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Question From Vic❓

Vic asked: 
" Does the crate cage and whole room mean your cage is in a regular room of the house or is it in the pod?" 

Thank you my friend for your question. I can see why with all the moving around my readers are confused about where is my cage now. Sorry about that, hopefully this will clear it up. My big human sized cage used to be in the bedroom. We then dismantled that and emptied a room out to create the pod. We use the room that we used to call the pod now. Within that room I have the crate cage which is a black dog cage.  When I'm in there no entertainment is allowed. We don't call the room the pod anymore we call it the cage and the dog cage is called the crate cage. The cage is not empty it has a bench, drawers, radio and a few belongings in there. I hope that helps 😊. 



  1. Thanks so much Daisy. Yes, that helps a lot. It clears up what's where, and the arrangement makes perfect sense. It seems to be a good and practical set-up and here's wishing you lots of happy headspace in your confinements!

  2. Thank you Vic your welcome 😊


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