to take it off but he was smiling in pleasure. 
"Take your leggings off" Sir said I did then Sir put the vib on my petals. Sadly I couldn't feel anything ☹️Sir proceeeed to insert the head into my petals and I was to carry on sucking Sir with the pocket rocket pulsating inside of me. 

Sir came, I was teased and I wasn't given release. The main thing though is Sir came and he released 😊
I recieve pleasure from plea…

Mwahaha! 😏

I mentioned the word cage and Sir belly laughed at me like an evil villain in a fairytale πŸ˜†
MWAHAHAHAHAHA Sir goes "I'm going to make you hate the cage MWAHAHAHAHAHA!" 

Me like...😳😳😳...INTERESTING! πŸ€”


Free Pet πŸ‘‰πŸΌ

Sir really can confine his pet to the caged area anytime of the day or night and he has been. It doesn't matter what I am doing. Just like now I was half way through watching a show and Sir text me to put me in the cage. I have to be a free pet to Sir, I have to be available to him as he can stop activities and confine me at a moments notice. 

It's a pets life πŸ”


Cute Things Sir Says ☺️X4

Here is another edition of cute things Sir says to me that makes me smile 😊. 

1. " You need to present Daisy" 

2. " You can go to the cage now, come out for tea and back in to the cage Daisy" 

3. " Good girl for remembering" 

4. " You've missed sucking me" 

5. " You need to be back bath/shaven before 4pm" 

6. "I'm in complete control and loving it" 

7. " I'm looking forward to seeing you Daisy" 

8. " I did enjoy using my pet!"

9. " Are you happy Daisy?" 

10. " I will start building your cage in April!" 

EEEEEEEEEEEK!! at the last one! ☺️😍

I hope you enjoyed πŸ˜†❤️