Friday, 26 May 2017

This Is For Real 🔐

"Daisy come over here I want to talk to you about something" Sir said to me and I went over to him. I went to sit by him on the sofa but when Sir wants to have a D/s talk with me he prefers his pet to kneel on the floor inbetween his legs ☺️. As I went to sit on the sofa Sir said "A!" and pointed to the floor. Obediently I knelt down and waited for Sir to speak. 

Our Conversation.. 
Sir: " I want you to do something for me"
Daisy:  "What's that Sir?" 
Sir: "I want you to live in the cage"
Daisy: " LIVE in the cage? 😳
Sir: "For 24 hours, I want to treat you like a human pet for real"
Daisy: "Oohh" 🤔

This was for the start of a scene me and Sir did yesterday! ☺️
We both wanted to experience the owner pet role for real. The way we could do this was to pretend that we are in a parallel universe where all Littles have legally been turned into pets. Once before A little while a ago Sir and I did a scene in this senario where he picked up his new pet and settled her in. That scene went very well and we both enjoyed it. 

Rules For This Scene:
- I was to be caged for 24 hours (1 day/overnight/ the next morning) 
- Only speak when spoken to
- Sir would remain in the house 
- Sir would care for our other pets 
-  Sir would let me out to use the bathroom 
- Sir would  provide my meals and choose the food 
- I would actually be locked me in (key was in a place I could reach for safety) 
- The only entertainment allowed would be little things (iPad, colouring ect)
- No sex or sexual activities would be involved 
- I would have my hair in high pigtails with ribbons 
- Sir decided I would be un clothed 
- I was not allowed my phone and engagement ring 
- I was allowed my iPad but I was only allowed to watch cartoons 
- I had to be quiet 
- Sir is only to get his pet out for company or entertainment 

The scene began on Thursday morning. I had my breakfast, unclothed, put my harness on and my hair in pigtails. I removed the necessary things and prepped the house for the scene. At 10:30am I was ready and Sir locked me in my new cage! 
I settled down and watched some little tv on my iPad. It felt so real. I felt stuck in this situation. During my time thoughts came to me about my family and all the things I would miss. Trust me there was a long list ;) lmao. 

At 12ish Sir came in grabbed my pet bowl and went out again. I thought LUNCH TIME! 😆
Sir returned with my bowl filled with some crisps. "Eat it up good girl" Sir said and he stroked my head. Considering I was not allowed to speak I couldn't ask if that was my lunch. I wondered to myself but couldn't ask so I tucked into my pet bowl. 
Sir did return around half an hour later for me to use the bathroom. After I had finished I saw Sir preparing a sandwhich. I hoped it was for me 🙊
It was and Sir gave me my sandwich with some other bits and locked me back in the cage. 

I had a nap after lunch which lasted 2 hours. I remember waking up and just being still, time just ticking by and I thought I am quite at home in my cage now but this is my life day after day and I can't change it. 
Sir came to release me at 3:30 for another bathroom break. We were both terrible with the speak when spoken to 😂. 

Time ticked by and I entertained myself with my little things. I was engaged that day but the thought of that being an every existence in the parallel universe certainly diminished my joy. 

At 6pm Sir unlocked the cage door, attached the lead to my collar and led me into the living room on my hands and knees. Sir had set up the mat close to the sofa. "On your mat" Sir commanded and I went and sat on the mat. Sir gave me some dry food (crisps) in my pet bowl and I tucked in. Thinking it was around tea time I again wondered if the dry food was my tea 🤔. 
Sir watched something on the tele and I was to just be there with him as company. That felt very bizarre and I certainly felt my pet status. Sir let me bring my iPad so after I finished eating I found something to do. The hardest part was not being able to kiss Sir and I know he struggled with this too 🙊😫.
Sir gave his pet permission to get on the sofa for a cuddle which felt soo good I made content sounds ☺️. 
Sir brought me my dinner of delightful spaghetti hoops on toast which made me giggle. I had accepted just having the dry food but Sir kept me well fed and cared for. 

Dinner had been eaten now and Sir said "back to your cage I will bring you out later for the bath" then Sir locked his pet back in. 
Sir didn't come back for a few hours. I began to think he has decided to not bath his pet. But then I heard him and I was excited to see him and I love bath time! ☺️🛀🏻.
Sir had run the bath at the perfect temperature for me. We were both terrible again with the talking rule and Sir did smack my bottom for it. But I started to have other thoughts... The fantasy world felt so real to me during the scene it affected my thoughts and I began to think as a pet would in that senario. I thought maybe the talking out of turn doesn't matter as human pets probably would speak to their owner. It doesn't change their status. As the senario involved living in a world where human pets have been made legal. It made me think my owner felt sorry for me. Why does he own me? Maybe it's because he can't change the law so he wants to protect me. It was honestly mind blowing what thoughts I had and I believe in all of them if this was real which thankfully it is not!

Once the bath was complete, Sir dried his pet and put my collar and body harness back on. He locked me back into the cage which was my new home now for a few more hours before bedtime. 
When it was 10:30pm I had done 12 hours and I felt giddy ☺️.
Sir came to bed at 12am, his pet was already in the cage, he hugged me goodnight and we did kiss then 🙊🙈.
It felt totally strange to not have access to my phone. I had turned it off and put it in the drawer. Maybe it felt nice too 🤔.
Earplugs in and we were ready to sleep. 💤
I had a gapy sleep but not a terrible one. Sir woke me at 10am with a big smile on his face. I screeched "I DID IT!" 😆😆😆You did good girl!! 😊 was Sirs reply and I kissed his face off! ☺️

This scene was so poignant to me and I learned so much! 😊
Sir loved it too! He said its his favourite thing to cage me and treat me like a pet. 
One of the funny realisations I had was the D/s parts that occurred made me feel like a pet regardless of the fantasy world. I truly felt like I can be a pet in this world ☺️.
I am excited about the future with my Sir at this point. Now I have experienced being a pet for real and I know what parts make it real for me I can see Sir and I delving into that more. 
Sir said the scene went well but could have gone better. I asked if he wanted to do it again, Sir said yes but not as a scene but he wants to incorporate parts into our life!
I am currently a submissive pet, but I can see that maybe evolving to me being a submissive and consentually being treated like a pet 😯

Watch this space! 


Monday, 22 May 2017

Cage Kip 💤

Sir announced yesterday that his pet will be sleeping in the new cage tonight. I wasn't panicked and I felt ready to do so 😊. 

At 10pm Sir said it was time to go in the cage and to settle down. I could go on my iPad before lights out. It felt VERY strange being in my new cage at that time. I got all my blankets prepared and snuggled down on my iPad for a few hours. 

A few hours later Sir said I was to go for my last bathroom break before I'm locked up for the night. I was also peckish so I had bread and butter with milk. 
Back in the cage and ready for bed I cuddled Sir tightly and kissed him hard. He asked if I was ok and I nodded. Sir shut the door and got into bed to sleep. 

It took me a little while to settle to sleep, I did keep tossing and turning. But eventually I did fall asleep and slept reasonably well. I was a bit cold at one point but that didn't last long. 
I was relieved when morning came and I said to Sir I DID IT! 😆☀️


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Bondage Queen 👑

I certainly felt like a bondage queen in all my gear waiting for Sir 😆. 
Waiting on the mat I heard Sirs key in the lock. Positioning myself with my head down and bum my up I wiggled my bottom when Sir entered the room showing off my pink jewelled plug.

Sir came up behind me and wrapped his arms around his pet ☺️
Pushing my head down Sir positioned me in the head down bum up position again. He spanked his pets bottom and placed the crop in my mouth! 
After fingering my petals Sir held the lead and I crawled over to the sofa where we cuddled. 
"You didn't use the crop" I enquired. "No Daisy where did it go?" I answered in my mouth Sir and Sir replied "pets have things in their mouth" yes Sir haha 

What I really like about what happened yesterday is its not all about sex. I can be in bondage and present to Sir and I will feel just as fulfilled doing that as I would from having sex. I really love that about D/s I think it's beautiful ☺️.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Dominant Direction 😮

Eating my dinner out of my pet bowl without the use of cutlery in my cage was highly entertaining. I kept giggling and having to wipe my chin. I did enjoy it though! 😆

My bottom is to be plugged while caged today. Sir has directed his pet once again to eat a dinner of chicken later in my pet bowl with no cutterly and no hands either! 😐
There is now a mat on the living room floor. It's the mat that was in my old crate cage. Sir desires for his pet to be naked only in my body harness, lead on my collar, wrist/ankle cuffs on, ass plugged and my hair in a plait waiting on the mat on all fours with the crop when he arrives home from work. Sir has told his pet it is not for a discipline though which has calmed me. 


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Cage Life 🍜

Sir has instructed his pet to stay in the cage all day. I must make my dinner and eat it in the cage in my pet bowl!

That is new, new, new!
He is stepping it up.. *whistles* 


Sunday, 14 May 2017

How Does It Feel? 💭

I have been using my new cage for about a week now and how does it feel? 
Few words can describe it but out of this world is pretty accurate! 😆
Sir slips up sometimes and says "go to your pen Daisy" then he giggles at me like he is saying it on purpose and reminding himself that the open pen Sirs pet used to go in is gone and now Sirs pet is contained completely. It gives him a buzz ☺️. 

The new cage feels serious, it feels real and it feels proper. The difference is with my new cage is now I can't just leave the space when I want to. I used to be able to leave my pen on a casual basis. When my pets were being too loud I could leave the room, when I was uncomfy, when I went to get food, when I used the bathroom, when I missed Sir and wanted to kiss him. I would only leave if I had already been in for a few hours though , I would always stay put if Sir set a time period. 
When we were in the house together Sir would send me to my pen he would say "I will come and get you" and he did but there would be times where my tummy would rumble and I would get hungry. It would be nearing 7.30pm and I would think he's fallen asleep so I would leave and to go find him. It didn't impress Sir. But he knew his pet was not locked up, he knew his pet was technically free. That's why this new cage is so different. 

The new cage stops me from leaving it. The new cage creates a barrier in my mind that I will not cross. I don't feel like I can. The new cage keeps me contained where Sir wants me. The new cage creates a brand new head space for me one of I don't have a choice. I have thoughts of I'm hungry we need to do tea and it's getting late where has Sir got to? But they fade away, they don't matter and I pass them in my mind to Sir. It's his responsibility now not mine. 

Time passes and of course Sir comes to realease me. I have not released myself not once!  
I look at the time and notice how long Sir wanted his pet caged for. I think why do I even look at the clock? time doesn't matter because I know where I will be. 


Monday, 8 May 2017

Cage Reveal 😍

Thank you everyone for the 5 comments ☺️
As promised here is a picture of my new cage!
Please comment and let me know what you think, enjoy!

It is surreal to me to be honest, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!
I am beyond grateful and appreciative to Sir that he has built me a cage that is big enough and comfortable for me for long term use 😱
I am so excited to use the cage and see what naughty things we get up to hehe 😆
I  still cant believe my new cage is here, finished and ready for Sirs pet to go in it!

Thank you

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Please Show Us The Cage 😈

A few people have asked me to post a picture of my new cage. 
I am happy to do so but I put forward to you If I get 5 comments on this post I will post a picture of my new cage! 😉☺️


Friday, 5 May 2017

Can I Escape? 🔐

As I write this I am in my pet area and my new cage is standing in the room ready to be fitted! 😱
Can I escape from it? I think to myself. Looking at the new cage it is higher than me and I am 5.9. The bar widths are not wide enough for me to fit my head through let alone my whole body. Also there is a bar positioned in the middle running along the whole cage so that would stop me too.  Sooooo the only way I can see from here is to put my foot on the middle bar and hop over the top. But there is only a tiny gap inbetween the cieling and the cage and that's a big drop! 😟. So the answer to my question is no I cant escape 😆. 

That's only if you are really trying and wanted to escape out of it which of course I wont want to escape. But you know just for fun reasons I wanted to see if that was possible ☺️. 


Ps. Hope Sir isn't reading this one 🙊

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Prospect Of The Cage 🤔

The cage is officially built now and it is residing in the shed. Sir just needs to add a lock to it, we need to paint it black and fit it 😊.

Vic enquired to me about being scared. The prospect of the cage is huge to me and now it is closer than ever it feels humungus to me. When Sir needed to check that the cage would fit his pet I was able to get a taste of how I would feel when I will be fully contained in my new cage. I stood up next to the cage panel, with the bars looming over me. I held on to the bars. Sir has made the bars wide enough that my head can fit through a bit but not fully for obvious reasons 😉. When I stood up next to the cage panel it made me feel so small and vulnerable. Certainly at Sirs mercy and an owned being for sure and I wasn't even contained then! 😆
Sir and I know the new cage is a big deal. One we are ready for because we have gone in stages and steps. Originally I was going in my crate style cage for one hour a day. After that I stayed in the cage for 6 hours 2 days a week. Soon after the pen was built and I was caged for hours each day. 
The new cage will mean I can be contained for long period comfortably. The new cage is big enough for me to stretch my legs and even stand up. Sir will be able to lock the new cage containing his pet fully. But when the lock is removed I can get out of in case of emergencies or to go to the loo. 

Sir had mentioned using a bucket but I really don't think he will. It is more a joke. He knows I am an obedient pet I can go to the loo myself and go back to being caged.
I will certainly sleep in the cage, I'm sure we will develop a pattern for that. Considering I spend not every full day but most days contained in my pen for 5+ hours I can see this new cage being used as a tool for much longer periods. 

I am a submissive pet meaning I am submissive and I am treated like a pet. This works well when I can go in and out of my pet area when Sir instructs me to. But Sir said he wants his pet to be more contained so I can't just pop out willy nilly, so I am locked in. The thought of actually being fully contained, locked in and only Sir can let me out shifts my whole head space from submissive pet to actual human pet. Which is incredibly interesting! 
Sir desires me to feel like an actual pet. It makes me think back to the writing I did for him which was "if I had a human pet how would I care and control them". It makes me ponder how will he care and control me with this massive new addition? Will he let his pet wander free around the house and cage me if I am naughty? No I already know that Sir said he will use the old cage for when his pet is naughty. Will he have me in the new cage for a few hours at a time and let me out? Yes but also no because of the design of the cage it is built so I can remain there. Or will he keep his pet in the new cage, visit his pet to give me affection, feed me and only get me out to play with me like some type of small mammal? 
I don't knooow! I have to wait and seeeee!! but I am not scared but just a little bit of apprehension is normal right? 😉.


Monday, 1 May 2017

Cage Excitement! 😆

Excitement is in the air! me and Sir can both feel it! 
I have now seen the first panel for the cage 😊 Oh god oh my god oh my god! 

Before I sucked Sir he was telling me all the things he wants to do with the cage. We spoke about this being a big deal and we both agree it is a serious step. 

I am just excited all the time and Sir is too. We both just can't wait! 😆
He said "tomorrow is going to be a good day" I jokingly said because your building the cage? and he actually said yes! 

There is just SO much excitement right now!