Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Cheek! 🍑

I just have to document this because it was so funny! 😂.
Basically over the 3 years Sir and I have been together, Sir has always smacked my bottom playfully while I'm doing something then say "cheek!". I always thought Sir was pretending I had been cheeky so he could smack my bottom. Only yesterday I was washing up Sir did his normal smacking my bottom saying the word "cheek". It was only when he said "and another cheek" I giggled and got it! He wasn't pretending I was being cheeky, all this time he had been saying cheek because they are cheeks 🍑. I burst out laughing, I couldn't believe 3 half years later I finally got his joke! 😆🙈. 



  1. That's pretty funny. Guess you don't need to be cheeky to get a swat.

  2. Haha, I DO see how you could have thought it was because you were being cheeky tho. Funny! At least you got it NOW and not 3 years more later.

    1. Thank you Fondles, I'm glad you could see my view 😊
      Oh gosh could you imagine! 😂