Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Videoed Spanking 👋🏼

I positioned myself over Sirs lap as I saw the phone recording. I knew Sir wanted to video our play so he could watch it back 😊. I tried to not wiggle but my bottom was cold making it feel stingy. After a little while my bottom warmed up and I could remain still. Sir spanked harder and harder. 
Sir felt my petals to see if I was wet, then he slipped a finger in. The spanking stopped and I cuddled him on his lap with my bottom close to the camera. As we kissed Sir rubbed and fingered me more it was delicious. 
"On your knees" my Sir said and I knew he was going to pound me. Pound me he did 😈. 
We cuddled after then he put me in my crate cage. I love post sex naps! 



  1. i love it when they "test" to see if we're wet during a spanking. LOVE IT! happy valentine's day!

    1. I agree!
      Thank you Fondles, you too ☺️