Friday, 30 June 2017

Pet Dinner + Discipline 🍲👋🏼

Once Sir arrived home from work yesterday he let me out of my cage and instructed me to bring my pet bowl. I thought oooo this is it! I'm going to have my home made pet food! Indeed that is what happened. Sir served his pet 5 pieces (they are filling) in my bowl as I fetched a glass of milk. I tucked in to my dinner on my mat, while Sir ate his tea of a different kind ☺️. 
Sir smacked my bottom telling me to be on my hands and knees to eat my meal with my bottom in the air. I love being served my pet food and it was very tasty. I was extremely surprised at how filling it was 😊. 

Moving on to the morning after I slept in. Yes I'm a naughty girl. I am meant to be up at 10am and I woke to Sir texting at 10:20 saying "I'm hoping you have a excellent excuse for being late! !" Oh dear... 😳, I text I hadn't an exuse and I was sorry Sir but I exercised last night before bed and that could have been why. 
I had the rest of the day to myself in my cage awaiting my fait. Sir walked in firmly with a serious look on his face. He got his pet out of the cage and said I was to have the slipper. I've never had the slipper before and I was giggling all the way through it honestly. 
Correction over lots of cuddles issued after ☺️

Ps I think I've gotten out of spending tonight in the naughty cage 🙊

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