Thursday, 14 December 2017

Spend Few Hours 🎄

Yesterday I settled back into using the pod day to day. After chilling in the morning with lots of cuddles we headed out to Tesco. 
Once we arrived back Sir said "your to spend few hours in there". There > meaning the pod. I happily went in to chill in my crate cage. I kept my hat on because why not hehe. 
A few hours later Sir released me for an early tea and we watched elf! 

Later that night before bed Sir gave some attention to my petals by licking them. I proceeded to suck Sir after, then Sir entered me doggy style 🙊. 

This morning I woke to a text from Sir. It read "Good morning Daisy! have breakfast, feed the boys and have a good clean up! At 1:30 harness on and be in the pod muzzled and plugged". I will have to figure out all the buckles myself hehe. 



  1. sounds like very clear instructions - i hope you have/had a great day!

    1. Thank you Fondles!
      I did have a good day, I love that I can do it daily now 😊