Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Buckles And More Buckles!

Exciting news! My new body harness arrived when we got back from an outing. Our nieghbour passed us the parcel that said it was from Russia. 
We went in and eagerly opened the box. We said it should have an instruction manual as we couldn't figure which way it went. Eventually we did figure it out and I tried it on. It has so many buckles! "I love buckles 😏" Sir said over and over. I kept it on for an hour or so getting used to it. Sirs happy so I'm happy ☺️. 
I will try get a picture! 



  1. That is really a great idea. I have considered a harness but haven't wanted to spend the money. But maybe, you will have to let me know how it works out.

    1. Hi Blondie, yes we had a fake leather one which didn't last long. This one is real leather and we know it will be long lasting. It's a great way to feel control ☺️
      Sure, it will take some getting used to as it wraps around my legs and all the buckles jingle but should be fun!

    2. Congrats on getting a quality harness. A good sub deserves the best. Look forward to seeing the picture.


    3. Thank you FD that's really sweet 😊