Saturday, 17 February 2018

Making The Wrong Choice ⛓

Sir has enforced a new rule that I must go to bed with him and he will chain me at night. If I am not tierd or can't sleep I must use the wand. 
The first two nights went smoothly, I was able to get to sleep but it was later at night. Sir was due to work early in the morning and he usually goes to bed around 10-1030. This meant I had to go to bed too. 
We went to bed, Sir read me a story which I loved then he chained me and we settled down to sleep...

Unfortunately I couldn't sleep. I tried for an hour and a half but then I decided to go on my phone. In the phone light I could see Sirs hand unclip my chain and send me out. I had ear plugs in so I didn't hear the first bit of get wand or go in front room. 
I watched some tv then 2 hours I went to bed and I could sleep. 

In the morning I text Sir saying sorry I couldn't sleep. Sir said it was ok but I made the wrong choice and I would be punished 😔. 
We text throughout the day showing my plugged ass off as I did the house work 🙊. 
The punishment occurred when Sir was back from work. 3 smacked legs to same leg. I made the wrong choice but it has been righted now. 



  1. I used to have a rule like that when Sir and I first moved in together; I was a horrible sleeper, in that I couldnt go to sleep "early". Once I fall asleep I am a super dead zombie though.

    Now I'm used to it, and I'm usually in bed before Sir!

    Cutting caffeine, at least by the afternoon and working out at night may help! I just put a blue light filter on my computer to help with falling asleep. I think there are phone apps for it, too!

    1. Thanks Lea, yea I'm a night owl so it will take time to for me to get used to it. But least you've shown me I can.
      Thank you for the tips Lea they are very helpful ☺️

  2. It is fantastic to hear other people’s experiences with a lifestyle situation that is so honest and real.

    1. Thank you Ann I'm glad you enjoy reading about my lifestyle 😊