Sunday, 18 June 2017

Pause For A Pet + Pet Food 🍲

Last night Sir and I wanted to watch a certain film. The film wasn't on Netflix and how we normally watch films wasn't working which was grating my gears 😩. 
"Kneel on your mat!" Sir said in a strong voice. My naked body felt exposed but calm all at the same time. Sir sorted the tv out and we got a film on to watch. I moved just once off the mat and Sir commanded me to get back on the mat! 😳
The film began to play "Sir can I cuddle with you?" I asked.  "No Daisy, pets stay on the floor. Bring the mat here, put a pillow and blanket down and settle down by my feet" 
Comfortably I sat on my mat cuddling Sirs leg feeling extra safe ☺️. 

Half way through the film Sir said "stay" to me then left the room. Returning with the muzzle in his hand he muzzled his pet. 
We enjoyed the film and headed to bed together after it 😴. 

Sir has actually been looking at getting me pet food to eat. Not animal pet food don't freak but a food that can be used as pet food. This literally astonished me when he said this. Sir has found a recipe he is going to try out on his pet soon.
 I know my owner would like to be able to make the pet food in bulk and store it in the fridge. When it comes to serving the pet food in my bowl all he has to do is take a portion out of the fridge. The food will be healthy for me and I would not eat it everyday. 

This excites me very much! 
Sir is a treasure isn't he 😍



  1. Daisy, I enjoy reading what fun you two have. As far as I can tell your Sir keeps you on your toes, which I'm a fan of. :)

    I hope you let us know how the food turns out.

    Oh, and I'm glad to see you are not going private!

    1. Mistyyyyyyy! Gurlll you comment made me so happy! 😆
      He certainly does! I can keep up with the changes ;)
      We got the ingredients today and Sir wants to make them tomorrow.
      Me too sweet I would miss the interaction ☺️