Thursday, 15 March 2018

Sir Shot The Cannon 😈

On the day I wrote about the cannon Sir decided that was the day he would use it on his pet. Sir had me lie on my back with my legs open. Sir inserted the cannons end and we knew it would push in fast so I was prepared for that. Sir started slowly gradually upping the speed. 

After a few minutes I was taking the cannon at full speed. It certainly was doing something if you know what I mean 😉. But I wasn't allowed to cum yet. It did feel super hard and after time it did start to hurt. After stopping Sir wanted me to orgasm on high speed. I orgasm very differently with penetration compared to clit stimulation. 

I did orgasm from the cannon then Sir stopped the machine. I was surprised when I went to get up my head my fuzzy. Just like how I get from a play session. It really was like sex it was wierd. Sir of course saw my wetness, he couldn't resist entering me. As I was SO wet he could get in really deep without hurting me which was a dream! 

All puffed out we looked at the end of the cannon. Upon taking the cover off we found it was hard plastic which does feel very hard inside me. Sir said we might switch it for Donald as it is alot softer. Sir wants his pet to use it for a certain time period and that would make that possible. 


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