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Kink + Update 😈

Sir had his hair cut and he looked so handsome. I just wanted to jump on him then and there! But I couldn't I had work.. 😔
I arrived back in the evening, I freshened up and I was still horny. I walked into the living room in just my knickers. I was greeted with the sight of Sir sitting in his boxers stroking his manlihood. Normally when I try it on I get rejected which is always frustrating. But it happens less now. I just jumped on him and we had the best sex. "I have been wanting to do that since you had your hair cut!" I said to Sir. " I've just been sitting here waiting for you" Sir replied 😊. 
On another occasion Sir was fixing the ropes for his pet to wear at night. I came out of the bath and really fancied sucking Sir. After giving Sir a marvellous haha blow job, Sir wanted to make his submissive orgasm. Sir led me to the bedroom, wrapped the ropes to my wrist and the vibrations began. Sir told me to relax again and I was able to! I was proud of myself I didn't tense. Of course the orgasm was mind blowing! Thank you my Sir 😘. 

Apart from that I have been going to my pet area like normal. Sir has been bathing me like he does and Sir has been controlling me like normal. There is talks of more control, soo I will keep you updated on that. 



  1. Let us know how he plans to take more control. Sounds like you are eager to find out what he has in mind.

    1. I will do FD, I am very eager to know. He is in his thinking phase that can take a while.


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A Higher Level Of Orgasm

Yesterday Sir tried out the inflatable plug on his pet. I was incredibly nervous! He had me lay down on my back on the sofa. He lubed up the plug and put the tip in with my legs spread. My hay fever kicked in and I had to blow my nose which actually helped because before we knew it the plug was in all the way! 😌
Next Sir let me know he was going to pump it was and it was ok! I managed 6 full pumps before I had to stop. The plug felt nice in my petals, I felt full! 
Sir pressed the wand to me and within seconds I went somewhere I hadn't been before! Extasy I think it's called! He flew me to the moon! 😳

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The first session with the inflatable plug went excellent and we are friends, it needs a name now! 


Cheek! 🍑

I just have to document this because it was so funny! 😂.
Basically over the 3 years Sir and I have been together, Sir has always smacked my bottom playfully while I'm doing something then say "cheek!". I always thought Sir was pretending I had been cheeky so he could smack my bottom. Only yesterday I was washing up Sir did his normal smacking my bottom saying the word "cheek". It was only when he said "and another cheek" I giggled and got it! He wasn't pretending I was being cheeky, all this time he had been saying cheek because they are cheeks 🍑. I burst out laughing, I couldn't believe 3 half years later I finally got his joke! 😆🙈. 


Notice ✏️

My blog will resume when I'm married 👰🏻

Thank you for your patience 

See you in a few months