Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Why A Human Pet πŸ€”

An anonymous reader recently left a very thought provoking question on one of my blog posts. They asked "what inner need is being met by being a human pet?" I had to ask Sir about it and it's taken me this long to write it because all I've been doing is thinking about how to put it into words πŸ˜†. It's one of those situations that is hard to put into words. If I say  I know I just need it then you may ask how do you need it and why do you need it. First off I am submissive therefore I crave control and to be owned. To me being caged is a way of feeling that control and ownership.  I have a desire to be confined that's for sure and I have always adored cages. I have a desire to please and I know through past experiences that I need to be a pet because without it I don't feel like me. For example when we had that period without the cage that time I was not my self and Sir noticed ☹️.

Being a human pet satisfies my need to be controlled but in a caring way. I know it is a need due to how it makes me feel when I'm in that zone. I am still learning about myself but I have never felt so much peace, contentment and happiness than when I am caged. It is truly amazing. All my problems just melt away and I feel so lucky I have found my thing that makes me tick and my heart flutter 😊.
 The feeding, muzzling and plugging just adds to my contentment because I am submissive and this is my niche. 

The second question asked is " how do you see this evolving in the future?" 
Right now I am very content with everything. I think it's astonishing how far we have come in 6 months. I have seen how much we have evolved in that time I'm sure we will continue to do so. But it's also nice to just be and have things remain still and in place ☺️. 
I asked Sir and he said he sees us evolving to a private house where I will have a permanent cage and I can crawl around in complete privacy in the garden πŸ™Š. 

Finally "What are my ambitions in life?" 
That I don't really discuss, sorry! anything outside of D/s I don't talk about on my blog, but of course have them. I am happy to discuss that topic over email so feel free to send me an email. I will leave it bellow 😊. 

Within a D/s context my ambitions are to be happy with my Sir, to make him happy, to be active in D/s, to please him and just keep doing what we are doing which is evolving and growing together! ☺️

I do hope this answered your questions anon and thank you so much! ☺️




  1. Daisy, what tough questions! For me the "why" has always been the most difficult. And maybe that doesn't matter so much.
    You answered with simple truth and honesty, describing the absolute reality of this part of you, that these are true needs and not "lifestyle choices. I can especially identify with the need to be controlled in a caring way.
    Your answers will provide insight, I hope, to the person asking, and to others reading them. So thank you.

    1. Hi Vic!
      Yes the why is incredibly hard to explain but hopefully I got it across ok 😊
      Thank you it's lovely knowing someone else has that need ☺️
      You very welcome

  2. The Anon here who asked the questions. Thank you for the insightful answer. This looks like it took a while to compose!

    I can appreciate that this is what you need and this is how you need it. My wish for you (not that you need it) is that life continues to unfold the way you need it to.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to answer.

    1. Hi anon!
      Your very welcome, haha yes it did Abit πŸ™Š
      That's very sweet thank you!
      I'm always happy to answer questions 😊