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Hooked, Lined and Owned 🎣

The anal hook. Ohhhh the anal hook, it's not exactly been a best friend of mine despite naming him a very friendly name of Mr Bendy. 
Sir doesn't use mr bendy because I asked him to not use him. I don't know why but I had an urge to just try him again. Considering its been over 2 years, I can use Donald anally, I wear plugs often and I have had anal sex with Sir. 

I said to Sir about giving it another go and Sir said I had to ask 😳 Uggggghargh!! 🙄🙄🙄. 
Sir wanted me to ask him to use it on his pet as I asked him to not use it. I managed to and he said "yes my pet we can". Sir said Sunday would be the day but due to work commitments it didn't happen. Skip to today. Sir was just about to bathe and I felt brave. Collecting mr bendy and lube I went to Sir and said can we try this now. Sir said yes and said to position down and arch my back. 
Well I can tell you IT WENT WELL!! 😊. I think now I am more experienced with anal toys it was fine. I kept mr bendy in while he bathed or rather had to. 
On the way out to a meal we decided new slate with mr bendy means a new name. He is now the captain. Least when he makes an appearance I won't freak! 😆.



  1. Congrats Daisy on your success with the captain! It's great that you decided to try again. What makes it more difficult than donald, if I might ask?

    1. Thank you my friend! I love it when you make me think 😊
      *thinks* The captain was more difficult than Donald because I hadn't triumphed over anal. I only used the captain with a previous Dom. I didn't like it much so I asked to not use it with Sir. Then we worked on anal and I totally forgot about it. It's not more difficult than Donald now I'm glad to say but I am getting used to it again.


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